King silverfish
King Silverfish  a character which first appeared in the Bump in the Night, episode "Loss of Face." He is one of the many Silverfish characters in the series. He is voiced by Jim Cummings and speaks in a voice similar to Western film actor, John Wayne.

The King is the ruler of a tribe of Silverfish that live under the bathroom floor. The King has his subjects worship Squishington's missing face which is on a wash cloth.

Bumpy tries to get Squishington his face back, Bumpy goes up to the King, then starts yelling "Give me the face", and starts shaking the King vigorously. The King calls the guards and Bumpy is dragged away to be tortured.

Bumpy tells Squishington to go get help, the wash cloth lands on Squishington's head. The King orders the guard to seize the intruder, Squishington's face is reattached and he is normal again, and the King believes that Squishington is "The Foretold one".

The King says that he will let Mr Bumpy go, if the "Foretold one," leads the Silverfish to "The Place." Bumpy says that Squish doesn't know about any place, so the King sentence Bumpy with "The Curse of a Thousand Screams."

Squish stops the Silverfish and says he will lead them to "The Place" which pleases the King. The Silverfish find the place, which is revealed to be a garbage bin. Then the Silverfish no longer care about Squish anymore and continue feasting on garbage.