Humming bird
Doris is a Hummingbird that Mr. Bumpy and Squishington encounter in "'Twas the Night Before Bumpy." She is voiced by Jim Cummings.

Doris is a scatterbrained female hummingbird with a Cockney accent, she has to eat all the time because she has to fly while flapping her wings 70 times per second.

Bumpy ask the bird if she knows where to find the North Pole, she tells them to follow the North Star, but it is very far away.

Bumpy then decide to takes advantage of the bird's ability to fly fast, Bumpy promises Doris that if she helps them get to the North Pole, they will get her a jet pack from Santa.

Doris agrees to do so, but makes along list of food she needs to bring. Bumpy then paints Squishington to look like a cheeseburger, and uses him as a steer while he rides on the hummingbird. While flying, Doris starts pecking and biting Squish and he starts screaming. Both Bumpy and Squish fall off, while Doris is disappointed that she didn't get the cheeseburger.

While Bumpy is losing the Christmas presents, Doris gets the jet pack she was promised which she uses happily.

Doris and the Earthworm both appear at the end of the special to thank Mr Bumpy.