Bump and roll
"Bump and Roll" is an episode from the second season of Bump in the Night.

(Aired on October 21, 1995) 


The episode begins in The Boy's Bedroom, while loud tone death guitar music is coming from under the bed. The scene opens up with Mr. Bumpy playing a red electric guitar, he believes that his horrible playing is good and tells the viewers that he has only been playing for an hour. Bumpy then says that he is going to be the greatest rock and roll star ever.

Just then Squishington is heard applauding and standing by a mixing board. Squishington praises his best friend while Bumpy says that Squish is his official roadie and biggest fan. Squish is wearing head phones and doesn't hear Bumpy, he takes off the head phones and ask Bumpy if he said something.

Bumpy then tells Squishington when he is becomes rich and famous, Squish will get to carry his stuff and even drive his car. Squish is delighted by this, he tells Bumpy he is a good friend and also very talented. Bumpy gets excited and says he is going to begin a world tour, he runs out the door and Squishington giddily follows after him while carrying the mixing board. 

Later at the Cute Doll Beach House, the french Cute Doll is dancing to an exercise tape, just then the exercise music stops and is replaced with metal guitar screeches. Mr Bumpy then slides onto the scene, dressed as a heavy metal punk rock star, including black spike studded wrist bands, a long spiked up black Mohawk and a nose ring. Bumpy begins rocking out while the Doll covers her ears.

Bumpy tells Squish to turn up the distortion, Squishington then turns up the volume on the mixing board from "garbled" to "what was that".  Bumpy starts playing his guitar terribly, the Cute Doll is shaken up by the vibrations, she is pushed against the door by the base and she becomes warped and distorted. The Flatten Doll tells Bumpy the music is doing "something to me", Bumpy mishears the doll and thinks she said "sing to me". 

Bumpy then starts singing "alligators, roller skaters, sweet potaters" in a loud tone death way. The Flatten doll falls to the ground and Bumpy then thanks the audience for his performance. Squishington notices the Doll and says that they will "never get over this". Bumpy tells Squish that it's just the beginning and says that he has more adoring fans waiting for him. 

Later, the scene cuts away to the other Cute Dolls preening in front of a mirror. Mr Bumpy then starts shredding his guitar, the Dolls scream in terror and their hair stands on end and curls over. Their hair styles are ruined and they angrily growl at Bumpy. Bumpy slicks his Mohawk back and says that the next song is for the Cute Dolls out there, Bumpy begins to play his guitar out while Squish sits at the mixing board with his head phones.

The Dolls are annoyed and can't stand the music, one Doll says that they are ruining their hair while the other Doll says that Bumpy is so bad. Bumpy believes it is a complement and thanks them. Bumpy continues to rock out while the Dolls hate the horrible music.

Their mascara begins to run, one Doll threatens to rip Bumpy apart while the other Doll agrees. The Dolls begin to chase Bumpy, he finishes his performance and leaves saying there are no autographs. Squish opens the limousine door while Bumpy runs inside, the duo drive away while the Dolls angrily stomp their feet and scream.

Inside the Limo, Bumpy is relaxing with a sock in a champagne glass with an olive on top. Bumpy slurps up the sock and eats the olive, letting out a big burp. Squish is driving the Limo, he admires Bumpy and tells him he was really "something". Bumpy looks at himself in a hand held mirror and tracing his warts with a makeup pencil.

Just then the 3 angry Cute Dolls appear on the side of the limo, the French Cute Doll is driving the pink car while the other two Cute Dolls jump onto the Limo trying to get Bumpy. Squish notices this and tells Bumpy that the fans won't leave him alone. Bumpy says that the "groupies" can't get enough of him, he opens up the sun roof and starts blowing kisses.

Bumpy then tells Squish to stop the car so he can sign autographs for them, the Limo screeches to a hault and the Cute Dolls come flying off the car. Bumpy looks around and the Dolls are gone, he believes that the fans are shy. The Limo drives away while the dizzy Cute Dolls stumble around.

Later, Bumpy has posted a sign on the bed post, labeled "Tonight in Concert Mr Bumpy". Squishington's voice is heard over a microphone, he test if it is on first, then he announces Bumpy as the greatest rock star in the universe. Bumpy is seen in a spot light with his guitar, meanwhile the Cute Dolls are planning to stop Bumpy.

One of the Dolls at Headquarters communicates to another Cute Doll in a pink helicopter. The Helicopter Doll calls to another Doll inside a pink army tank, the lead Doll then tells the others to attack Bumpy. Bumpy continues to rock on stage, he plays the guitar with his tongue, his toes, his eye ball and his nose. 

The Helicopter appears and shines a light onto Bumpy, the Doll shouts out to put down the guitar and come out with his hands up and his mouth closed. The Doll tells Bumpy that is his only warning but Bumpy continues to play. The Doll then starts dropping pink anvils onto the stage but Bumpy jumps out of the way. 

Bumpy cheers out to the dollies and tells Squish to crack up the sound. Squish gives Bumpy the "ok" signal and cracks up the dial from "loud" to "death wish". Bumpy strums the guitar but it doesn't work. He then starts whacking it , then trying to smash it and then tries biting it. 

The Dolls in the army tank appear, a Doll winds up a tube of lipstick and puts it in the missile hole. The Dolls lock onto Bumpy's guitar, and get ready to aim. Bumpy tosses the guitar into the air and destroys the helicopter propeller, the Doll in the chopper then jumps out of the ejector seat and the lipstick missile blows up the helicopter. 

The explosion creates a pink lip shaped explosion while Bumpy and Squish watch the fire works. Squish is amazed by the light show, Bumpy blows kisses and thanks the audiences telling them to keep the pieces. Bumpy gets inside the Limo and they drive away.

Later  under the bed, Squish is combing Bumpy's Mohawk saying that the shows does a lot of work to his hair. Bumpy tells Squish to forget about the hair and says that he has written a new song, he starts singing off key about "chips and dip" while Squish looks vaguely interested. 

Just then, there is a knock at the door and Bumpy believes its his adoring audience and tells them to come in. One of the Cute Dolls enters and tells Bumpy that the "Rolling Stones" want to interview him.  Bumpy has stars in his eyes while Squish shaking him happily and says that this could be his big break. 

Meanwhile, the three other Dolls are standing by a pink lever, the French Doll mutters that this "will be his big break alright" while the scheming Dolls giggle. The First Doll pushes Bumpy and Squish out the door and tells them to right right here and walks away, Bumpy declares himself but then ask where are the "Rolling Stones". 

The Dolls pull the lever and a giant boulder comes rolling down the hallway. Squishington sees the boulder and says it is a literal "rolling stone", Bumpy cries out "No encores" and the duo run away trying to escape the rock. Bumpy and Squish are chased down the hallway while the rolling stone follows them, they stop by the stair case and the boulder comes rolling and squashes them.

Bumpy and Squish now stuck to the boulder come rolling down the stairs, bounce onto the sofa and bounces through the ceiling. It then shows Bumpy and Squish on the boulder, being hurled into space and heading towards the sun. Bumpy and Squish get up and are heading for their doom, Bumpy then tells Squish "I told you I would be a star" and they land into the sun and are destroyed  and the episode ends. 


Mr Bumpy: Whoo, can you dig it! Betcha never would've guess I've been playing this here guitar for an hour! I wouldn't be surprised if I turn out to be the greatest rock and roll star ever.

Squishington: (clapping and cheering) Bravo Mr Bumpy. I mean... Groovy man. 

Mr Bumpy: Squishington is my offical roadie and number one fan. Aren't you Squish? 

Squishington: Um, did you say something Mr Bumpy? 

Mr Bumpy: When I'm rich and famous, I just might let you carry around my stuff, Squish. Maybe you can drive my car.  

Mr Bumpy: Come on, Squishy! We're going on a world tour! 

Squishington: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! 

Mr Bumpy: The next song goes out to all the Cute Dolls out there. A one, a two, a buckle my shoe!

Cute Doll 1: You're ruining out hair.

Cute Doll 2: (screaming) You are so bad!

Mr Bumpy: You really think so? Thanks. (playing guitar) Get dowwwwn.

Cute Doll 2: Let's tear him apart!

Cute Doll 1: Yeah, lets rip him to shreds.

Mr Bumpy: (imitating Michael Jackson) Whoo! Thank you Los Angeles. Sorry, no auto graphs. Ooh-hoo-hoo! 

Squishington: Wow, Mr Bumpy. You were really something. 

Mr Bumpy: You better believe. Can't touch this. Ah huh! 

Squishington: Whoa. Your fans can't leave you alone Mr Bumpy. 

Mr Bumpy: Rock and roll will never die.... Groupies... Heh. They just can't get enough of me, Squish. (blowing kisses) Mwah. Mwah. Loving you. Mwah, kiss out, kiss out. Mwah mwah. Quick. Stop the car. I gotta sign some autographs for them... (car comes to a halt and the dolls fly off) Where 'd they go? Probably shy.... hehe. Hit it, Squish!  

Mr Bumpy: I'd told ya I would be a star one day Squish (both are thrown into the sun.)


  • The ending where Bumpy and Squish are hurled into the sun is a rare moment when the lead characters are killed off. However since it's a cartoon they don't really die and everything is completely normal again in the next episode. This episode is most likely non-cannon to the rest of the show.
  • Mr Bumpy's punk rock design is used again in the episode When the Music Starts.
  • Bumpy does an impression of the famous pop star Michael Jackson, including the feminine high pitch voice and the "hee-hee" style laugh.
  • Bumpy also references the MC Hammer song "Can't Touch This". He also references "Rock and Roll will Never die" which is from the Neil Young song "Hey, Hey, My, My."
  • This episode has a similar plot to "It Sang from Beyond the Stars". Similar to Bumpy and Squish, Sleemoth and Gloog start a band, their schemes are foiled, they are send into space and both episodes end on a similar note that they become "stars".
  • This is the first and only appearance of the orange haired "French Cute Doll".
  • Molly Coddle doesn't appear in this episode.