Anti molly character
Anti Molly is an antagonist which appeared in the Bump in the Night episode, Farewell, 2 Arms. She is Molly Coddle's dark alter ego which eventually takes a life of it's own.

Role in the series Edit

In the episode, Molly Coddle loses her arm and and wants to be more powerful and less helpless, Mr. Bumpy gives her a gorilla arm as a replacement. At first, Molly thinks the arm is gross and ugly, but then is impressed by the arm's strength and becomes addicted to the power. 

Throughout the episode, Squishington and Mr Bumpy help Molly look for replacement body parts to help build a new body. Squish and Bumpy are both unsure and realize that Molly is becoming corrupted. The new body includes; a gorilla arm, a hairdyer arm that belongs to the Cute Dolls, Destructo's legs and a tin can body. 

Then the corrupted Molly tells Bumpy that she wants to turn her eyes around and turn herself inside out like he does, she rips her head off and tells Bumpy she wants his head. Bumpy runs out of the bathroom in terror then Molly rolls her old head towards him. 

As she chases him, she picks up a phone and uses it for a head for a second telling Bumpy to give her his head. Then Bumpy escapes and Molly settles for a staple remover instead, becoming Anti Molly. 

Squishington puts Molly's pieces back together, separating the sweet and kind Molly Coddle and the insane and evil Molly Coddle into two separate dolls. The real Molly stands up to the evil Anit Molly, the evil Molly throws her and she lands on a pillow. 

The Anti Molly then walks over to The Cute Dolls and two of them see it and run in fear and it kicks the Cute Dolls Pink Car over. Anti Molly then hears Little Sister say good night to the mother and thanks her for sewing Molly's arm back up. Little Sister walks in the room and picks up the evil Molly, she doesn't like it and takes it apart and tosses it away whining for the real Molly. The Anti Molly is torn apart by the Little Sister, destroying her for good.