Bumpy the untrappable title
"Bumpy the Untrappable"  is an episode from the second season of Bump in the Night.

(Aired on September 30, 1995) 

Plot Edit

The episode begins in the bedroom, The Boy discovers a sock with bite marks all other it. The Boy has found seven chewed up socks all together this week and it is only Tuesday. The Boy concludes that something ate his socks, and goes off to look at his other clues.

The Boy holds up a magnifying glass and shows the first clue, Exhibit A: a two toed footprint in a clump of mud. Exhibit B: A peanut butter, jelly and sock sandwich found near the bed, Exhibit C: bubble gum encrusted with sock fabric found under the bed. The Boy concludes that whoever ate the sock used the gum to floss afterwards, which disgust The Boy.

He puts the magnifying glass down on the desk and says it can only mean one thing, "Monster under the bed", and he slams his fist onto the desk. The Boy holds up the half chewed sock and says that he has to be sure though.

Later under the bed, Mr. Bumpy is beat boxing in the dark, he discovered something and suddenly a bright blinding flash appears and illuminates the little green monster for a second. The flash turned out to be a camera with a sock tied to the other end, The Boy has set it up to take photographic evidence of a monster living under his bed.

Soon, The Boy is looking at the Polaroid photograph and is excited that he has proof of a monster. The Boy says to himself that it is not only proof there is a monster under his bed, but he is real cool too. The Boy drops the photo and walks away, saying he can't wait to catch it and have a monster of his very own.

Meanwhile Mr. Bumpy and Squishington watch the photo drift to the floor, Bumpy picks up the picture and says that The Boy loved his photo. Bumpy looks at the photo and the image is an extreme close up of his eye balls, the image is very blurry, out of focus and over exposed in white light. Bumpy then says that nobody can resist his profile and then eats the photograph.

Squishington is worried and tells Bumpy that The Boy said he is going to trap the monster under his bed. Bumpy speaks with his mouth full and says that no monster can stand a chance against his Boy. Squishington then tells Bumpy that he is the monster the Boy was talking about trapping. Bumpy is shocked and points to himself that The Boy wants to trap him, he then spits out the chewed up photograph all over the floor.

Bumpy then says that if The Boy caught him it would be the end of his illustrious monster career and says imagine if he did caught him. Squishington tries to tell Bumpy that he can go into hiding for the next millennium or become part of the Monster protection program. Bumpy however refuses to hide, he tells Squish he has pride and he also has a tradition to uphold.

Mr. Bumpy then unwarily leaps onto a pile of book labeled "How to escape from anything" and "Houdini's great escapes", he then announces that no one can trap this monster because he is "Bumpy the Untrappable." Then a banner appears above his head, he then says he has a badge to prove it and pulls out a gold badge with the very title. Squish is worried and goes up to Bumpy and says he isn't sure about it. He the says he wouldn't want to go up against the likes of that Boy and claims he is as fiendish as they come.

Later that night, The Boy is setting up a trap for the monster under the bed. The Boy is using a pulley to lift up a large bucket, he laughs to himself and says that "the monster under the bed is in for a big surprise tonight." Soon, Mr. Bumpy is tip-toeing out of the bathroom and says it is "so far so good" and says that they "haven't been captured yet". Squishington follows behind Bumpy, but the little green monster halts him from going further. Bumpy then announces that he is "the un-trappable one" and says he is going first to look for traps.

Mr. Bumpy quickly looks around to see if the coast is clear, Squishington is worried and mutters that he hopes it is safe. Bumpy continues to lead the way, he walks around blissfully unaware of the rope lying in front of him. Bumpy walks over the trap and ask how can he be "un-trappable" if there are no monster traps to get him.

Suddenly, Bumpy gasp in shock and tells Squishington to not move, Squish ask his friend what is it and Bumpy responds that he left his "Bumpy the Un-trappable badge". Bumpy turns back to the bathroom and tells Squish he will be right back, and accidentally trips the rope with his foot. Bumpy leaves the scene while the traps have been triggered, including a bird cage, a globe and a bucket suspended on the ceiling.

Squishington realizes that he is in trouble, he gulps and looks up and mutters "uh-oh". The various objects begin to fall, Squish screams and tries to avoid being squashed. He tries to run away but bumps into the bird cage, he tries to run the over way but is hit in the head with the globe. Squish is now dizzy and sees the bucket falling towards him, the bucket lands on top of him and he is splattered all over the ground.

Later, Squish is back to normal but stumbles around dizzy after the pain that was inflicted on him. Bumpy returns with his badge, saying that was a close one and that he is ready to find those monster traps. Squish is still dizzy and unfocused, Bumpy says that Squish doesn't look so good and suggests that he should stay home after all. Bumpy polishes his badge, then Squish falls to the floor and passes out.

After a short time, The Boy is frustrated and kicks away the globe, bird cage and bucket. The Boy is upset that his trap failed and he didn't caught the monster. The Boy then comes up with a plan to lure him, he then turns over to the laundry hamper and pulls out a sock, saying he knows just the thing.

Meanwhile, Mr. Bumpy is searching inside a jar of peanut butter, he looks inside and says there are no monster traps in there either. Bumpy becomes impatient and says he is begging to doubt if there are any traps any where. Squish is feeling anxious and tells Bumpy that they have been looking all night and begs him if they can go home now. Bumpy then tells Squish that maybe he is right, the duo prepare to go home until Bumpy pauses and finds something.

Bumpy then shouts out "Hold Everything" while Squish is worried that it is a monster trap. Bumpy then says "even better" and points out to a piece of paper taped to the bed post with the words "Dirty Socks Galore" and a big arrow pointing to the direction. Bumpy is excited by this, his eyes become large, his mouth begins to water and imaginary socks circle around his head, Bumpy is in a trance and says he is there.

Mr. Bumpy runs up to the sign but Squishington tries to stop him in his tracks, Squish then begs Bumpy to "not follow that arrow" and "don't believe that sign". Squish then opens his eyes and realizes that Bumpy is already gone, Bumpy appears up on top of the bed post, he believes there is nothing to worry about and says they can look for the monster traps after a sock break. Bumpy slides off the bed post and continues his search for socks.

Bumpy finds another sign and an arrow telling him to go "this way", Bumpy licks his lips and says "goody goody goody" in excitement and his mouth waters some more. Bumpy then finds another sign telling him he is almost there, Bumpy's pupils are now dilated and he leaves a trail of drool behind him. Squishington follows behind Bumpy while whimpering and babbling in fear.

Bumpy then finds a huge cardboard sign telling him the socks are around the corner, Bumpy then rips through the cardboard and walks though it, while his greed keeps on rising. Bumpy then licks his lips in delight and makes loud slurping sounds, Bumpy then discovers a sign telling him the socks are here and an arrow pointing down.

The sock is under a cardboard box with a stick holding it up, Bumpy has no knowledge that it is a trap and is ready to take the bait. Bumpy pulls out a knife and fork and tells the sock "you're mine", Squishington appears while Bumpy is about to devour the sock. Bumpy almost takes the bait but then stops and cries out "What am I doing?!" Bumpy then claims that he can't eat without a napkin.

Squish then walks inside the trap and pulls out a napkin which was under the sock, he says "Here you go Mr. Bumpy" but knocks over the stick and he is trapped inside the box. Bumpy turns around and ties the napkin around him like a bib, while Squishington is trapped in the box and is crushed by a pair of heavy dumbbells and a gigantic size weight.

Bumpy is unaware that Squishington has been brutally pummeled and pulls out the sock from under the broken cardboard box, Bumpy then gobbles up the sock and belches. Bumpy then mutters "nothing like a filthy sock to get the juices flowing again" he then throws away the napkin and tells Squish that they have more monster traps to find and not get trapped by. Bumpy walks away while Squishington's voice is heard under the wreckage and grumbles "I can't take much more of this."

Later that night, The Boy is dumbfounded that his trap failed again. The Buy pushes away the dumbbells and picks up the flattened cardboard box seeing that there is nothing here. The Boy concludes that the monster must have got away, but then claims that he can fix that, he then says to himself "he won't know what hit him next time" and walks away.

Back in the bedroom The Boy is fast asleep in his bed while Mr. Bumpy is dancing on the floor taunting The Boy and singing "you cant' trap me". Bumpy continues to mock The Boy daring him to trap him, The Boy is still sleeping and the mischievous monster teases him some more. Bumpy then says he" couldn't trap him even with one eye tried behind his back", Bumpy then pushes his eye behind his head. Bumpy then says even with both eyes and begins to pull his nose and grabs his tongue.

Squishington appears next to Bumpy trying to distort his body, Squish then tells Bumpy he has a thought and ask "what if he woke up and stomped you?" Bumpy then hears Squishington's comment and says that he has a point. Bumpy then tries to fix up his eyes and limbs and says "I may be Un-trappable but I never said anything about being Un-mushed into a gooey pulp-able." Squish then tells Bumpy that he knows from experience that it is best to be avoided.

Bumpy tells Squish he hears his advice but then immediately sees something, a small white door with a big blue question mark on it. Bumpy is drawn to the "mystery door" and says it can only be one thing, Bumpy then dashes up to the door and excitingly cheers "monster trap at last". Bumpy tells Squish this is it and he can finally prove that he is "un-trappable", Bumpy then pulls Squish closer to him and says he is his witness.

Squish is terrified and screams "No, Mr Bumpy, Wait!", Squish then calms down and tells Bumpy that since he has been getting the worst of things lately he ask if he can hold off his historic moment until he can find a safe place to watch. Bumpy tells Squish "no problem" and then suggest he can watch "behind the door" so he can be there when he opens it. Squishington is relieved by this and says it sounds good to him, not knowing that it is a really bad idea.

Squish then thanks Mr. Bumpy and grabs the door knob and begins to twist it, just then an alarm sound is heard and Squish triggers the trap. Suddenly a trap door being held up by a jack-in-a-box appears and Squish is sprung up into the air. Squishington screams and Mr. Bumpy watches in shock, Squish then lands inside a funnel being held up by the toy box.

A pulley begins to move and a bowling ball begins to roll off an ironing board and rolls down a runway made from junk. The bowling ball flies up into the air and Squishington is squashed by the ball. Squish is then squirted out of the funnel and morphs into a blue poop shape which small eyes. Then a toy steam roller appears and runs over Squishington, squashing him into a pancake with a face.

Mr. Bumpy appears and jumps onto the flatten Squishington, he then says he saw it and still don't believe it. Bumpy then ask if it was as devistating as it looked, Squish then tells Bumpy pretty much. Bumpy then says that only a twisted mind can come up with a trap like that, he then gasp and realizes that The Boy's diabolical genius may even rival his own.

Bumpy is so overwhelmed with joy that he walks all over Squishington, the flatten blue monster tells Bumpy that he is standing on his ooze. Bumpy looks under and remembers Squish and says sorry, Bumpy then stops to think, he then decides that he has to come up with a way to trap The Boy before he traps him. Bumpy then wals away with the crazy idea in his head, Squish is worried and morphs back to normal. Squish then says the whole thing is getting out of control, he then nervously tries to think of something "before it is too late", he then quickly adds "for me."

Soon The Boy sees that his latest trap also failed and throws away the useless trap. The Boy then decides he has to go "all out" and tries to come up with another way to trap the monster. Meanwhile under the bed, Mr. Bumpy is fast asleep in his nest. He then wakes up and sees himself restrained by silver chains and locks. Mr Bumpy is confused that "Bumpy the Un-trappable is trapped" and is instantly shamed by this.

Squishington pokes his head out of the door way of Bumpy's house, he then feels sorry for his friend, it then shows Squishington holding a key meaning that he was the one who chained up Bumpy. Squish then tells himself that he had to do it because it is the only way, Squish then says that Bumpy is safe and so is he.

All of a sudden The Boy is trying to hoist up the bed by lifting it up with a crank and a pulley. The Bed is starting to lift up and Squish sees a light appearing, Squish is confused but then realizes that it is The Boy doing this. The Boy then laughs evilly and says that the monster under his bed can't escape this time.

Squish then realizes that Mr. Bumpy is tied up and helpless, he then says the will be caught if he doesn't act fast, Squish then quickly dashes inside the nest to save Mr. Bumpy. Squishington hurries to Mr. Bumpy trying to struggle out of the chains, Squish confesses that it is all his fault and he just wanted to save him (and his own ooze). Squish tells Bumpy that now The Boy is going to trap him and there is nothing he can do, Bumpy then calmly tells Squish that there is something he can do, Squish then ask what should he do and Bumpy then screams in panic "UNTIE ME!!"

Meanwhile on the outside, Little Sister appears and ask her older brother what is he doing, The Boy annoyingly says that he is trying to catch the monster under the bed. Little Sister tells her brother that he is not allow to do this and she is going to tell on him, then the two kids start fighting.

Back under the bed, Mr. Bumpy tells Squish to hurry up and the bed is almost up. Squish unlocks the chains and quickly pulls them off, Bumpy is then sent into a whirl and begins to spin out of control like a spinning top. Mr. Bumpy spins around his house while Squishington watches him in panic. Bumpy starts bumping into thinks and finally stops and lands on his bed. The little green monster is dizzy and mumbles "that wasn't so bad."

The Boy and Little Sister continue to quarrel while the two tiny monsters listen, just then the Boy kicks the crank with his foot and the rope begins to unravel. The pulley is undone and the bed falls to the floor and the two monsters start freaking out, they both cower together and the bed hits the floor in a loud crash.

Just then, The Dad enters the room and ask what is going on in here. The Boy and Little Sister are shown with the blanket over their heads and the bed is broken, The Boy claims his sister started it while the two kids continues to argue. The Dad tells the two kids enough and says he says he wants the "little monsters in bed, now."

The two kids are in trouble they both come out from under the blanket, Little Sister leaves to go back to her own bed and The Boy climbs back into his bed. The Dad leaves and close the door behind him and The Boy covers his head under the blanket and goes to sleep.

Mr. Bumpy peeks out from under the bed feeling dizzy and injured after begin crushed by the bed. Bumpy comes out from under the bed and says he has been "trashed, battered, bashed and julienned" (cut into thin strips). Bumpy then pauses and looks under the bed for Squishington, he then pulls Squish out from the wreckage and lifts him over his head, then Bumpy announces that he is "still Un-trapped to the bitter end."

Bumpy puts Squish down and then rubs his aching back, suddenly Bumpy gets an idea, he then wonders if "eluding Dad's clutches would be as much fun as my Boy's". Squishington hears this and is disturbed by the idea, Squish then looks at Mr. Bumpy crossly, he then pulls out the chain from under the bed and decides to restrain Bumpy again to prevent the situation repeating. Bumpy is panicked and tells Squish he is only kidding, Squish then wrapped the chain around Bumpy's body, the little green monster is caught in a chain and receives his comeuppance, ending the episode.

Quotes Edit

The Boy: Another sock, chewed whole through. That makes seven this week and it's only Tuesday! Someone, or something ate those socks.

Mr. Bumpy: If my Boy thinks he can trap me on my own home turf, he's got another thing coming! There's no way, not in this room, not THIS monster! I am "Bumpy the Un-trappable!" And I can prove it too, 'cause I got a badge.

Mr Bumpy:  (singing) You can't trap me, no you can't trap me. If you try to trap me you can't 'cause.... I'm Untrappable. (calling out to the Boy) So come on! Try. I dare ya! .... (the sleeping Boy doesn't reply)

Mr Bumpy: Ha! You can't. Why, you couldn't trap me even if I tied one eye behind my back! (begins to distort body) Or both eyes! Or if I pull my nose like this! And grabbed me tongue!

Squishington: Uh, Mr Bumpy. Um, just a thought.... "What if he woke up and stomped you?"

Mr Bumpy: (pauses) You got a point there. (starts untangling body) I may be "Untrappable". But I never said anything about being "Un-mushed-into-a-gooey-pulp-able"

Squishington: I can tell you from experience that it is definitely to be avoided. 

Little Sister: (Comes into The Boy's Room) What are you doing?

The Boy: Trapping a monster under my bed what does it look like?

Little Sister: Your not supposed to do that I'm gonna tell!

Trivia Edit

  • The scene when the Bowling ball rolls down the checker board is reused footage from the episode "Comforting the Uncomfortable".
  • Bumpy unwarily stands on a pile of escape books, including a book labeled "Houdini's great escapes". Harry Houdini was a Hungarian-American illusionist and stunt performer, noted for his escape acts, including ropes, chains, straitjackets under water, and having to escape from and hold his breath inside a sealed milk can.
  • Goof: While Bumpy is tip-toeing out of the bathroom, the shoe next to the bathroom door appears to be moving around on it's own. For a split second a shadow appears in a frame, which was probably the animator's shadow which accidentally got in the shot.
  • After the scene when Mr. Bumpy is untied from the chains, the scene shows The Boy fighting with Little Sister. For a few frames, half of Little Sister's face is revealed on screen.
  • When the Dad tells the kids to go to bed, the musical score plays "Rock a bye baby."
  • Molly Coddle doesn't appear in this episode.