Beauty and the bump title
"Beauty and the Bump"  is an episode from the second season of Bump in the Night.

(Aired on October 28, 1995) 

Plot Edit

The episode begins the Little Sister's Bedroom, Mr. Bumpy and Squishington are following Molly Coddle on the dresser. Molly Coddle tells the two monsters about the new doll that Little Sister got from her Grandmother, the doll is revealed to be a beautiful china doll with black hair and a pale pink dress. Molly tells his friends that she is a genuine antique which means she is very old, Mr. Bumpy then comments "the doll or grandma?"

Squishington walks up to The Princess inside the bell jar, Squish says she is so beautiful and the china doll sees them through the glass. Squish says he has never met royalty before and doesn't know if he should bow or scrape. Molly admires the doll and says she is elegant and her skin is like porcelain, she then realizes it is porcelain.

Mr. Bumpy then says you can guess she is "really, really, really pretty" if you like the perfect goddess type. Mr. Bumpy is instantly attracted to the doll and has love hearts in his eyes. Squishington clears his throat and bows to the Princess, calling her "royal haughtiness", the Princess notices Squishington and bows back to him.

The Princess tries to talk to the group but the glass is too thick and can't hear her voice. Molly tells the Princess they can't hear her and bows to her, the Bump walks up to the bell jar and says "hey toots, speak up." The Doll tries talking again and Bumpy claims she wants something. Bumpy presses his large eyeballs up against the glass, he tries to pull himself off but is stuck. Bumpy finally pulls himself off and falls backwards.

Mr. Bumpy then declares he must rescue the Princess from the glass prison. Squishington smiles and nudges Bumpy, saying he has a crush on the Princess. Molly is swept up in the romance of the situation, saying it is just like a fairy tale "a beautiful princess" he then looks over to Bumpy and calls him a "froggy prince."

Mr. Bumpy then feels down on himself and says that he is not princely material and she couldn't fall for a monster like him. Bumpy suddenly declares that "No doll should be trapped under glass." Squishington then pauses to think and says this should be "done delicately" and Molly Coddle comments with "finesse".

Bumpy then picks up a wooden baseball bat and says she will be out in no time. He is about to smash the glass with the bat, the Princess braces herself but Squishington stops Bumpy and holds back the bat.

Squishington tells Bumpy "No", the little green monster is confused by this and says he can free her in one good whack. Molly Coddle takes the bat away from the Bump and says playing with baseball bats inside the house is dangerous. Molly throws away the bat and a big crash and chicken clucking can be heard off screen.

Mr. Bumpy then ask how are they suppose to get the Princess out, Molly Coddle while the two monsters are left dissapointed. Suddenly Squishington gets an idea, Squishington t then tells Mr. Bumpy that he has seen him crack a mirror with his face and suggest it could work on glass. Mr. Bumpy thinks the idea can work and decides to conduct a control test.

The little green monster then runs up to a mirror and prepares to loosen up his muscles. Mr. Bumpy then cracks his knuckles and faces the mirror, he then mutters "I am ready for my close up Mr. Demille" and the mirror instantly shatters. Mr. Bumpy walks up to the Princess and says "one glance and the dome is doom." Mr. Bumpy then tells his friends to stay back as this might get ugly.

Mr. Bumpy then cracks an ugly face, while the Princess can't watch and blocks her view with a lace handkerchief. He begins to struggle at cracking the glass, while the music box breaks and the picture frame wilts and runs away yelping and the nutcracker instantly melts.

Mr. Bumpy continues to struggle, Squishington goes up to him and says he can stop now and it isn't working. Mr. Bumpy says that he can't stop and his face is stuck. Mr. Bumpy then turns around and shows his freaky deformed face, Molly Coddle and Squishington both scream at the hideous face. Suddenly Molly Coddle begins to break apart and Squishington shatters into little pieces. Mr. Bumpy's face is still frozen and he says he doesn't understand and his face could crack concrete.

Mr. Bumpy then snaps out of it and his face is normal again, he taps on the glass and tells the Princess he wish he can tell her what is in his heart and could a beauty like her ever love a beast like him. Just then, Mr. Bumpy leans against the bell jar and accidentally pushes the Princess off the dresser.

The Princess is close to the edge of the shelf and tries not to fall backwards, Mr. Bumpy tries to rescue her and leaps onto the glass jar and they both fall off. The glass jar lands on top of Mr. Bumpy and his eyes pop out repeatedly, Bumpy is then knocked out and is transported into his dream.

The scene dissolves into a fairy-tale land, with mushrooms, stumps and shrubs and a castle in the background. The Molly Coddle in the dream wearing a green hat with a feather in it. The Princess is beside Molly in the glass jar, Molly reads out a scroll and announces to whoever wishes to free the Princess from her glass prison.

Mr. Bumpy awakes in the fairy-tale land and is confused by what is going on. Molly Coddle tells Mr. Bumpy to get with the program and she is suppose to be a herald and is getting to the important stuff. Molly Coddle then announces that to rescue the Princess he has to complete 3 important task and then win the Princesses hand in marriage and Molly then mutters some legal matters.

Mr. Bumpy then ask what does doing the 3 task have to do with getting the Princess out, Molly Coddle then tells Mr. Bumpy it is not a good idea to scrutinize fairy-tales too closely. Mr. Bumpy then says he knows a short cut to the end of this story and pulls out the baseball bat, Molly Coddle stops Mr. Bumpy and tells him "No Bats."

Mr. Bumpy then says that means he has to do the impossible task, Molly Coddle then tells Mr. Bumpy if he does he will win the Princess her freedom and he will win her heart. Mr. Bumpy then looks at the lovely Princess and says if it is a fairy-tale he might as well follow the text, he then ask Molly Coddle what does he have to do first.

Later, Molly Coddle tells Mr. Bumpy that the first task it to defeat the troll, she tells him that it will be a battle of wits to solve the riddle. The two arrive at the troll bridge and the scene cuts away to Squishington hosting a game show with Sia the Cute Doll in a sparkly red show girl dress. Squishington thanks the audience's applauding and acts the Cute Doll who is the next contestant for the show "Trolling for Dollars." The beautiful Doll tells Squish that the next contestant is a "monster from the burbs who's hobbies included ear wax sculpting and projectile belching".

Mr. Bumpy is revealed and is surprised that Squishington is the troll, Squish tells Bumpy the rules, if he answers correct he can pass the bridge, Squish then lifts up the bar that was blocking the path. Squish then says if he answers wrong, the bar then falls back into place and a toilet flush sound effect his heard. Squish shows Bumpy two the categories, the first one "super advanced difficult rocket science" and the second one is "easy monster stuff." Bumpy then stops to ponder and think things hard, he then chooses the "easy monster stuff."

Squishington then reads a small card and tells Bumpy he has to answer the riddle to win. Squish then ask the riddle "why can't a vampire get a date", Bumpy is nervous and starts wiping his head and then his arm pits. Suddenly Bumpy knows the answer and says "because he has Bat breath", Squish then ask if he said "Bat breath", Squish then shouts out "Sorry, Mr. Bumpy. No Bats". Squishington then pulls the lever and Mr. Bumpy falls through a trap door, Squish then ask the Cute Doll who is the next contestant.

Soon, Mr. Bumpy is standing with the Princess in the bell jar, he tells her that he failed. Molly Coddle tells Bumpy that maybe finishing 2 out of the 3 impossible task would be enough. Bumpy then says why not and ask what is the second task, Molly ask "what are your feelings on Mortal Combat" and Bumpy wonders "I don't suppose you mean the video game" and Molly looks irritated.

Later, Mr. Bumpy is at the caste and feels a loud tremor like giant foot sets, a sinister voice reply's "who dares challenge the evil knight?", the draw bridge lowers and Destructo appears wearing a helmet and carrying a shieldand a battle axe. Bumpy trembles in fear and Destructo tells him to select a weapon, he shows him various weapons such as a lance, broad sword and a spear, while Bumpy says no to all the options. Bumpy picks up the mace and says you can poke somebody's eye out with this and ask if they have something more "network friendly" and Destructo ask what does he have in mind.

Eventually, Mr. Bumpy challenges Destructo to a pie fight, the Blonde Cute Doll appears in a pink dress holding up a card that says "Round 1". Mr. Bumpy tells Destructo to walk ten paces and then two the pie and who ever hits first wins, Destructo says that this is a fools game but he will remain triumphant none the less.

Destructo begins to count and he starts pacing, while Bumpy decides to cheat and sneaks behind him carrying a baseball bat. Molly Coddle stops Mr. Bumpy and ask if he hasn't learned yet, Bumpy then says he knows and Destructo throws a pie in his face, Bumpy then mutters "no bats" and the scene finishes.

Mr. Bumpy (still with pie on his face) then goes up to the Princess and tells her not to worry, and that 3rd time's the charm. Bumpy falls backwards as he still has the pie on his eyes, Molly Coddle tells Mr. Bumpy that he has one more task left to "slay the mighty dragon."

Soon, Molly Coddle and Mr. Bumpy are at a spooky background with evil trees and a door where the dragon lives. The Door is the Closet door and the growling sounds very familiar and Mr. Bumpy is shocked that the Closet Monster is the dragon. Molly Coddle tells Bumpy that "feint heart never one fair men" while Bumpy comments that "feint hearts live to collect residuals". Molly Coddle reminds Bumpy that this is his last chance to save the Princess and tells him to do the right thing.

Mr. Bumpy then opens the door and tries to do the noble thing, he walks into the closet but instantly crawls out in fear. Molly then ask Bumpy if he wants to live happily ever after, Bumpy then responds how can he live happily ever after if he is deader than disco. Bumpy then ask if he does have to face his doom can he at least have a weapon, he then holds the bat in his hands. Molly is about to remind Bumpy the "no bats rule" again, but then the Closet Monster lets out a terrifying roar, Molly decides that he can use the bat just this once.

Bumpy then leaps into the closet and goes off the battle the dragon, inside the closet Mr. Bumpy is heard fighting the Closet Monster while Molly looks worried. Just then Mr. Bumpy is heard fighting over the bat and tells the Closet Monster to give it back, Bumpy then mutters "it isn't safe to play with bats indoors" and screams out "No bats".

Mr. Bumpy is whacked by the bat and comes flying through the air. Bumpy then bounces off the draw bridge, over the bridge and bounces towards the Princess and knocks off the bell jar. The Princess is freed from the bell jar, she rushes up to Mr. Bumpy and begins kissing him all over. Bumpy is dizzy from the wild adventure and says he knew he could free her from one swing on his bat.

Suddenly, the scene dissolves and Mr. Bumpy is back in the real world, where is is being grabbed and shaken by a very angry Princess. Mr. Bumpy is awaken to the harsh realization and ask the Princess what is shaking. The Princess finally speaks revealing a loud abrasive voice and she shouts "You idiot! What are ya, trying to kill me!" The Princess pulls Mr. Bumpy closer, looks him right in the eyes and throws him to the floor. Mr. Bumpy sees that the Princess isn't what he expected and although she is pretty she is very mean.

Mr. Bumpy is confused and his eyes roll around, he then tells the Princess he was freeing her from the glass prison. The aggravated Princess says that the dome was her protection, she then stomps her high heal shoe down on Mr. Bumpy's foot and claims that she is fragile. The grumpy Princess then says that she has dust allergies and she hates drafts and now because of Bumpy she is exposed.

Mr. Bumpy gets up and tells the crazy lady that he is sorry, he then faces the viewers and mutters that "she really is a princess", meaning that she is overly demanding and bossy. Bumpy tries to tip toe away, but the Princess stops him and flicks him on the nose, she then shouts out that he is not going anywhere until she is back in her case. The little green monster runs the other way and lifts up the dome, he carries it over his head and stands over the base and locks himself inside, so he doesn't have to listen to the Princess any more.

The Princess starts shouting at him, but inside the jar Mr. Bumpy can't hear a word she says. Mr. Bumpy enjoys the silence while the Princess yells at him some more. The Princess calls Bumpy a commoner while he blows his tongue at her and waves. The Princess then says she can smell dust and she fells a draft, Bumpy then lies back and relax while the Princess rambles about her allergies. The scene zooms out while the angry Princess continues shouting and the episode ends.

Quotes Edit

Molly Coddle: Look, just like I told you! She's a gift from Grandma to Little Sister! And she's a genuine antique which means she is very very old....

Mr. Bumpy: The Doll or Grandma?

Squishington: Ooh I never met royalty before should I bow or scrape?

Molly Coddle: Uh, what are your feelings on Mortal Combat?

Mr. Bumpy: I don't suppose you mean the video game?

Princess: You idiot! What are ya, trying to kill me?!

Trivia Edit

  • The title is a reference to the French Fairy-tale of Beauty and the Beast.
  • When Squishington bows to the Princess, the music score plays the tune of "Rule Britannia".
  • Mr. Bumpy says "I am ready for my closeup Mr. Demille", this is a quote from the film Sunset Boulevard. The line is quoted a lot in movies and television, but the line is often misquoted, the correct quote is "All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up."
  • Molly Coddle ask Mr. Bumpy what are his feelings on Mortal Combat and Bumpy ask if she means the video game. He is referring to the famous video game franchise "Mortal Kombat", a fantasy-themed fighting game known for its extreme gore and violence. In some countries the game is banned.
  • Only time Molly Coddle plays her role as the herald, Squishington plays his role as The Troll who hosts a game show with Sia the Cute Doll as his co-host, Destructo plays his role as the Knight, the Blonde Cute Doll plays her role as the princess daughter and the Closet Monster plays his role as the dragon.
  • The Princess is voiced by April Winchell, known for voicing various characters in the Disney franchise. In the series The Goof Troop, Jim Cummings (Mr. Bumpy's voice actor) voiced the character Pete, while April Winchell voiced Pete's wife Peg and Rob Paulsen (Squishingtons voice actor) voiced their son P.J.
  • Goof: When the draw bridge is lowered the ground is normal, but when Destructo puts his foot down suddenly a little orange pebble appears on the ground where it wasn't there before.
  • When Mr. Bumpy enters the dragon's lair, he announces "for Odin and all of Asgard!" In Norse Mythology, Odin the the ruler of the gods and Asgard is one of the Nine Worlds and the home and fortress to the gods.