I got needs title card
"I Got Needs" is an episode from the second season of Bump in the Night.

(Aired on October 28, 1995)  

Plot Edit

The episode opens up in the bathroom where suddenly there is the sound of voices chanting "stroke, stroke, you old slow poke". Meanwhile, Squishington is fast asleep inside his toilet home and is awaken by the loud chanting and ask what is making the strange noise.

It is then revealed to be a group of small toy Vikings riding on a Viking ship and rowing it on land. Squishington begins to ask what could the noise possibly be, he then ponders that it is too early for the soap opera and that Camelot with Robert Goulet doesn't come for another week. Squish then mutters that he has front row seats and confesses he loves show tunes. 

Just then the Vikings stop rowing and the Chief Viking announces "It's time for thunder, lets go and plunder" and the Vikings rush out of their boat and plunger and pillage everything in the bathroom. The Vikings begin to steal items such as toilet paper and a wash cloth, Squishington pops his head out of the toilet tank and is shocked by what he sees, Squish is terrified and realizes that it is Vikings. 

The second Viking points out Squishington, he tries to rhyme but then makes his sentence overly complicated. Squishington leaps out of the toilet armed with a toilet plunger to defend himself, Squish then tries to act tough but the Vikings surround the blue monster and tower over him. 

Squish ask the marauding Norsemen what they are doing in his bathroom, the Chief Viking announces that they are the "Viking hordes" and says that they "take what they want and throw it aboard", the Vikings then grab Squishington and toss him onto their ship. 

Squish lands onto the ship and tries to stand up, he ask why do they speak in rhyme, the Viking Chief then explains that they "come from across the wide sea" and "chiming in rhyme fills them with glee." Squish then ask the vikings if they heard about the "guy from Nantucket" and the scene cuts away. 

Later in Little Sister's Bedroom, the Vikings are shown rowing their boat across the floor, they continue to chant "stroke, stroke, you old slow poke" while Squishington is trapped aboard their ship as prisoner and the Vikings row towards Molly's House

Molly Coddle comes out of her home wearing a night cap on her head, the sleepy doll ask what is all the racket. Squishington screams out to Molly and tries to warn her about the Vikings and shouts out "The Vikings are coming". Just then the Vikings leap out of their boat and head towards Molly, she freaks out and her eyes bulges out and her night cap flies off. The two Vikings grab Molly by the hands and feet, Molly demands them to put her down but the Vikings then throw Molly onto the boat. 

Molly makes a hard landing onto the boat and rubs her head and mutters that they know how to show a girl a good time. The Chief Viking announces to "pillage and sack, take all bric-a-brac" and the Vikings swipe all of Molly's belongings from her house. Molly then shouts out that those are her belongings and Squish and Molly are now both prisoners of the Vikings. 

Later that night, the Vikings continue to row until they enter The Boy's Bedroom, the Vikings watch in awe at all the loot, they then claim that they found "Valhalla" and want to steal the loot from under the bed. The Vikings then claim that the "stuff under must have take years to plunder." Squishington then tells the Vikings that the stuff belong to Mr. Bumpy and if he takes them he will regret it. 

The Chief Viking then declares to take all the stuff and there is more than enough, the two other Vikings then swipe all the things around the bedroom and take it aboard their ship. Suddenly, Mr. Bumpy comes out from under the bed and yawns and rubs his eyes. Bumpy says hello to his friends and watches the Vikings taking all the belongings, Bumpy then faces the viewers and ask if it's tax time already.

Just then a Viking walks pass Bumpy carrying a pile of socks, the Viking then says "excuse us, don't make a fuss, we don't want to be overly boisterous", Bumpy watches in confusion and says that was a crummy rhyme. Bumpy pauses and realizes what is happening, Bumpy then freaks out and shouts out "Wait a minute."

The Viking continues to carry the socks away but Bumpy stops him in the act, Bumpy then shouts out that those are his stuff they are taking, the greedy monster then grabs his stuff back and shouts out "mine, mine, mine". The Viking grabs Bumpy's sock and the two begin fighting over it, the Viking threatens to throw Bumpy into the drink, while Bumpy shouts out "Bump that, give it back!" 

Bumpy and the Viking then start pulling and fighting over the sock, the Viking loses his grip and Bumpy comes flying through the air and hits his head on the wall. Bumpy is momentarily in pain, but the gobbles up the sock and feels better, Bumpy then declares that is one sock they will never get. The Vikings surround Bumpy and order him to "give back the sock or they will clean his clock."

Mr. Bumpy then ask the Vikings why do they want all the socks for, and his perfectly soiled facial tissue. The Chief Viking announces that "we Swed's have needs, big mouths to feed which allows us to proceed", Bumpy is baffled by this and repeats "Needs?" Bumpy stands up and shouts out "NEEDS?!" Bumpy then marches up and says "let me tell you about Needs, Bucko." A spotlight shines of Mr. Bumpy, music begins to play and he starts to dance. 

Mr. Bumpy then begins to sing the "I Got Needs (Song)", Bumpy sings about that he has a need for stuff and that what he has is not enough. Such as things he eats, wrecks and blows up, he claims he needs it all, while the Vikings agree with Bumpy during the song and yodel in the chorus.  

Bumpy continues his song and says he has a need to crash through walls and surf on heads of Kewpie dolls, Bumpy then says that he tries different things because he has needs. The Vikings yodel again and Bumpy continues his song. Bumpy then says that he also has needs to eat gross food and belch because he is also gluttonous. Bumpy then sings about that he likes to hang out with freaky people such as aliens and insects. 

Bumpy then sings to the Vikings to do not take his stuff because he needs it more than them, the Vikings then sing along and say they won't commit any more misdeeds. Bumpy then sings to the Vikings to give back his stuff and to also give him all of their stuff. Bumpy then swipes all the things off the Viking Ship including the boat's mast, the Vikings agree to let Bumpy take their things and they let out one more yodel, ending the song. 

The Vikings admire Mr. Bumpy for his amazing display of glutton, the Chief Viking then says that "Bumpy has pushed his hero button". The Lead Viking then announces that he his a "first class kind of needer" and they then decide to make Bumpy their "new leader". The Chief Viking takes off his helmet and put's it on Bumpy's head, the other two Vikings lift up Bumpy in victory. 

Bumpy is honored by being the new Viking leader and says "I'm your new leader? Thanks for that, and thank you for the cool new hat." Bumpy and the Vikings then row the boat away while chanting "Stroke, Stroke. You Old Slowpoke!" and Squishington and Molly watch and smile as Bumpy has saved the day with his greed. 

Squishington then stops to ponder, he then faces Molly and says he has to admit that the Helmet looks really good on Mr. Bumpy. Molly and Squish both laugh at the funny idea and the episode ends. 

Quote Edit

Vikings: Stroke, Stroke. You Old Slowpoke! 

Squishington: Hark! What noise does yonder toiley make... 

Viking Chief: It's time for thunder, lets go and plunder!

Viking 2: Look up in the sky, it is a little blue.... monster who lives in the powder room.... guy.

Molly Coddle: Hey! Put me down! Put me DOWN!! (lands onto the ship and becomes dizzy) Boy, you Norsemen know how to show a girl a good time... 

Viking Chief: Pillage and Sack, take all brick-a-brac! 

Mr. Bumpy: Why do you want all these dirty socks for? Not to mention the stylishly soiled facial tissue?

Viking Chief: We Swed's got needs, Big Mouths to feed, allow us to proceed!

Mr. Bumpy: Needs?! NEEEEDS?!!!.... Let me tell ya about needs, Bucko! 

Viking Chief: Yumping Yimminy. What a glutton. That Bumpy's pushed by Hero button. He's a world class kind of Needer. I say we make him our new Leader!

Mr Bumpy: I'm your leader? Thanks for that! And thank you for the cool new hat!

Vikings and Mr Bumpy: Stroke, Stroke. You Old Slowpoke! Stroke, Stroke. You Old Slowpoke!

Squishington: You know I have to admit.... That helmet looks pretty good on Mr. Bumpy.  

Trivia: Edit

  • Squishington makes a reference to the stage musical "Camelot" and he also mentions "Robert Goulet" who was a famous award winning American singer.
  • The Viking characters resemble Big Mike from the Bump in the Night episode, Baby Jail. It's most likely that they refurbished the Big Mike puppets and redesigned them to look like Vikings. 
  • Goof: When Squishington is tossed aboard the boat, the wires suspending the puppet are visible for a few frames.  
  • Squishington ask the Vikings if they know the poem of the "Man from Nantucket", he is referring to the limerick known for it's inappropriate humor. 
  • Molly Coddle is shown wearing a night cap which also has the same color scheme of her dress, blue and yellow with a red patch sewn onto it. When the Vikings take Molly's belongings, it also shows she has curtains, a cap and an umbrella with the same color scheme.  
  • When the Vikings rob Molly's house, one of the items include the monkey arm from the episode "Farewell, 2 Arms."  
  • When Squishington warns Molly about the Vikings, he screams "The Vikings are coming, the Vikings are coming". This comes from the quote "The British are coming".
  • Goof: When the Vikings enter the Boy's Bedroom, the audio recording comes out of the wrong characters. For example, the Chief Viking exchanges dialogue with the second Viking, but both dialogue comes out of the one character. After that, the second male Viking and the Female Viking also have their voices switched around . It is most likely that the animators had the voice come out of the wrong character, which is a common error in cartoons. 
  • Goof: When the Viking is carrying the pile of socks the lighting of the room is darker, when Mr. Bumpy begins to take the socks away, the lighting has suddenly changed and a light shines onto the right side of the scene.