Cute Dolls
"Uh...uh, where is my hair dryer?" "Yeah! I mean, my bouffant is a mess!"
―-Two Cute Dolls wondering where their hair dryer has disappeared to in "Farewell, 2 Arms"

Sia, Shane, and an unnamed third doll, more commonly known as the Cute Dolls, are a trio of Barbie-esque girls who love fashion, being popular, and cute things,They are also other dolls that belong to Little Sister besides Molly Coddle.

They are voiced by Jennifer Darling and Valery Pappas.


The Cute Dolls have are clique beautiful, snobby popular girls, they are quite vain and spoilt and are a little bit air headed. They care about they way they look and only think about material things such as make up and hair dryers.

Physical DescriptionEdit

There are 3 main Cute Dolls, they all look similar in design and body shape. Each doll has different characteristics, one with blond hair and blue eyes, one with black hair, brown skin and brown eyes and one with raven hair and hazel eyes. They wear colorful 60's dresses and white go-go boots.

Although there are 3 main cute dolls, sometimes they have extra dolls depending on which episode. In “The Bowl of the Squishy Prince”, there is a fourth Cute Doll with blond hair, and in “Bump and Roll” there is another Cute Doll with ginger hair and a French accent. 


The Cute Dolls all get along with each other since they have everything in common, and are exactly a like. They sometimes get along with Molly Coddle, since they are girl toys and belong to the Little Sister. Molly and The Cute Dolls have contrasting personalities, while the Dolls are often shallow and selfish, Molly is kind and thoughtful of others.

One time, the Cute Dolls give Molly a complete makeover, they give her a new dress and a fancy wig. When Molly realizes that this isn't who she really is and decides to be herself, she takes off the wig and rips off the dress, much to the Cute Doll's horror.

The Cute Dolls sometimes get along with Mr. Bumpy, however they sometimes dislike him since he takes their pink car for joy rides or annoy them with his schemes. Other times they get along with Mr Bumpy such as when he performs at the Karaoke Café.

At times the Dolls may use Mr. Bumpy for their self interested plans, such as in the episode "Party Poopers" the Cute Dolls want Bumpy for their Tea Party because having a monster at their party will make them trend setters. Bumpy spends most of the episode trying to escape the Dolls, forcing him to come to their party. Bumpy tells the Dolls that he only wanted an invitation for Molly, the Dolls then black mail Bumpy that they will only invite Molly if he comes too.

In the episode “The Bowl of the Squishy Prince”, Mr Bumpy charms one of the dolls by pretending to be a door-to-door sales man. In the episode “It Came from the Closet (And Wouldn't Leave)”, Bumpy goes to the Cute Dolls for help to defeat the Closet Monster. A Cute Doll gives him the blue prints he wanted, then Bumpy gives the doll a big sloppy kiss and runs off, while she is left disgusted.

The Cute Dolls sometime get along with Squishington, and have a neutral relationship.  If Squish is involved with Mr Bumpy’s schemes they dislike him. For example, in the episode “The Bowl of the Squishy Prince”, Bumpy and Molly help Squish pretend to be a prince by driving by in a limo in a prince costume. The Dolls go crazy like fan girls and start ripping up Squishy’s costume, but when they realize he is not a prince, they angrily reject him. In "Party Poopers" the Cute Dolls invite Squish to their party, which he is excited to go to a fancy party. In "T'was the Night Before Bumpy" the Cute Dolls watch Squishy’s tap dance performance and cheer for him.

The Cute Dolls sometimes like Destructo, even though he doesn't like anybody. In the episode "Not a Peep!" the Dolls see Destructo and want him to join the dance party, but Destructo comes to stop the party and silence everyone. The Dolls and all the other characters then decide to leave, despite Bumpy wanting to keep partying. In "Twas the Night Before Bumpy" Destructo and the Cute Dolls share the same opinion about the Christmas pageant won't be as good without Bumpy.

The Cute Doll also fear the Closet Monster, in "Twas the Night Before Bumpy" the Dolls along with the rest of the toys hide from the Monster.

During the song "Why do you like me", one of the Cute Dolls are seen at a table with Sleemoth, the alien, hinting that they could be romantically involved.


The Cute Dolls have beautiful singing voices and usually sing back up at Mr. Bumpy's Karaoke Cafe. For example The Cute Dolls also sing back up in the chorus of the Bump in the Night - Theme Song and also the chorus to the extended version of the theme song Everybody Bump. Another example is the chorus of Karaoke Cafe Song. The Cute Dolls also sing We Wish You A Merry Christmas in T'was the Night Before Bumpy in the first part of the Christmas Pageant. The Cute Dolls also sing back up in the song You Need a Hug by Molly Coddle at Karaoke Café. They have also sang chorus in the song H2O, let the water flow in the episode of season 2 Water Way to Go. The Cute Dolls also sing in there own verses in the song Neat and Clean (Song) in the episode of season 2 Neat and Clean.


  • The Cute Dolls were based on Mattel's iconic fashion doll Barbie cause they have fashions a beach house and a car,It's possible that the Cute Dolls are inspired by other fashion dolls they most likely look like Barbie doll knock-offs to prevent copy right problems.
  • The Cute Dolls also have a few vehicles like a the Cute Dolls Pink Car,(Which they always cruise around The House in.) A Helicopter, A Tank,(Which were seen in the episode Bump and Roll But then the helicopter got blown up by the tank, it explodes in pink sparkly lip shaped fireworks) and also a pink Airplane,(Which was seen in the episode Party Poopers), These vehicles are pink cause of the Cute Dolls girly Barbie like personality.
  • The Cute Dolls are basically Valley girl type characters like in other shows like Lumpy Space Princess from the 2010 Cartoon Network animated series "Adventure Time" (Which aired 15 years later) or The Ashleys from the 1999 Disney animated series "Recess"(Which aired 6 years later.)
  • The Cute Dolls also kind of resemble Bratz cause of the big eyes which the company MGA released in 2001 while Bump in the night came out in 1994 which was 7 years before the Bratz dolls came around.
  • The Cute Dolls have appeared very little on Bump in the night Merchandise but two Cute Dolls make a cameo in the book The Squishy Prince which is based on the episode of the series The Bowl of the Squishy Prince.