'You got that right, jerky. I'm your worst furry nightmare!"

- The Squirrel threatening Mr Bumpy
Crazy squirrel

The Crazy Squirrel is a minor character which appeared in the Bump in the Night episode "Hocus Dopus." He is a psychotic scary looking squirrel with blood shot eyes.

Role in the Series Edit

Mr Bumpy tries to pull a rabbit out of a hat for Squishington, but instead pulls out a crazy squirrel. Bumpy sees the Squirrel saying he is not a rabbit, the Squirrel then says "You got that right, Jerky, I'm your worst furry nightmare."

The Crazy Squirrel then chases Bumpy around the room while snarling viciously, Bumpy tries to escape the evil squirrel and says "let's be reasonable." Bumpy then runs up the walls while the vicious Squirrel snarls after him, Squishington grabs the top hat and tells Bumpy that he can lose him in here. Bumpy runs inside the hat while the Squirrel follows after him.

Bumpy is heard inside the hat, where it sounds like the Squirrel is beating him up. Squishington is worried and Bumpy comes out of the hat. Bumpy brushes himself off and claims that they "won't be seeing that mangy fur ball for a while." Inside the hat a loud ringing noise is heard, Bumpy and Squish look inside the hat and see the Squirrel is trying to run them down with a speeding train. Bumpy and Squish start freaking out and pushes the hat away from them, a crash is heard inside the hat and the Squirrel is gone for good.

The Crazy Squirrel sometimes appears as a background character at the Karaoke Cafe.

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