Little robot character
Little Robot
is a character which first appeared in Bumpy in the Night episode "Made in Japan". Little Robot is voiced by Janice Kawaye, who also became the voice of Jenny / XJ-9, in "My Life as a Teenage Robot". Little Robot is a small robot that is able to transform into a large threatening robot.

Appearance Edit

Little Robot is a tiny cute robot, she is mostly grey with red parts and a big red heart in the middle of her chest. She has bendable grey arms and white glove like hands. She has large expressive eyes and a small cute mouth.

Little Robot has slots over her body which she can twist and rotate around. In her giant battle from she has a wide upper torso, long arms and legs and missiles over her back.

Role in the Series Edit

In Made in Japan, Mr. Bumpy first won the Robot after eating a box of Choco Space Flakes and mailing the box top. When Mr. Bumpy recieved the robot in the mail he was disappointed that the robot was small and low tech instead of being huge and powerful.

Bumpy then rejects the toy, while Squishington follows after him, not knowing that the Robot is alive and can transform. Squishington was afraid of the Robot and after running and hiding he decides to fight back.

The Giant Robot begs for mercy and transforms into her small form crying and Squish feels sorry for the Robot. Little Robot confesses that she was homesick for the factory in Osaka and missed her brothers and sisters, so Squishington mailed her back to Japan, and the two become pen pals.

Little Robot returns in the episode "Made in Japan II," when Little Robot flee's the factory in Osaka to escape being recalled and destroyed. Little Robot's said to have thousands of identical brothers and sisters and is often referred to as "she" and is also voiced by a female. 

Little Robot also appears in the Bump in The Night theme, and also appears at the Karaoke Cafe and "Twas the Night Before Bumpy".

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