Comfort schumfort title
"Comfort Schmumfort"  is an episode from the second season of Bump in the Night.

(Aired on October 14, 1995) 

Plot Edit

The episode begins in space, the aliens Sleemoth and Gloog have returned to seek vengeance on Mr. Bumpy. Gloog remembers what happened last time, (in the episode Not of this Boy's room) when Bumpy interfered with their plan's to invade the earth and their schemes were foiled.

Sleemoth is now prepared to seek victory with a powerful energy ray that can increase his intelligence. Sleemoth uses the ray on himself and his brain grows bigger, claiming he is now intelligent enough to defeat his foe, Mr Bumpy.

Meanwhile in the Boy's bedroom, Mr. Bumpy is playing Bumpy Ball while Molly Coddle and Squishington watch him. Bumpy is trying to use a football to hit the bat, Molly tells him it's the other way around, but Bumpy hits the bat and does what works for him. Bumpy runs around the bases and jumps onto the window, but slams into the spaceship. Squishington sees the alien spaceship and panics in terror, but Molly thinks that the aliens might be friendly.

The aliens come out with ray guns, and want to take Mr Bumpy. The aliens then zap Mr Bumpy and Squishington with their ray guns, they are frozen stiff and can't move. A mechanical arm grabs them and takes them into the space ship. Molly see's that the aliens aren't friendly and her friends are being kidnapped.

Gloog ask Sleemoth if they should also take Molly, Sleemoth says that she is only a harmless comfort doll and also a girl and believes that Molly is no threat to them. The aliens begin to laugh at Molly and then retreat into their space ship and fly away.

Molly knows her friends are in trouble and wants to go rescue them, but she feels insecure that she is a harmless comfort doll. The Aliens mocking voices echo in her head, Molly is irritated and wants to teach those "chauvinist pigs" a lesson. Molly then decides to toughen up and to become Molly Coddle, Comando Doll.

She begins exercising, by jumping rope, hitting a punching bag, doing push ups and lifting weights. Molly starts increasing the weights and taking off her other arm when doing push ups. Molly then rips off the bottom part of her dress and wraps it around her head like a bandanna. She then rides in Mr Bumpy's homemade space ship, and flies off into space to rescue her friends.

Meanwhile, in space, Mr Bumpy and Squishington are held captive by the aliens, Bumpy has his arms and legs shackled while Squish has his arms and the bottom half of his body retrained. Sleemoth then begins to boast about his powerful mind is better than their puny earthling minds.

Sleemoth then demonstrates his new supreme intelligence by filling out a crossword puzzle, balance Gloog's checkbook and programming the VCR at the same time. Gloog is impressed by Sleemoth's intelligence and Squishington and Bumpy both admit they are doomed.

Just then, the warning alarm goes off saying they are being pursued. Gloog says there are enemies on the port bow and Sleemoth tells him to prepare for action. Gloog agreeing says "aye" and Sleemoth tells him to stop talking like a pirate. Molly is then shown chasing after the aliens in her rocket, the aliens spot her and turn the power switch to "very high". The shift in the gravity causes the aliens to levitate in the air, the space ship starts spinning out of control while Sleemoth tries to hang on to the controls.

Molly pursues the space ship at high speed, the aliens turn the power down to high, then they turn it to low and they are squashed by the gravity change. Molly is still piloting the rocket and great speed, the aliens then switch the control's back to high. Molly's rocket is still chasing after the space ship and she comes in close.

Just then, there are Baby Ducks wearing space helmets walking across a "baby duck crossing", the aliens see the adorable ducklings and decide to stop. Sleemoth pulls the emergency break, Molly is then flying out of control and can't stop the rocket. Molly screams and the rocket crashes into the spaceship and blows up.

Bumpy see's the explosion and is horrified, Squishington is worried and thinks that Molly is dead. Gloog faces the viewers and makes a quick public service announcement saying "it isn't safe to tail gate." Sleemoth looks out the window, saying he underestimated the comfort doll but then assumed that they are rid of her.

It is revealed that Molly is alive and hiding at the bottom of the alien space ship. Molly then crawls at the bottom of the ship and finds an opening. She sticks her arm inside a port, trying to reach the switch, but her arm isn't long enough. Molly then gets an idea, she takes off her other arm and uses it to extend her reach and turns the switch. The door then opens up and Molly crawls inside, she laughs to herself and says she isn't as harmless as the aliens thought.

Inside the spaceship, Sleemoth then declares to leave the backwards region of space and return to their home planet where they will be revered as heroes. Gloog is confused about the middle part, Sleemoth they says that sometimes he worries about Gloog. Sleemoth then pulls the "Really fast drive" switch and claims that nothing can stop them now. The spaceship then goes into light speed and zooms off into space.

Meanwhile, Molly has broken into the engine room, she pulls out the plug and the spaceship comes hurdling to a stop. The aliens then slam into the wall and Bumpy and Squish are also shaken from the impact. Molly then finds a lever that says "Gravity control", she then starts pulling the lever to "On" and "Off" repeatedly. The aliens are levitated into the air and drop hard on the ground, Molly then starts playing with the controls several times, weakening the aliens.

Molly then starts sabotaging the food synthesizer and looks for some gross food for the aliens, while Gloog claims that he has a weak stomach and might "toss is cookies." Molly then finds "really stinky cheese that smells like other people's feet" and pushes the button on the computer. Then smelly cheese splat all over the aliens, Gloog is disgusted and leaves to go throw up.

Sleemoth then wipes off the cheese all over himself and is confused to why the spaceship is acting strange. The intruder alarm goes off and Sleemoth see's Molly inside the ship from the computer screen. Gloog then returns and see's the "blood thristy comfort doll" and panics. Sleemoth calms down Gloog and tells him that the comfort doll can't get through their triple super reinforced security door, he pulls the lever and three doors then seal shut.

Molly tries to push through, but she then gets an idea, she then punches through the wall and rips a giant hole in it. Molly then turns to the viewers and says its a good thing she's been lifting weights and sometimes it pays to be a little bit tenacious.

Molly enters and the aliens scream in horror, Molly then says she's come for her friends. Bumpy is glad to see Molly and says he didn't know she had it in her and Squishington is filled with joy that they are saved. Sleemoth is shocked that Molly defeated his powerful alien technology, Molly then mocks him saying that is brain isn't as powerful as he believed.

Sleemoth is angered and then says he can defeat Molly with an even more powerful brain. He then goes to his energy ray to make his brain larger and turns the dial to "very smart." Sleemoth's brain is then hit with an energy beam and his brain turns overly gigantic.

Bumpy, Squish and Molly are both horrified and Sleemoth tells Molly to tremble at his over the top gigantic brain. He then picks up his brain starts hitting Molly with it and taunts her by repeating "my brain's bigger than your brain" in a mocking sing song voice.

Molly is disgusted by the gross giant brain, Squishington is worried that Molly is being crushed by Sleemoth's intellect, and Bumpy says Sleemoth is too smart for Molly's own good. Molly over hear Bumpy's "too smart" comment and she realizes the solution. Molly then turns up the energy ray to "too smart" and points the beam at Sleemoth's head, giving him a taste of his own medicine.

Sleemoth is delighted that he is now super mart and his overwhelmed with knowledge, Molly then frees Squishington and Mr Bumpy from their retrains, telling them it's going to get really messy real soon. Molly then grabs her friend and they escape while the brain is expanding. The trio then get away in an emergency escape pod, while the gigantic brain then fills up the entire spaceship.

Sleemoth's brain then inflates and starts sticking out of the spaceship's windows, it then cuts to Molly, Bumpy and Squishington inside the escape pod. A loud pop is heard and a gross squishing sound is also heard, and it is assumed that Sleemoth's brain exploded. Squishington then laughs and calls Sleemoth a "scattered brain", and the episode ends.

Quotes Edit

Squishington: (screaming) AAH! Space Aliens! Crops circles! Cattle mutilations! I had Elvis's love child! AAH!

Molly: Calm down, Squishy. They could be friendly

Molly: My friends have been abducted by aliens, I got to save them. But I'm just a comfort doll. Harmless, they even said so. (remembering the alien's words)

Gloog and Sleemoth: (inside thought bubbles) Ha ha ha. Harmless. ha ha ha.

Molly: Comfort Schmumfort! I'll show those aliens chauvinist pigs who's harmless! Sometime a comfort doll's gotta do what a comfort doll's gotta do! Hold on guys! You are about to be rescued by Molly Coddle, Comando Doll!

Gloog: Remember, "It isn't safe to tail gate."

Molly: So much for your more powerful brain, eh Squid body?!

Squish: that Sleemoth (laughing) what a scattered brain!

Trivia Edit

  • When Squishington begins to panic, he mentions alien conspiracies including crop circles and mutilating livestock. Squish also randomly brings up Elvis Presley's lovechild, Elvis is a running gag in the Sleemoth and Gloog episodes.
  • Goof: In the scene where Gloog has Mr. Bumpy and Squish chained up, for a frame Mr. Bumpy's pupil changes position from his right eye and then returns to it's original position.
  • Squishington says "O Frabjous day, we are saved", O Frabjous day is from Lewis Carroll's poem “Jabberwocky”, from Alice in Wonderland.
  • When Sleemoth's brain is increased to gigantic size, he quotes the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz, "The sum of the square roots of any two sides of an isosceles triangle is equal to the square root of the remaining side."
  • Although Sleemoth's brain explodes, it is assumed that he didn't die. Sleemoth and Gloog both appear in "It Sang from Beyond the Stars" and Sleemoth also appear as background characters in "Twas the Night Before Bumpy".