Mama snail
Mama Snail is a female character and mother of Baby Snail. She first appears in the episode "Baby Snail." She is a silent character and appears in during the last third of the episode.


Mama Snail is a large female snail, she is around the same size as Squishington, Molly Coddle and Mr. Bumpy. She has yellow skin, red lips and a brown curled shell. She has large eyes up on stalks, purple eyelids, black pupils and long eyelashes.

Role in the SeriesEdit

In the episode, Mr Bumpy and Squishington discover Baby Snail alone and decide to rescue her from a robotic parakeet. While Squishington goes off to search for the baby's mother, Mr. Bumpy looks after the little snail and eventually bonds with it. Molly Coddle reminds Bumpy that soon that he will have to return Baby Snail to her mother, much to Bumpy's disappointment.

Soon, Squishington returns with Mama Snail and tells Mr. Bumpy that she's ready to take Baby Snail home. However, Mr. Bumpy doesn't want to lose Baby Snail and decides to run away. Bumpy tries to get away on the top shelf and hides Baby Snail, but after accidentally knocking over a sea shell and a pile of books, Bumpy believes that Baby Snail is squashed and becomes distraught for putting her in danger.

It is then revealed that Baby Snail is alive and Bumpy becomes overwhelmed with joy and kisses the baby all over. Bumpy then tells his friends Baby Snail is okay and he will return her to her mother right away.

At the end, Mr. Bumpy gives Baby Snail one last hug and then returns her to her Mother. As the snail family leave, Mr. Bumpy ecstatically tells Mama Snail he is willing to baby sit and he loves babies.

In the Christmas special Twas the Night Before Bumpy, Mama Snail makes an appearance along with Baby Snail. Mama Snail appears in the opening scene with Baby Snail on her back, adjusting the star on the Christmas tree.

The Snail family appear again watching Squishington's tap dance performance along with the rest of the bachground characters/

Mama Snail is also seen in the Bump in the Night opening.