The Fish is a minor character from the Bump in the Night episode, "Penny For Your Thoughts". He was voiced by Jim Cummings

Appearance Edit

The Fish is a cool pink color with scales covering his body, his fins have a blueish tint and he has green colored lips.

Role in the Series Edit

In the episode, Squishington gives Mr. Bumpy a dinner platter with a fish, telling him that he needs some brain food to help him think. He lifts up the cover and the Fish comes to life and says "if you try, I'll give you such a pinch."

The Fish then slaps Mr Bumpy with his tail and knocks him really hard. The fish is then shown walking by Squishington and leaving in a huff.

Trivia Edit

  • The line that the fish says is from a classic Looney Tunes cartoon, when Bugs Bunny tells Elmer Fudd to go hunt elephants, an angry elephant tells him "if you try, I'll give you such a pinch" and whacks him into the ground.  
  • The Fish is sometimes seen at the Karaoke Cafe with the rest of the background characters.