Closet Monster

The Closet Monster is a scary monster that resides in the closet of the ten-year-old boy. He is very violent, and all of the other characters are shown to be terrified of him. He is voiced by Jim Cummings.

Appearance Edit

The Closet Monster is appeared to be made up of dirty clothes found in the closet. He has a red and yellow face, his eye sockets are made from sleeves and his teeth are also made from sleeves. 

He has a laundry basket on his back, his fingers are made from socks and his claws are made from coat hangers. 

Role in the Series Edit

The Closet Monster is a vicious monster who tries to attack anyone who comes near his Closet, he is feared by the toys, insects and monster that also live in the bedroom.

Although the Closet Monster is a vicious killer beast, sometimes he can be a sympathetic character, since the Closet Monster acts like an animal, sometimes he is very gullible and gets confused easily.

Relationships Edit

The Closet Monster is the mortal nemesis of Mr. Bumpy as the Closet Monster tries to trap him and eat him every time he comes to his closet. He sometimes tries to lure Mr. Bumpy with a dirty sock, which is his favorite food, then he traps Mr Bumpy in the closet and attacks him. Mr Bumpy has escaped the Closet Monster many times, as mentioned in the series theme song, Mr. Bumpy always outsmarts the Closet Monster.

In the season 2 episode "It Came from the Closet (And Wouldn't Leave)", the Closet Monster is taken out of his closet and put under the bed. Mr. Bumpy realizes that the killer monster is in his home and tries to escape with his life. Bumpy spends the episode trying to outsmart the Closet Monster, such as running away, torturing him with awful noises, tricking him with a pretend photo shoot and distracting him with a video projector.

Bumpy then gets an idea and tries to find the Closet Monsters's weakness, Bumpy ends up being eaten by the Closet Monster and unzips the "Master Zipper" which is the Closet Monster's weak point. Mr. Bumpy slays the Closet Monster and is victorious. In the end, the Closet Monster returns alive, but has shrunk in the wash, much to the joy of Mr. Bumpy. The tables have turned and Bumpy roars and scares the monster back to his lair.

The Boy believes that there are monsters in his room, although The Boy has never seen the Closet Monster he is sort of aware of his existence. In the season 1 episode "To Sleep Perchance to Burp" The Boy tells his mother there is a monster in his room, The Mom tells him that there is a monster in his closet but it won't get him if he goes to sleep.

When Mr. Bumpy goes off to fight the Closet Monster, the Boy decides to get the Closet Monster before he gets him. The Boy opens the closet door and attacks the unseen monster with a baseball bat, The Boy helped overcome his fear of the Closet Monster, and without realizing it he also saved Mr. Bumpy from the Closet Monster.

Squishington also fears the Closet Monster, both Squish and Bumpy are afraid of the monster, however Squish is mostly a coward and Bumpy is slightly braver than his friend. Although Squish is a scaredy-cat, when push comes to shove he can overcome his fear and confront the Closet Monster. In "The Bowl of the Squishy Prince", when Mr. Bumpy is in danger, Squishington bravely goes into the closet and battles the Closet Monster to rescue Bumpy. When Squish realizes that he saved the day without being a real prince, he faints after defeating the Closet Monster.

Molly Coddle has attempted to befriend the Closet Monster, as Molly is very kindhearted and caring she believes she can comfort anything. In the episode "Comforting the Uncomfortable" Molly tries to befriend the Closet Monster, such as feeding him milk and cookies and singing him a lullabye, but Molly's attempts fail when her friends attack the Closet Monster, thinking to be rescuing Molly. She scolds them for ruining her hard work, but the Closet Monster then tries to eat her and Molly realizes her mistake. Molly's friends then rescue her from the clutches of the Monster and in the end they trap him back in the closet.

Destructo and the Closet Monster are both rivals since they are both Mr Bumpy's enemies. In the episode "A Long Long Day" Destructo and the Closet Monster both fight over Mr Bumpy, hours pass and they decide to have a break. During the break, they get along, but when the break is over they resume fighting over Bumpy.

Destructo has also fought the Closet Monster a few times, such as in "Love's Labor Bump" Destructo goes into the closet and is brutally beaten and injured by the monster. In "Twas the Night Before Bumpy" when the Closet Monster appears, Destructo along with the Cute Dolls scream "Ahh Closet Monster" and they all hide. This seems out of character for Destructo, since he has never feared the Closet Monster before.

In the Christmas special, "T'was the Night Before Bumpy", Squishington is captured by the Closet Monster, while Mr Bumpy gives the Closet Monster a Christmas present to appease him. The present is revealed to be a neck tie which the Monster happily accepts. At the end of the special, The Closet Monster returns to thank Mr Bumpy for the Christmas present and gives him a sock, which he quickly eats.


The Closet Monster enjoys Milk and Cookies as seen in the episode Comforting the Uncomfortable even though they give him a stomach ache


  • The Closet Monster's face kind of resembles Oogie Boogie the main villain from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • The Laundry basket on the Closet Monster's back is kinda like a turtle shell which he could be based off of a turtle or a little bit of the video game character Bowser the main antagonist in most of the Mario games.
  • The Closet Monster is the only character in Bump in the night (besides the Glove from the episode "All You Need is Glove" that can't speak.
  • In the episode "It Came from the Closet (And Wouldn't Leave)" Mr Bumpy says him and the Closet Monster knew each other since they were babies where Bumpy whacks the Monster with his rattle causing him to cry which is possible is how he became enemies with Bumpy and tries to eat him.
  • The Closet Monster has appeared on very little Bump in the night Merchandise but he makes a cameo in the book A Bumpy Ate My Homework which is based on the episode Story Problems and he also appeared on the Bump in the night thermos that came with the lunch box by Aladdin,Also appeared on a Bump in the night sticker set.