I dream of silverfish title card
"I Dream of Silverfish"  is an episode of the stop motion animated series, Bump in the Night.

(Aired on November 26, 1994) 

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Mr. Bumpy searching inside a wastebasket, he finds his old gum and taste it, he says it taste funny and plans to save it for dessert. Bumpy climbs out of the wastebasket, he sits and begins to meditate. Bumpy then talks in a Zen riddle and says, “If a waste paper basket falls in the bed room and there is no one to here it, will it make a noise.”

Bumpy then loses his balance and the bin tips over, causing him to be covered in rubbish.  Bumpy comes out of the pile of rubbish and says the answer is yes and he has solved another mystery of the universe.

Just then, an old bottle rolls out of the bin and knocks Bumpy over the head.  The bottle rolls onto the floor and Bumpy jumps on top of the object. Bumpy pops open the cork and suddenly someone starts coughing and hacking from inside the bottle.

Bumpy begins to ride the shaking bottle like a mechanical bull and realizes that someone is inside. Bumpy peeks inside and wonders who would live inside a bottle, Bumpy then comes to the explanation that it is "Aladdin's genie" and Bumpy believes that because he has the bottle the genie is now his.

Meanwhile in the Bathroom, Squishington is admiring himself in the mirror with his hair petals smoothed back in an elegant classy style. Mr. Bumpy calls out to Squishington, the excited little green monster tells Squish that he has something he always dreamed of having. Squishington responds "a life time supply of wax lips" and leaps off the top counter and his hair style becomes normal.

Squish lands on the floor and Bumpy tells him that he has something even better, he pulls out the big bottle and claims that he has his very own genie. Bumpy tells Squish that he can wish for anything he wants, while Squish looks at him with a cynical face. Bumpy shouts out that he is no longer just filthy and now he is filthy rich. Squish doesn't approve of this and ask Bumpy doesn't he know anything worth having is worth working for.

Bumpy then ask what is the point and then tells Squish that he can wish for whatever he wants too. Bumpy tells Squish that he can be the genies new Co-master, which delights Squishington. He becomes excited and thinks about the things he wants including as an industrial cleanser, a new whisk broom, a life time magazine subscription and an autographed photo of Wayne Newton.

Mr Bumpy begins chanting and tells the genie to appear, but nothing happens, Bumpy then repeats for the genie to appear, Bumpy becomes impatient and starts banging his fist on the bottle. Another cough is heard and a voice is heard inside saying to stop with the yodeling and he was snoozing.

Bumpy then tells the so-called genie that he found him and tells him to come out. Just then, out of the bottle comes a yellow silverfish wearing a vest with a cigar between his teeth. Bumpy is confused that he is the genie and says he looks like a bug, Squish then adds that he is a crummy one at that.

The wise cracking Silverfish is confused by them calling him a genie, he tells the viewers that they are a few tacos short of a combination plate but then decides to uses their gullibility to his advantage. The Silverfish tosses away his cigar and introduces himself as "Phil Silverfish" and decides to play along and calls them "master."

Bumpy then announces off all the things he wants to wish for, including a banana split, a Pogo stick a jar of toe nail clipping and various over random things. Squishington begins to write down all the demands Bumpy is saying, time passes and Bumpy is becoming exhausted and losing his voice by listing too many things. Squishington comes out from under the long list, Bumpy then tells the Silverfish to start with the wish making.

The Silverfish then acts uninterested and says that nothing in the world would please him than granting their wishes, he then ask his pretend masters what do they want first. Bumpy then says that he wants the worlds biggest banana sundae, Squish then adds with a cherry on top.

Phil Silverfish then claims that he would like to grant their wishes but he can't, much to Bumpy's disappointment. The tricky Silverfish begins coughing and claims that he has been in a one room bottle for so many years and that he is weaken and has to regain his strength. Bumpy then says that he hopes he doesn't die, not until they get their wishes.

Squish feels sympathy for the false genie and gives him a building block to sit on, Squish then ask if their is anything they can do to help gain his strength back. Phil Silverfish then says that he would like a giant banana split that they mentioned before, he then says if it's not too much trouble. Bumpy then says no trouble at all and both Bumpy and Squish walk off to make the sundae.

While the two monsters leave, the Silverfish then mutters that they are a couple of dim bulbs, the Silverfish then tells himself that this is going to be fun, taking advantage of the suckers.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Squishington is waiting on the floor holding a baseball mitt, waiting for Bumpy to throw the ingredients down. Inside the pantry, Bumpy says that the first thing a banana split needs is bananas, he grabs a bunch of bananas and tosses them to the floor. Squish is flattened and squashed under the heavy bananas.

Bumpy then wonders what else a banana split needs and imagines random things like ice cream, jelly beans, whip cream, chocolate sprinkles, gurken pickles, dynamite, slugs and other crazy nonsensical things. After the wild imagination sequence, Bumpy ask Squish if he forgotten anything, Squish is buried under a mountain of ice cream and mutters how about the cherry. Bumpy then drops the cherry onto the ice cream and Squish painfully says thank you.

Back in the bedroom, Bumpy and Squish tells Phil Silverfish that the sundae is ready and Bumpy rings a triangle. The Silverfish then tells the boys to step aside, saying the sundae is for him, he pulls out a spoon and instantly gobbles up the sundae. Bumpy and Squish watch in shock as the bug devours the mountain of ice cream.

Phil Silverfish is now full from eating the sundae and has eaten everything except for the cherry. Bumpy now tells the phony genie now that he is feeling better we wishes for a Pogo stick, a hammock, a baseball bat, webbed feet etc.

The Silverfish then like the idea of a hammock and says that is just what he needs. The clever bug then tricks the two monsters, saying that he needs a little rest to get him in a wish granting mood. Bumpy and Squish follow the genies orders and goes off to get a hammock.The Silverfish then mutters them to also clean up a little, saying he hates to sleep in a messy room.

Later, it shows the Silverfish asleep in a hammock while Squishington is sweeping the floor. Squish is filled with joy saying he can't believe they have their own genie. Bumpy is show cleaning the windows with a sponge, saying that he couldn't imagine their lives without a genie, without knowing that they are doing the work.

Squishington accidentally knocks over an alarm clock and wakes up Phil Silverfish from his nap. Squish apologies to the genie and says he won't do it again in the future. The bug tells Squish not to sweat it and says he was getting up anyway. Bumpy helps the phony genie up and ask him if he can make some small wishes such as a back massage, a bubble bath, a manicure and some new clothes.

Phil likes the idea of those things Bumpy mentioned and says that he would like a bubble bath, a manicure and new clothes. Squish then ask where can they find new clothes, while Phil says he bet they could think of something saying they are the "best masters" he ever had. Bumpy takes the compliment well and says he never had a genie call him that.

Later that night, Bumpy and Squish are filling the request of the Silverfish, including Bumpy giving him a bubble bath, Squish giving him a manicure, Bumpy walking on his back giving him a back massage and Squishington making him a red vest with a sewing machine. Squish then mutters that he hopes red is the genie's color, while the two monsters don't realizes that the Silverfish is the real master instead of them.

Soon, Phil Silverfish is relaxing in a tanning chair, wearing a new red vest, while Squishington is shining his shoes. Bumpy then serves the bug a drink and ask him if he can have his Pogo stick now, the lazy Silverfish then tells his masters soon, but first wants them to move him out of the light to the over side of the room.

Eventually, Mr. Bumpy and Squish are lifting the Silverfish in his chair across the room, Bumpy then tells Squish that he didn't know that having a genie would be so much work. Squish then says that life was so much easy before they were fortunate to have one. Bumpy becomes fed up and drops the chair with the Silverfish on it.

Phil Silverfish ask what was the big idea saying that he is a sensitive genie, Bumpy grabs him by the antennae and says that he doesn't think he really is a genie. Bumpy then tells him that if he grants a wish he will believe him. Phil tries to play the sickly routine again and says he is a very sick genie, Bumpy isn't fooled by that and says that he wants the wish now.

Squishington is also on Bumpy's side and says that he knows wear he can find a can of bug-spray. Phil is worried about the death threat and quickly says that he will grant their wish. Squishington is filled with joy and ask Mr. Bumpy what are they going to wish for first. Bumpy then says to go "whole hog", Squish then thinks they are going to wish for a hog, Bumpy says no and they are going to wish for "everything."

Phil is stumped by the impossible demand, Bumpy then tells him that he wants everything in the whole universe that he and Squishington could ever want. Squish is excited, while Phil ask his "master" if he is sure he wants everything and ask where would he put it all, Squish then says he has a point there.

Mr. Bumpy then thinks about it and says he won't wish for everything, he then says he wishes for everything and a place to put it in. Squish thinks that the idea is brilliant, Phil has no way out of this and pretends to grant the wish. Phil then says the magic words "one potato, two potato, three potato four, give these guys everything plus a little more", Bumpy and Squish become excited but nothing has changed.

Bumpy then ask where is the everything, Phil then tricks them and says everything is there, everything they could ever want and a place to put it in. Squish thinks about it and tells Mr. Bumpy that maybe they should check while Bumpy agrees. Bumpy finds a baseball bat and becomes excited, believing his wish came true, saying it is just like the one he already had. Bumpy then picks up a sock, also says it is just like the one he already had.

Squish then discovers a baseball card, he happily tells Bumpy that it is has gum stuck to the back just like the one he already had. The two gullible monsters then start collecting everything they can find and putting them in a pile. Bumpy finds a knot and some facial tissues, and gobbles up the tissues. Squishington finds a "Captain Humungo" comic book and is wearing a purple mask and cape.

While the two monsters are distracted, Phil Silverfish is climbing onto the toy box and planning to make a disappearing act before they realized that they have been scammed. Bumpy starts playing with novelty glasses while Squish plays with an orange ball. Phil Silverfish has made suckers out of Bumpy and Squish and mutters "Hasta la Vista, Masters" and leaps out the window.

Later, Bumpy is shown playing with maracas while Squishington is putting a sled labeled "Rosebud" in the pile of junk. Squish begins to dust off his hands and says that it's the last of it, now they finally have "everything". Bumpy says not quite, and picks up Squish and places him down in the baseball mitt. Bumpy then says that now that's everything and his best friend too, while Squish is touched by Bumpy's friendly remark.

Mr. Bumpy is proud of the pile of junk they have and says that their genie really did a good job. Bumpy then notices the genie is missing, he looks inside the old bottle and realizes he is gone. Squish then tells Mr. Bumpy that he has a funny feeling, that they never need a genie to make their wish come true.

Bumpy then says that Squish may have a point, but also says how many people can say they had their own genie, Squish then agrees and says even though he was a bug. Bumpy then tells Squishington that he will race him to the top of the pile of junk. Bumpy then picks up the old bottle and tosses it out the window. The bottle flies out the window and Phil Silverfish is heard saying "ow" as the bottle hits him, ending the episode.

Quotes Edit

Mr. Bumpy: If a waste paper basket falls in the bedroom… and there is no one to here it, does it make a noise? (the bin falls over and Bumpy screams)  The answer is yes, another unsolved mystery of the universe is laid to rest.

Mr. Bumpy: I can wish for anything I want, now I am no longer just filthy... I'm filthy RICH!

Squishington: Tsk tsk Mr. Bumpy. Don’t you know that anything worth having is worth working for?

Mr. Bumpy: What’s your point? You can have all your wishes granted too, Squish. You can be the genie’s new co-master!

Mr. Bumpy: You’re a genie? You look like a bug, man!

Squishington: Yes, and a crummy one at that.

Phil Silverfish: Genie? What a bunch of palooka’s. These guys are one taco short of a combination plate. But this does have possibilities.

Trivia Edit

  • The title of this episode is a reference to the American fantasy sitcom "I Dream of Jeanie", which was about a male astronaut becoming a master of a genie. The show ran from 1965 to 1970.
  • The riddle Mr. Bumpy makes is based on the ancient riddle "If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, will it make a sound."
  • Molly Coddle doesn't appear in this episode.  
  • Mr. Bumpy makes a reference to "Aladdin" which is a Middle eastern folk tale from The Book of One Thousand and One Nights ("The Arabian Nights"). In 1992, Disney made an animated feature of Aladdin, while Jim Cummings (Mr. Bumpy's voice actor) provided the voice of Razoul, the Captain of the Guards along with voicing other minor characters.             
  • Goof: When Phil Silverfish tosses his cigar away, there is a rod attached to the cigar as it flies out of his hand and disappears in the next frame.             
  • Goof: When Squishington is writing down the list of wishes, his tongue sticks out and is the same color blue as his body. However, in other episodes, Squishington’s tongue is a light pink color (or in rare moments a dark fushia).             
  • Squishington mentions wanting an autograph photo of Wayne Newton, he is an American singer and entertainer, he is known by the nicknames The Midnight Idol, Mr. Las Vegas and Mr. Entertainment.             
  • Squishington is shown putting a sled in the pile with the name "Rosebud" written on it and a red rose symbol on it. It is a reference to the film "Citizen Kane", Rosebud was the name of the sled from Kane's childhood, an allusion to the only time in his life that he was truly happy.