Gum crazy
"Gum Crazy" is an episode of the stop motion animated series, Bump in the Night. (Aired on October 1, 1994)  


The episode begins in the Boy's room with Mr Bumpy blowing a gum bubble so gigantic that it shakes the entire room. The Bubble explodes and there is gum splattered all over the walls, Squishington laughs with joy and ask Bumpy to do it again. Bumpy then reaches into the drawer for another piece gum, but he is horrified when he realizes that he is all out of gum.

Bumpy is upset that there is no more gum (despite the gum splattered over the walls), Bumpy then grabs Squish and shakes him in desperation. Bumpy's eyes then go bloodshot and he miserably says that he can't live without gum. Squishington then tells Bumpy about the myth about gum stays in your stomach for 7 years until it is all digested. Bumpy hears Squishy's comment and wonders if it's true, Bumpy then puts his eyestalks in his mouth and concludes that he must have tons of undigested gum in his stomach.

Bumpy then clicks onto a computer that shows a pie chart that his stomach is 92% gum and Bumpy thinks he has hit the jackpot. He then yells out "WANT IT", and then he sucks his whole body into his mouth, creating a green and purple vortex in the middle of the room. Squishington screams as various objects are sucked into the black hole, the computer then has a warning countdown saying that there are 6 minutes until global destruction.

Squishington is sucked into the black hole and comes falling through the green and purple portal. Bumpy is then shown inside a mysterious room, he reaches out his arms to catch Squishington but he lands and splats away from him. Squish wonders where they are, Bumpy doesn't know either.

Just then, Albert Einstein comes through the door, Mr Bumpy ask if they are at his place, Einstein then says it is Bumpy's place and they are inside Bumpy. Einstein sticks Bumpy's hand inside a jar with a piece of gum in it, saying that Bumpy has created a paradox, he is trying to take something from himself creating a loop in the space time continuum. Einstein then Bumpy's black hole will destroy the world, the alarm then says 5 minutes to global domination and Einstein then runs off back into the door.

Squish tells Bumpy he must do something, Bumpy claims he is not the problem but it's his stomach. Bumyp says that the stomach is hogging all the gum, and if they take the gum from it, their problems will be solved (and he will get the gum he wants). Squish is worried but Bumpy ignores him and claims that he is in charge. Bumpy then finds a room that says "Bumpy's stomach" with a radiation symbol. Bumpy enters while Squish has a bad feeling and follows him inside.

Inside the room, they find Mr. Bumpy's Stomach, a large fat brown organ with eye stalks like Bumpy. Bumpy demands the stomach to had over the gum, the Stomach belches and sends the two flying back. The Stomach claims that it's not his job, and he only digest the gum, he then tells Bumpy to go see the Heart, saying that he loves the stuff. Bumpy then swipes a piece of gum from the Stomach's hand, and gobbles it up. The Stomach calls for his guards to digest the intruders.

A group of small Bumpy-looking henchmen then chase Bumpy and Squish with knives and forks, Bumpy and Squishington find a pink heart shaped door and start knocking at it. The duo are cornered by the henchmen, but then the door open's revealing Mr. Bumpy's Heart. The Heart looks exactly like Mr Bumpy except he has a thin black mustache and a romantic french accent. The Heart kisses one of the henchmen, the henchman is disgusted and they all leave. The Heart then claims that "love conquers all" and invites the duo inside.

Inside the room, Bumpy's Heart is lying on a pink heart shaped couch and suggestively lures them to come in. Squishington whispers to Bumpy what is he going to do, Bumpy then says he will sweet talk the Heart and he will melt like butter. Bumpy then changes his appearance and dresses like a woman, the Heart is attracted to Bumpy and claims to be an expert on love. The Heart starts counting the ways he loves gum in french, but doesn't know what comes next and counts in English, Squishington starts to tear up saying that it is so beautiful.

Bumpy then starts counting up to random numbers, the Heart is angered now that he lost count, Bumpy is pushed off the couch and his disguise falls off. Bumpy then becomes aggressive and starts whacking the Heart with a pink heart shaped pillow. Squishington then ask what happened about the sweet talk plan, but Bumpy doesn't care about that now and sits on top of the Heart. Bumpy demands the Heart to give him the gum, but the Heart says that it's not his decision and tells the duo to ask the one in charge, the Brain.

Squish then grabs Mr Bumpy and they go off to see the Brain, the Heart then calls for his Guards and says that his "sanctuary has been violated". A group of pink Bumpy-looking cupids then start shooting arrows at Bumpy and Squishington, they are hit with suction cup arrows and escape the Heart's room.

The warning alarm then goes off again, saying that they only have one minute left, Bumpy and Squish then run into the Brain's room to confront the Brain. Bumpy tells the Brain to give him the gum or the world will be destroyed, and he also wants it. A loud booming voice is heard on top of a large pedestal, saying "never ever ever", Bumpy then leaps up onto the high pedestal and see's his brain sitting on a throne. Mr Bumpy's Brain is revealed to be a tiny creature with a mouth and eye stalks like Bumpy.

Bumpy says that he expected him to be taller, the Brain demands gum and uses his tail like brain stem to grab the jar. Bumpy and the Brain start fighting over the jar, and Squishington comments that the whole event is really twisted. Bumpy tells the Brain to give him the gum, but the Brain says he doesn't have any, they start arguing like little kids and continue fighting.

Squishington climbs up onto the pedestal and points out to Bumpy that he does indeed have the gum. Bumpy looks over to the jar on his hand and realizes he does have the gum, and he has been fighting himself the whole time. Bumpy then becomes tranquil and says he doesn't need the gum, the Brain shouts out that he lies and slaps him in the back of the head.

The alarm goes off again saying they only have 5 seconds, Bumpy Squish and the Brain are now worried now that time is running out. Bumpy then repeatedly tells himself that he doesn't want the gum, he finally let's go of the piece of gum, the self destruct is cancelled and Squishington cheers for Mr Bumpy.

Meanwhile, Squishington jumps out of the black hole and calls out for Mr Bumpy, he jumps out of the portal and it disappears. Squish is glad that everything is back to normal and ask if Bumpy has learned his lesson about not being greedy. Bumpy claims that he has learned his lesson, but then shows Squish all the gum in his hand that he took. Bumpy then starts eating the gum and the alarm starts to go off, Squishington turns to the viewers and says "here we go again", and the episode ends.

Trivia Edit

  • The scene when Squishington is falling through the green and purple vortex is similar to the film "The Nightmare Before Christmas" when Jack Skellington falls through the portal to Christmas Town.
  • Squishington quotes Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore."
  • Albert Einstein is voiced by Rob Paulsen, his voice is similar to Dr Scratchansniff from Animaniacs.
  • Mr Bumpy's Stomach looks similar to "Jabba the Hut" from Star Wars.
  • The scene when Bumpy and Squish come to meet the Brain is another homage to the Wizard of Oz, the Brain at first seems loud and threatening but it is revealed to be small and insignificant, like when Dorothy and her friends see that the Wizard isn't as big and powerful as they excepted.
  • Molly Coddle doesn't appear in this episode.

Quotes Edit

Computer voice: Time to world wide self destruct, 6 minutes 3 seconds... or the end of the show, which ever comes first.

Squishington: I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore…  (Einstein enters the room)

Mr Bumpy: Whoa! Nice hair. Is this your place?

Einstein: Thank you, and No. This is “your” place. We are inside of you, to be precise.  Here we have my famous relativity theory.

Mr Bumpy: GUM! (puts his hand in a jar of gum but can’t get it out)

Einstein: Observe. When one tries to snag something from one’s own past, one causes a never-ending loop in the space-time continuum.

Squishington:  Wow, that sounds serious.

Einstein: Ya would! If “Heir Bump-man” does not let go of ze gum, he will end up sucking up the entire world. And as a scientist I can tell you, that is not a good thing.

Squishington: You have to do something! (grabbing Mr Bumpy and shaking him)

Mr Bumpy: But I'm not the problem. Think about it, it's my tummy that is hogging all the gum. If I just get the gum away from it, all our problems will be solved. (accidentally hits Squish across the head with the jar on his hand).... And I get all the gum, too. 

Squishington: But Mr Bumpy... (Bumpy walks away from Squishington)

Mr Bumpy: I'm telling you the problem is in my stomach. After all, who's in charge here? Him or me?

Mr Bumpy's Stomach: Guards! Digest the intruders!

Squish: What are you going to do, Mr Bumpy?

Mr Bumpy: I'll just sweet talk him, he'll melt like butter... watch this (goes to change his appearance)

Mr Bumpy: (disguised as a woman) Hey big boy, I bet you really know how to show a monster a good time. (winks at the heart)

Mr Bumpy's Heart: But of course, my sweet petite anchovie. I am zee heart, expert in the ways of... looooove.

Mr Bumpy: (whacking the Heart with a pillow) That's not all you're gonna lose, if you don't tell Mr Stomach to cough up that GUM!

Squish: But Mr Bumpy, what about the sweet talk?

Mr Bumpy: BUMP THAT! Fork over the gooey stuff bub!

Mr Bumpy's Heart: Guards! Guards! My sanctuary has been violated

Squish: This is really twisted....

Squish: Um, excuse me, Mr Bumpy.... maybe I'm way out of line here. But, you do have the gum...

Mr Bumpy: I do? You're sure? (Squish nods) Bump it, I do. I've been fighting myself the whole time! (goes tranquil in mediation) I, Bumpy... no longer want... the gum.

Mr Bumpy's Brain: YOU LIIIIIIE!