It came from the closet and wouldnt leave title
"It Came from the Closet (And Wouldn't Leave)"  is an episode from the second season of Bump in the Night.

(Aired on October 7, 1995) 

Plot Edit

The episode begins in The Boy emptying out The Closet and throwing all his dirty clothes on the floor. The Mom enters and ask what is going on in here, the Boy says he is cleaning out the closet like she told him.

The Mom tells her son that she didn't want him to leave the clothes on the floor and tells him he has to put it away before bedtime. The mother leaves the room and the irresponsible Boy then shoves the pile of dirty clothes Under the Bed, right in front of Mr. Bumpy's Nest. The Boy then mutters to himself "that outta do it" and the scene ends.

Meanwhile under the bed, Mr. Bumpy is fast asleep and snoring loudly, just then his nose starts moving around and he is woken up from his nap. Mr. Bumpy claims that his nose is talking to him, his nose starts sniffing and snorting, Bumpy then realizes that there is dirty clothes somewhere and he follows his nose to the smell.

Bumpy bounces to the front door of his home, he then concludes that dirty clothes means dirty socks, and if there is dirty socks it means that this monster has got to have them. Bumpy then cries out "I GOT NEEDS", and opens the door, revealing a pile of dirty clothes. Bumpy looks in surprise and realizes that his Boy did this, Bumpy believes that he never had it so good and pulls out a large knife and fork, ready to feast.

Mr Bumpy comes out of his house, he spots a dirty sock, his mouth waters and he announces that there is no better way to start the night with a hardy meal. Just before Bumpy can eat the sock, a big creepy claw appears and slashes Bumpy in a blink of an eye.

Bumpy is sliced into 3 pieces and his body falls apart, Bumpy quickly pulls himself back together and becomes whole again. Bumpy starts stumbling around, feeling woozy from the surprise attack. Bumpy then screams in horror and runs back inside his nest.

Bumpy is terrified and standing against the front door to keep it shut. He then starts muttering to himself "Never get out of the nest" over and over again. Bumpy peeks through the eye hole in the door and spots the great big scary Closet Monster roaring at him. Bumpy cries out that he sees a lot of sharp teeth, he starts shaking and says that it's his worst dream come true "the Closet Monster, under my Boy's bed coming to chew my precious monster hide".

Bumpy screams in horror and announces a red alert, a red light starts flashing and Bumpy pulls out a piece of bubble gum, he chews up the piece of gum and uses the gum to barricaded the door. Bumpy then swings a baseball bat and closes a window, Bumpy then ruses to the other window and covers it with pieces of pepperoni.

Later, it shows Mr Bumpy hiding inside a poorly constructed wooden crate while hammering the nails. Bumpy faces the viewers and realizes that he got a little carried away. He breaks out of the crate and runs to the other side of his house. Bumpy knows that he is going to be here for a long time, he pulls down a yellow lever and a secret door opens, revealing his emergency supply of dirty socks.

Bumpy claims that he has enough socks to hold him up for the next millennium, Bumpy gobbles up one of the socks and claims "even longer" than that. Bumpy then licks his lips and loses control of his appetite, a time countdown appears on the top left side of the screen, and Bumpy devours his entire life time supply of socks in less than 4. 83 seconds.

Bumpy lies on the floor satisfied, but then freaks out realizing that he ate all of his socks. Bumpy says to himself that the millennium sure flied by fast, the worried monster doesn't know what he is going to do now. Just then, Bumpy's nest is shaken vigorously, and Bumpy says he had to ask.

On the outside, the Closet Monster is holding the cardboard box house in his clutches and is shaking it around. Bumpy is being rocked around as if it were an earthquake, and the angered Closet Monster slams the house on the ground. Bumpy can't take this anymore and decides to sneak out, Bumpy then lifts up an emergency trap door, saying it is "just what the Bumpster ordered" and jumps through the trap door.

Meanwhile, Mr Bumpy pops up through another trap door, where he believes he lost that "clothes pile", not realizing that the Closet Monster is sneaking up behind him. Bumpy claims that he is home free, but before he can finish the last part of the sentence he feels the Closet Monster's claw behind him. The Monster lets out a big roar, Bumpy starts shaking with fear, the Monster tries to grab Bumpy but he bounces out of the way.

The terrified Bumpy then escapes the monster and dashes back to the nest. Inside, Mr Bumpy picks up his Sumo Wrestler and uses him to hold the front door shut. Bumpy dust off his hands and then says to himself that sneaking didn't work, and if he wants to get out "uneaten" he has to attack. Bumpy then faces the viewers and says he has just the thing, knowing that he has a plan.

Meanwhile, the Closet Monster is on the prowl, Bumpy appears from one of the trap doors and tells "Mr Tall, Polyester and Ugly" that he is going to make "revolting music" just for him. The Closet Monster is at first puzzled, but then gets angry and growls. Mr Bumpy then pulls out a small chalk board and grinds his nails down making a horrible screeching sound. The Monster can't stand the sound, he cowers his ears and moans in agony.

Bumpy continues scratching the chalkboard, the Monster tries to grab him but he jumps down into the trap door. Bumpy pops out of another trap door and calls out to the Closet Monster, he then tells the monster if he liked that one, he will love this. Bumpy then puts his hands together and starts cracking his knuckles, Bumpy then puts his hands over his foot and continues cracking his wrist. A big crack noses is heard and the Closet Monster starts howling in distress.

The Monster is in raged and tries to attack Bumpy, he lashes his claw at Bumpy but he leaps out of the way. Bumpy is now dangling upside down from under the bed, he tells the Monster to "hear this", Bumpy then pulls out a tissue and blows his nose in it, making a disgusting gooey sound. The Monster can't stand this sound, and Bumpy comes out of another trap door, armed with frankfurters tied to strings. Bumpy then says it's "time to rock him 'til he rolls... over that is."

Bumpy then starts swinging the sausages on strings as if they were "Nunchucks", he then starts pretending to be a ninja and making comedic karate sounds. Bumpy tells the Closet Monster to "eat wiener", and starts showing off with over the top karate moves. Bumpy then gets caught in the string and accidentally ties himself up, Bumpy then chuckles and says that it's not as easy as it looks. He then gobbles up the frankfurters and the strings, freeing himself and he lets out a burp.

After that, Bumpy ask the Closet Monster "where were they", the Monster then chases after Bumpy, continuing where they left off. Mr Bumpy starts screaming as the vicious Monster follows him and trying to grab him. Bumpy is backed into a corner, believing it is "curtains for the old Bump-myster" just then he looks around a spots a a pair of plaid curtains. Bumpy has an idea and dashes over to the curtains.

The Closet Monster comes prowling over, Bumpy screams out wait and pulls out a small black camera, telling the Monster to hold that pose. Closet Monster roars but Bumpy takes a photo, the Monster is dazed by the blinding flash. Bumpy then pretends to be a flamboyant photographer and tells the Closet Monster to not move. Bumpy starts snapping photos and says he is loving it.

Mr. Bumpy continues taking photos from different positions, the Closet Monster starts getting into this, and begins posing for the camera. Bumpy then tells the Monster to make some poses, such as "more leg", "more arm pit" and "pinch your cheeks". Bumpy then pulls out pink curlers and a curling brush and says that he will make the Closet Monster the "top super monster model" even if it kills him (and it just might too.)

Just then, Bumpy puts the curlers in the Closet Monster's hair, later it show Bumpy looking at a hand full of Polaroid photo's of the Monster. Bumpy starts acting like the photos are sensational and incredible. Bumpy continues taking photos of the posing Closet Monster, saying they are fabulous, Bumpy then tells the Monster to move a little to the side, unaware that there is a big dark bottomless pit.

Mr Bumpy tells the Closet Monster to keep moving a little more, the Monster is inching closer and closer to the pit. Bumpy tells the Monster to stop and look over to the "200 foot drop into the garbage pit", the Monster loses his balance and falls in, roaring as he falls. Bumpy walks over to the pit, telling the Closet Monster that he moved, ruining his career in pictures, Bumpy then drops the camera in the pit and walks away.

Bumpy then celebrates his victory, saying that he is free, just then the vengeful Closet Monster returns. He roars and grabs Bumpy in his clutches. Bumpy is woeful and says there is no escape this time, and he is heading for "teeth city". Bumpy then says that he can see his life flashing before his eyes. Bumpy then distracts the Closet Monster by pulling out a film projector, he ask the Monster if he wants to see the highlights of his life and turns on the film projector.

The film starts playing, showing Mr. Bumpy and the Closet Monster as babies, Bumpy whacks the Monster with his rattle causing him to cry. The next clip shows Bumpy eating his first sock, then his first burp and that he won a "rookie sock eater of the year award". Then it shows Bumpy's world record for sneezing, the Closet Monster is interesting in the film and puts Bumpy down. Mr Bumpy sneaks away and tells the Monster to not go away and there is more to watch.

It then shows the Closet Monster with a bowl of pop corn and laughing at the film, just then the video projector shows the previous scene of Bumpy turning on the film while in the Closet Monster's hand. Then it repeats the video again on a continuous loop. The video shows Mr Bumpy sneaking away and Closet Monster realized that he has been tricked.

Mr. Bumpy is almost close to his nest, but then becomes face to face with the Closet Monster. Bumpy then mutters that he is "dead meat", he squeals in fear and runs inside his house, leaving him where he started in the first place. Bumpy then starts freaking out saying he can't believe he got away, he can't believe that the Monster didn't eat him and most of all he can't believe he is still trapped in here.

The worried green monster starts pacing around, trying to come up with a way out. Bumpy begins puzzling, and says that the Closet Monster must have some weakness, he is only a pile of clothes. Bumpy then gets an idea and realizes that the Monster is only clothes, he then says that he needs some help for this one.

Mr Bumpy then comes out of his house, he stops by the Closet Monster, telling him to just wait for a minute and he'll be right back. Bumpy then dashes off, while the Closet Monster is just stands there looking confused.

At the Cute Dolls Beach House, Mr. Bumpy is meeting up with one of the Cute Dolls. She gives Bumpy a roll of blue prints, labeled "Closet Monster". Bumpy grabs the blue prints, he says that he's got to run and thanks the Cute Doll. He then grabs the doll and gives her a big long kiss. Bumpy then dashes away, while the Cute Doll is grossed out and starts spitting in disgust.

Back under the bed, the bored Closet Monster is playing with a yo-yo, Bumpy runs by and tells the Monster he can start terrorizing him again. Mr Bumpy starts observing the blue prints trying to find the weak point of the Closet Monster. The blue prints reveal that the weak point is the "master zipper", Bumpy then says that if he unzips it the Closet Monster will be history.

However, he has to be "inside" the Closet Monster to unzip it, Bumpy then ponders that he has to be eaten, he then freaks out realizing that he has to let the Closet Monster eat him. Bumpy then tries to look on the bright side, if he succeeds it will be his greatest victory, but if he fails, he then tells the viewers that he will see them in the "re-runs".

The Closet Monster then starts shaking Mr Bumpy's nest, just then Bumpy comes out from the trap door and calls out to the Monster. Bumpy then tells his foe that he is through playing around, he then tells the Closet Monster to go ahead and eat him, and dares him to do it. The Closet Monster grabs Bumpy, he believes that his plan is working, Bumpy then says he has only one shot at this and the Monster swallows him.

On the inside, it shows Mr Bumpy screaming as he slides down the Closet Monster's throat. Just then Bumpy spot's the master zipper and reaches out for it, but misses. Bumpy continues falling and screaming, he looks down and sees giant sharp pins at the bottom of the Closet Monster's stomach. Bumpy's eyes pop out in panic, and continues falling.

Just then Bumpy grabs a red, black and white striped sock, Bumpy holds onto the sock and narrowly misses the razor sharp needles sticking out of a pin cushion. The sock then springs like a bungee cord and Bumpy beings zooming upwards through the Monster's throat. Bumpy is sent flying through the air and grabs the master zipper, Bumpy is triumphant and unzips the zipper.

On the outside, it shows the Closet Monster moaning and howling in agony, the Monster is defeated and falls to the ground as a lifeless pile of clothes. Mr Bumpy comes out from the fallen beast, he is victorious and strikes a pose. He then tells the viewers that nobody messes with him and that's a "Bumpy fact" then he winks to the viewers.

Later, it shows Mr. Bumpy carrying the laundry basket with the pile of clothes that use to be the Closet Monster. Bumpy struggles to hold the heavy basket and drops off the pile of clothes near the Closet. Bumpy says good bye to the Closet Monster, he then says he has serious Bumpy time to catch up on and he dashes away.

Eventually, the Mom enters the Boy's room, she picks up the laundry basket and is pleased that everything is ready to be washed. She walks away with the basket of clothes and is proud of her good kid.

In the next scene it shows the clothes are now cleaned and folded neatly, Mr Bumpy appears searching for dirty socks to eat. He starts messing up the clothes and throwing them away, just then Bumpy spots a familiar looking claw. He screams in fear, realizing the Closet Monster is alive and has come back.

The Monster claws his way out of the clothes pile, revealing that he has shrunken in the wash. The Monster is now smaller than Bumpy, which he finds amusing. Bumpy then says to the Closet Monster that the he is not quite the monster he use to be, Bumpy then tells the small monster that he has one thing to say to him.

Bumpy then lets out a huge ferocious roar, the miniature Closet Monster is frightened and starts yelping and whimpering away. The Closet Monster then retreats back into his Closet lair and the episode ends.

Quotes Edit

Mr Bumpy: Whoa! My nose is-a talking to me! (nose starts snorting) What's that? (nose snorts more) Dirty Clothes? Where? Where? Where?

Mr Bumpy: Dirty clothes, that means dirty socks. And dirty socks means....This Monster's gotta have 'em! I GOT NEEDS!! (gasp) Great googily moogily! This must be my Boy's doin', a monster never had it so good...

Mr Bumpy: Teeth! Teeth! Fields of Toothers! That Claw! Can it be? My worst fear come true?! (gasp) It's the Closet Monster. Here, under my Boy's bed... coming to chew my precious monster hide. (Screams)

Mr Bumpy: Red alert! Barricade the doors! Batten down the hatches! Hold up the Pepperoni!

Mr Bumpy: I can't take much more of this, I gotta sneak out while the sneaking still good.

Mr Bumpy: Well, no sign of that nasty old clothes pile... That can only mean this monster's home.... free?

Mr Bumpy: So much for sneakin'... If I'm gonna get out of here un-eaten... I gotta attack! And I know just the thing too....

Mr. Bumpy: Well, on the bright side, if this works it will be my greatest victory! And if not... see you in the reruns, folks .

Cute Doll: Here's what you asked for Bumpy.

Mr. Bumpy: Great gotta run thanks,Bye (gives Cute Doll a big sloppy kisses and runs off).

Cute Doll: Ewwww! (spits in disgust).

Trivia Edit

  • When Mr Bumpy starts communicating with his nose, this is a parody of the classic Lassie films. Bumpy's nose starts snorting and Bumpy figures out what it is saying, similar to Lassie when she tries to tell the people what happened through barking.
  • Mr Bumpy says he has enough socks to last him until the "next millennium", a millennium is a period of a thousand years. However, since the series came out in the mid 1990's, Bumpy could also mean the turn of the century in the year 2000.
  • The Sumo Wrestler from the episode Love's Labor Bumped makes an appearance in this episode when Bumpy uses him to keep the door shut. The Wrestler is only there in one scene and isn't shown again for the rest of the episode.
  • In the scene where Mr Bumpy is observing the blue prints and says which body part is connected, the musical score plays the tune of "Dem Bones."
  • This is the third time Mr Bumpy has been "eaten alive". The first time was in Night of the Living bread when the Living Bread jumped out and swallowed Bumpy, but immediately spat him out because he taste bad. The second time was in Journey to the Center of the Lungfish when Bumpy and his friends were swallowed by the Lungfish.
  • Mr Bumpy grabs the master zipper, then says "Zipper-dee-doo-da" which is a song from the Disney 1946 live action and animated movie Song of the South.
  • When Mr Bumpy is victorious, he strikes a pose with his arms out doing the peace sign on both hands. This gesture is a signature move of U.S. President Richard Nixon he used to signal victory.
  • Squishington and Molly Coddle don't appear in this episode.
  • Only appearance of the baby Closet Monster.
  • Second, cameo and final appearance of Baby Bumpy.
  • When the Mom bends over to picks up the laundry basket we get a small glimpse of her face including an eye and her nose but the front view of her face remains a mystery.

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