Long long day title
"Long Long Day" is a musical episode from the second season of Bump in the Night.

(Aired on September 9, 1995) 

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Mr. Bumpy screaming in terror, there is a close up of his uvula as the camera pans out of his screaming mouth. Mr. Bumpy is terrified and his eye balls pop out of his head, he cries out “Gang way, Monster coming through” and runs away.  Suddenly a big metal fist is fired through the air and Destructo appears around the corner, the big mean robot tells Bumpy that he cannot escape his missile fist and that he has nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

Mr. Bumpy turns a corner and suddenly his eye-stalks fly off his head, he feels around the top of his head and cries out “Where did everybody go?” The eyeless monster feels around the floor for his eyes and cries out “who turned out the lights”. The blind monster is scared and whispers “is that you” and suddenly his eye-stalks comes flying through the air, hits him in the head and Bumpy slams into the bedpost.

Bumpy is badly hurt after slamming into the bedpost, he becomes dizzy and his eye-stalks are facing backwards. He fixes up his eyestalks so they are facing the right way and he mumbles that was fun in an insincere way.  Just then, Mr Bumpy is tapped on the shoulder by a floating disembodied metal hand, Bumpy replies “Yes what is it”, he turns around  and screams in fear.

Mr Bumpy runs away while Destructo’s fist chases after him, Bumpy comes to a halt and begs “Can’t we all just be friends?” Bumpy then opens his eyes and freaks out, causing his long tongue to flail around and his eyes to pop out. The fist comes flying straight towards Bumpy, the little green monster discovers an open door and cheers out “Saved” and runs towards it.

Mr Bumpy tries running away while looking behind himself, he doesn’t watch where he is going and slams into Destructo. The big purple robot towers over Bumpy and the helpless little monster lip begins to quiver.  Destructo then says “Going somewhere”, Bumpy then quickly makes an excuse and says that “now that you mentioned it, I heard Argentina is nice this time of year.” Destructo growls in frustration, Mr Bumpy then distracts Destructo by saying “Look, it’s Molly’s Comet”. Destructo falls for the trick and turns around giving Bumpy time to escape.

Destructo then looks around, realizing that Bumpy has got away from him, he gives out a whistle and the fist missile turns around. Destructo then says “After him” and he continues to chase Bumpy. The fist missle then turns around in mid air and flies after Bumpy, the little green monster runs into the closet and hides and the fist missile misses him.

Mr. Bumpy then mutters to himself "safe in here", just then a big terrifying roar is heard and it turns out to be the Closet Monster. Mr. Bumpy comes running out screaming and tries to get away, but a gigantic claw comes reaching out for him. The Closet Monster grabs Bumpy and drags him back into his lair, Mr. Bumpy tries to grip at the ground leaving finger nail marks across the floor, Bumpy mutters "I'm too young to be swallowed" and gets pulled inside.

Just then, Destructo appears and grabs Mr. Bumpy by his eyes, Destructo demands the Closet Monster to "unhand this villain" and he claims "justice must be served". Mr Bumpy is in great pain as the Closet Monster is pulling him by his legs and Destructo is pulling him by his eye-stalks, soon it becomes an ongoing tug-o-war between Mr. Bumpy's two worst enemies. Mr. Bumpy has his limbs and his eyes stretched out and the two foes refuse to let go, Destructo is begining to tire from this but the stubborn robot continues to pull.

Hours fly by and Destructo is shown reading "War and Peace" on a book stand, Destructo then yawns as he is getting bored of waiting. It then cuts to the Closet Monster who is also reading "War and Peace" and it cuts back to Mr. Bumpy who is reading a comic book version. Soon, more hours fly by and the Closet Monster is becoming exhausted. Destructo is still pulling on Mr. Bumpy and a warning appears on his screen telling him his batteries are running low.

Mr. Bumpy then interupts and starts gasping "guy's I don't know about you but I am getting tired" Mr. Bumpy then starts wheezing and suggest that they should all "take a break." Destructo agrees to Bumpy's suggestion and says it is a good idea, Destructo releases Bumpy's eyes while the Closet Monster releases Bumpy's legs. Just then Bumpy's stretched out body parts snap together like a rubber hose and his limbs are exaggeratedly disfigured.

Mr. Bumpy beings to get up and walk slowly with his legs and eyes wobbling everywhere, The Closet Monster and Destructo also slink away feeling run down and exhausted. The trio head under the bed while Mr. Bumpy's stretchy legs pull him along, Destructo lifts up the blanket and Mr. Bumpy enters, while Destructo and the Closet Monster follow.

Later at the Karaoke Cafe, all the toys, bugs and other creatures are also tired and exhausted from a long day. Mr. Bumpy enters the Cafe with his body restored to normal. Bumpy slinks inside exhausted while Destructo enters the room behind him. Molly Coddle and Squishington are shown sitting at a table also looking tired, Molly says hello to Bumpy and says she is beat. Molly then says that was a "long long day today", Bumpy then sits on the stage and says "you're telling me, toots." The room becomes dark, soft music begins to play and Bumpy begins to sing "Long Long Day (Song)".

Bumpy says to take off your shoes and sit back and relax and that the busy is done and there's nowhere to hurry and nowhere to go and no need to bump and run, Bumpy then continues to sing and says that the crazy time is over, and the noise is far away and that it's time for quiet company, at the end of a long long day.

Squishington then joins in and sings about nothing to do but put up your feet and loosen up your mind, Molly then starts to sing her part about picking up the pieces and to take a deep breath.

Then Destructo starts to his part about feeling the springs unwind, Bumpy then says about there's plenty of time of how good it feels for at the end of a long, long day, Then Bumpy says there's a big yellow moon in the window and it seems to look down and say too soon to worry about tomorrow, too late to worry 'bout today, Bumpy then says about being far from the problems far from the crowd the two of us you and I.

Molly then says about nothing too busy and Destructo says about nothing to loud and Squishy sings about Don't even have to try, Bumpy then sings about how we just sit here talking without a lot to say and that it's the nicest time of all at the end of a long long day.

Then the Closet Monster starts to howl hum and growl his own verse then as the song almost ends, Bumpy repeats the verse he just sung and then the song ends.

Then after the song is over Destructo asks Bumpy if he feels better and Bumpy says that he feels better lot actually and Destructo replies "Good" then the scene goes to Destructo and the Closet Monster fight over Mr. Bumpy once again and Bumpy tells the viewers that it's going to be a long long night and the episode ends.

Quotes Edit

Mr. Bumpy: Gang way! Monster coming through! Arooga! Arooga!

Destructo:  You cannot escape my fist missiles vile miscreant.  There’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

Mr. Bumpy: Can’t we all just be friends?

Destructo: Going somewhere?

Mr Bumpy: Well now that you mentioned it. I heard Argentina is nice this time of year.

Mr. Bumpy: Look! It's Molly's Comet!

Destructo: Where? Where?

Molly Coddle: Hey guys. I'm beat. That was a long long day today, huh?

Mr Bumpy: You're tellin' me, toots. 

Trivia Edit

  • Goof: When Mr. Bumpy is running against a moving background and is looking behind himself while running, his eyes are discolored. In the scene his eyes are brown instead of his usual bright red. The reason is probably because the puppet is being moved against a blue screen to make him run with exaggerated leg movement and has a strange side effect to the puppet's eye color.
  • Mr. Bumpy distract Destructo by saying "Look, it's Molly's Comet", this is a reference to the famous "Halley's Comet" and it is a play on words as Bumpy is also referring to the character Molly Coddle.
  • In the episode, there is a joke where Destructo, the Closet Monster and Mr. Bumpy are all reading the same book "War and Peace". This is a novel written by Russian author Leo Tolstoy. Each character reads a different version of the book depending on their personality, such as Destructo reads a hard cover of the book, The Closet Monster reads a yellow paper back book and Mr. Bumpy is reading a comic book version.
  • How can Bumpy read the comic book if Destructo is holding onto his eyes?
  • At the Karaoke Cafe, The Living Bread and Odiferous J. Stench both make a silent cameo.