Lung fish
The Lungfish (nicknamed 'Wheezer' by Mr. Bumpy) is a character which first appeared in the Bump in the Night, episode "Journey to the Center of the Lungfish."

Appearance Edit

The Lungfish is a large light purple creature, he has a wide gaping mouth and flapping lips. The Lungfish is mostly expressionless, with a gloomy pathetic look on it's face. It has small flippers, a fin on it's back and a fish tail.

He has gills on the side of his neck and as the name suggest it has lungs to breath on land. The Lungfish is shown lying on a large rock in the fish tank, he doesn't move and just lies still in one place.

Role in the Series Edit

The Boy brings the Lungfish home from school and sets his tank on the shelf next to his bed. The Lungfish doesn't do much except for wheeze loudly, Bumpy starts to taunt the fish and provokes it by shaking his tank. Bumpy and the Lungfish fall off the shelf, the Lungfish escapes his tank, and in a way of teaching him a lesson, swallows Bumpy, Molly Coddle and Squishington whole.

Whilst inside, they met Captain Jetlag, in which within his boat, went on a voyage through the Lungfish's intestines. Of which with the gum Bumpy found, they helped to inflate and lead to their escape from the Lungfish, whilst Captain Jetlag went down with the ship.

Once out, Bumpy promises himself never to taunt another Lungfish as long as he lives, the Lungfish taunted him by sticking out his tongue. This of course caused the two to battle it out with a tongue blowing contest, of which caused Captain Jetlag to be spat out.

Though never spoke, nor mentioned or seen again, the Lungfish seems to show the personalities of a wise elderly individual, trying to teach those to always respect your elders.

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