Baby snail character
Baby Snail is a character which appears in the Bump in the Night episode, "Baby Snail." 


Baby Snail is a small yellow snail, she has skinny eyestalks, round eyes and an orange brown shell on her back. When Mr. Bumpy decides to give the snail a gift to remember him, he removes one of his warts and attaches it to the side of her face, so she can have a wart of her own. 

Role in the SeriesEdit

While Squishington searched for Baby Snail's mother, Mr Bumpy is left to take care of the infant. At first Bumpy claimed to dislike babies, but as the episode progressed Bumpy bonded with the baby and couldn't bear to part with her.

Bumpy is shown to care deeply for the baby and gives her one last hug before returning her to Mama Snail