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"Made in Japan II" is an episode from the second season of Bump in the Night, and the sequel to the first episode "Made in Japan".

(Aired on November 25, 1995) 


The episode begins in the Boy's Bedroom, The Boy is watching television with a giant robot destroying a city. The Boy is enjoying the destruction as the Robot attacks innocent by standers.

Just then, The Dad enters with a bill, accusing the Boy with talking to someone in Japan. He tells the Boy that this bill will cost him a weeks worth of pay, the Boy protest that he is innocent and blames the Mom, probably calling a shopping network. The Dad ask again that the Boy didn't make any calls to Japan, the Boy says that he honestly didn't do it, the Dad trust his son but then says he will go talk to the Mom. The Dad leaves the room, while the Boy continues to watch television. The Boy then ask who would he know in Japan and the scene cuts away.

Later that night as the Boy sleeps, Squishington is writing an email to his pen pal, Little Robot. Squishington reads the email out loud, saying that Little Robot is grateful for Squishington returning her back to her family in the factory. Molly Coddle appears beside Squishington as he reads out the message, Little Robot claims that the factory is nice and that the Robot toys are popular and successful in the market. However, it is actually far from the truth, the toys have a design flaw and the children are upset from the toys. The Company is planning to recall the robots and have them destroyed.

In the Factory in Osaka, a Japanese business woman walks away from her computer. Little Robot appears and see's the message on the screen "recall and destroy all little robots", the Robot is horrified and then types a message to her friend, Squishington in San Fransisco. Little Robot then turns to a photo of her family, she says farewell to her sisters and that she must leave. She sends the email and leaps into the computer, instantly transporting her through the email.

Back in the Boy's room, Squishington turns the computer back on, hoping for another heartwarming message from his favorite pen pal. The computer then starts flashing red saying "emergency delivery", Little Robot then jumps out of the computer and bounces onto Squishington. The panic Little Robot tells Squishington that they are trying to destroy her and she has to hide, Squishington is surprised to see his robot friend and calms her down. Squish tells Little Robot to take a deep breath and tell him what happened, telling her that no one will destroy her. Little Robot smiles at Squishington and they both hug.

Back in the Factory, the computer ticks off all the recalled Robots, except for one missing robot. The Japanese business woman calls her Boss that one of the robots is missing, the Boss then tells her to find the robot and destroy it. The woman then says she is programming a "search and destroy" into one of the Turbo Totra Noid robots, saying the missing robot is as good as terminated.

The Woman unplugs the small purple robot from the computer, the robot wakes up and it's face turns into a mean angry face. The Woman places the Little Robot's Sister down and it transforms into it's giant battle form.

Back in the Boy's house, Squishington welcomes Little Robot to America and tells her about all the benefits of living there, such as colorful breakfast cereals. Molly happily welcomes the Robot and tells her that in America they have the right to "wear arms" and that she has two different arms. Mr. Bumpy appears waving American flags and cheering "U.S.A".

Squishington says that they need someone to show Little Robot around, Mr Bumpy volunteers to become tour guide and show Little Robot all the American "trends and fashionable statements." Molly reminds Bumpy that last time that he was "tour guide" he had the Lithuanian Fly Casting team deported and caused an international scandal. Bumpy then sheepishly says that he didn't know the flies were an endangered species, but they were also delicious.

Bumpy then happily takes Little Robot to see his nest, the "coolest place in the entire Western Hemisphere". Squish then says that he and Molly can help Little Robot find a place to live, Bumpy then ask Little Robot about that she can turn gigantic and become covered in Missiles and ask if she can teach him how to to that.

Later, it shows the large Turbo Totra Noid robot transporting through the computer screen. The Robot faces the computer and reads Little Robot's email, the large Robot reads the line "beloved sisters", the Robot becomes sentimental, but then snaps out of it. The Robot then reads the line "Squishington" and discovers information of Squishington. The Robot then concludes that if she finds Squishington, then she will find Little Robot.

Meanwhile, in the Bathroom, Squishington is whistling and singing to himself, now that he decorated the bathroom cupboard into a home for Little Robot. Squishington put up red checkered curtains and the cleaning products inside make the place smell spring time fresh. Just then, the large Turbo Totra Noid walks into the bathroom and finds Squishington. The Robot transforms into it's smaller form and goes up to Squishington.

The Robot then yells out "Where is Little Robot", Squishington is confused thinking that it is Little Robot, and says that she is here in America and this is her new home. Squishington then ask the Robot if she likes the curtains, the angry Robot then transforms into it's gigantic threatening form. The Robot rips off the curtains, Squish tries to get away but the robot begins to tie him up inside the curtains like a sack. Squishington then says "I guess plaid is not your color " and faints. The Robot becomes small again and leaves.

Under the bed, Little Robot is shown wearing a cowboy hat, a Hawaiian shirt and holding a hot dog. A hyperactive Mr Bumpy is playing basketball and tells Little Robot about American life, while multi tasking with his very short attention span. Bumpy then takes a few bites out of the hot dog and leaves to find some more mustard for it.

Little Robot leaves with the hot dog, while Little Robot's Sister enters the room. Bumpy returns with spicy mustard and a hip hop CD from The Boy. The angry robot yells out "Where is Little Robot", Bumpy is confused and says "hanging with the bumpster". The Robot then transforms into it's gigantic threatening form, to Bumpy's horror. The Robot then grabs Bumpy, squashes him into a ball and throws him into the basket ball hoop. The Robot leaves, Mr Bumpy then says that she learns American culture fast and faints.

Squishington unties himself from the curtains and is confused why the robot did this to him, but he has too much a good personality to assume that the robot wanted to harm him. Little Robot appears and Squishington screams in fear, thinking the robot is a killing machine. Little Robot then picks up the curtains and says she loves the color, Squishington is confused and ask why did the Robot clobber him earlier.

Little Robot is shocked by Squishington's claim, Squishington thinks that the Robot has an "email jetlag" and doesn't remember attacking him. Squishington then says never mind and decides to put the curtains back up again. He then ask Little Robot to find him a hammer. Little Robot then leaves to find a hammer, just then Little Robot's sister appears and Squish is surprised that the robot is back again.

Once again, Little Robot's Sister transforms into it's giant threatening form and yells out "where is Little Robot". Squish is filled with fear and says that the robot is in front of him with a fist about to hit him with a killing blow. Squishington is terrified and tries to come up with another answer, Molly then enters with the real Little Robot, Squishington sees them and screams for help.

Molly sees that Squishington is in trouble, Little Robot transforms and then swoops in and rescues Squish from the evil Robot. The Robot see's the target and they both start battling, Little Robot says that she doesn't want to fight but the Robot attacks back. Little Robot is pushed to the ground and the other Robot aims it's missiles ready to fire.

Mr Bumpy then enters riding on a roller blade, and tells Little Robot that he wants to ride together until they get silly. He skates around the room and slams into the other Robot and lands inside a garbage bin. The Big Robot falls back and the missiles land inside the toilet.

Little Robot then picks up the hammer and is about to attack the other Robot, Molly and Squishington are witnessing this and can't look. Little Robot realizes that this is wrong and puts down the hammer. Little Robot turns back into her smaller form and says that she doesn't have the heart to hurt her because she is her sister.

Molly then has an idea, she grabs Squishington and they leave the bathroom to find the "ultimate weapon." Bumpy is dizzy and sticks his eyes out from the bin, the Robot gets up and fires another missile at Bumpy and the bin. Molly and Squishington return with the computer and Molly claims that the weapon is "love."

Squishington realizes the plan and that they have to reprogram Little Robot's Sister. The Large Robot is still trying to attack Little Robot, Squish then plugs a wire into the Robot and the computer starts uploading images into the robot's head. The Robot then starts remembering Japan and her family of robots, the Robot then starts seeing hearts over her screen and becomes filled with love.

Squishington unplugs the Robot, saying that the change is complete. Little Robot's Sister then turns back into her small form, the two sisters are reunited and hug each other. The black markings on other Robot's face disappear and the symbol on her chest turns from a skull into a heart. Molly then tells Squishington how brave he was and that he could have been hurt. Squishy realizes that he could have been hurt and faints.

Bumpy then comes out from the rubbish bin and ask if he can ride it again, he then realizes that there are two Little Robot's and says that he can now teach them both about American culture. The two robots smile at each other and then they both blast Mr Bumpy with missiles. Bumpy starts bouncing around the room inside the bin, he happily shouts out that "life is good" and ends the episode.

Quotes Edit

Little Robot: HELP! They are trying to destroy me! Hide me! Hide me!

Squishington: (gasp) Little Robot. Oh, there there. Take a deep breath (sniff) good, and tell me all about it. I'm sure that nobody is trying to destroy you.

Squishington: So she is going to live in America, and enjoy our many freedoms and fabulous ways of life and colorful breakfast cereals.

Molly Coddle: You'll love it here. As American citizens we are guaranteed the right to "wear arms." See, I am wearing 2 different kinds.

Mr Bumpy: U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A! ET-CET-TRA!

Squish: Now, all we need is someone to show you around...

Mr Bumpy: And who better to show off his vast knowledge of the latest cool trends and fashionable statements than me! Mr Bumpy Tour Guide El Supremo!

Molly: Mr Bumpy, the last time you played tour guide you got the entire Lithuanian Fly Casting team deported and created an international scandal.

Mr Bumpy: Yeah, well I didn't know those flies were on the endangered species list. Besides, they were delish! haha! Come on, Little Buckaroo! Let me show you the wonders of my nest, the "coolest place in the entire Western Hemisphere".

Mr Bumpy: By the way, I heard that you can swell up real big and get covered in missiles and stuff. Can you teach me how to do that?

Mr Bumpy: (talking very fast) You see, us busy Americans like, don't have enough hours in the day or night, to enjoy the choices available in the land of the free, the bold and the great. Gimmie a bite of that dog will ya, (eats hot dog) thank you very much.

Mr Bumpy: So sometimes we have to double or even triple up on our activities. (On the stereo) Crank that tune up a little bit won'tcha, thank you. (throws basket ball) He shoots, he ... misses. Nuts. I'll be right back with some more faster music and a little more mustard for that dog. You done with that (takes another bite) Thanks a lot. (runs off)

Little Robot's Sister: WHERE IS LITTLE ROBOT?!

Squishington: (screaming) AHH! It's the deranged little killing machine come to rip my fronds off!!

Little Robot: (examining the curtains) Ooh, I love plaid.

Squishington: YOU... Do? Uh, then why did you clobber me before?

Little Robot: What do you mean clobbered?

Squishington: You don't remember? Hmm, she probably has email jet lag or something...

Little Robot: I can't hurt her. She's my sister!

Trivia Edit

  • In Made in Japan, Little Robot speaks Japanese, while in Made in Japan II, she can speak English.
  • Both Little Robot and her Sister are voiced by Janice Kawaye.
  • When Molly Coddle is talking to Little Robot and saying she will love living in America, the musical score plays the tune of the patriotic song "American, the beautiful" but is played in a sweet music box style to match Molly's innocent personality.
  • When Molly mentions Mr Bumpy's fly fishing scandal, the newspaper says "Daily Stuff, President Condemns Lithuanian Fly Fishing. Mr Bumpy, Guilty - Says 'Why me?' "
  • When Little Robot's Sister looks up information on Squishington, it is revealed that he is 10cm tall, and weights 280 grams, and that his age is unknown.
  • When Mr Bumpy says he took a hip hop CD from The Boy's collection, the CD has a picture of Mr Bumpy and it says Karaoke, from the Karaoke Cafe.
  • When Mr Bumpy is surfing on the roller skate and crashes into the bin, he goes "W-w-wipe out" which is a reference to the 1987 song Wipe Out by the Surfaris.