"I am so full of comfort, I could scream...AAAAAAAH!"
―Molly Coddle in "Comforting the Uncomfortable"
Miss molly coddle comfort doll
Molly Coddle
is a comfort doll who is the tritagonist of the Bump in the Night characters. She belongs to The Boy's little sister. She is voiced by Gail Matthius of Saturday Night Live fame.


Molly is a sweet comfort doll who cheers everyone up when they're feeling glum. She is adventurous but lovable. She admires the Cute Dolls and tries to imitate their cute mannerisms, but is often shunned by them. Molly wants to fit in with the Cutes, but often feels self-conscious and has a low self-esteem whenever they show disdain for her. Whenever her owner Little Sister is feeling distressed, Molly is there to brighten up her day. Molly isn't afraid to show affection for her best friends, Mr. Bumpy and Squishington and help them out of any predicament they might be in.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Molly is a Frankenstein's monster-like rag doll (like Sally from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas) that wears a blue dress adorned with yellow polka dots and a red patch. She sports a white pearl necklace around her neck, a blue bow in her orange hair, black Mary Jane shoes and mismatched socks - one red and white striped stocking and a short lacy sock. She has detachable limbs that often fall off when her owner Little Sister handles her. Some promos, such as the Television Bumpers in which the main Bump in the Night characters appeared in a year prior to the airing of the show, depict Molly as having a button eye, Also in some episodes of the show like To Sleep Perchance to Burp and The Bowl of the Squishy Prince, Most of the time it's just looks she is missing eyelashes over one of her eyes.

Relationships Edit

Mr. Bumpy and Squishington are Molly's best friends. She cares for them very much, just as they care for her. Mr. Bumpy dubs Molly as his "favorite gal", indicating a close relationship between the two and implying that he prefers her over the Cute Dolls and other female residents of the house (most likely because they are too "girly" for his liking). Bumpy and Squishington are shown to be highly distressed whenever they fear that something terrible has happened to Molly. They both have also shown affection for her (e.g., Mr. Bumpy calling her "Toots" and Squishington complementing her legs in "Farewell, 2 Arms"), but the affections are most likely (arguably) not romantic; Bumpy and Squishington might act so chivalrous to Molly to show how important their friendship is to one another. Molly has been the recipient of crushes from both Destructo and a stinkbug named Odiferous J. Stench. Ironically, she has garnered more attention from males than the Cute Dolls, who are supposedly more attractive than her. Molly is shown to be maternal towards younger characters, such as Yellow Bunny and the babies in "Baby Jail." She is even shown to be friendly towards the Closet Monster. The majority of the characters show admiration for her, even the Cute Dolls on some occasions.


Despite her beauty, Molly is shown to be extremely emotional whenever she is upset. She often goes off about how useless/unwanted she feels. She also has a tendency to enjoy being an authoritative figure and harness power as shown in Farewell, 2 Arms and T'was the Night Before Bumpy.

For an example in the episode Farewell, 2 Arms Molly loses her arm after Little Sister takes off Molly's arm to get it fixed and wants to be more powerful and less helpless, Bumpy gives her a gorilla arm as a replacement. At first, Molly thinks the arm is gross and ugly, but then is impressed by the arm's strength and becomes addicted to the power Throughout the episode, Squishington and Mr Bumpy help Molly look for replacement body parts to help build a new body. Squish and Bumpy are both unsure and realize that Molly is becoming corrupted and they hate what she has become The new body includes; a gorilla arm, a hairdryer arm (Which belongs to The Cute Dolls), Destructo's legs and a tin can body, Then the corrupted Molly wants a new head so she tells Bumpy that she wants to turn her eyes around and turn herself inside out like he does, she rips her head off and tells Bumpy she wants his head. Bumpy runs out of the bathroom in terror then Molly rolls her old head towards him. As she chases him, she picks up a phone and uses it for a head for one second telling Bumpy to give her his head. Then Bumpy escapes and Molly settles for a staple remover instead, becoming Anti Molly. Squishington puts Molly's pieces back together, separating the sweet and kind Molly Coddle and the insane and evil Molly Coddle into two separate dolls, The real Molly stands up to the evil Anti Molly telling her she was meant to be a comfort doll and making Little Sister feel better. The evil Molly throws her and she lands on a pillow. After terrorizing two of The Cute Dolls Anti Molly then hears Little Sister say good night to the mother and thanks her for sewing Molly's arm back up. Little Sister walks in her room and picks up Anti-Molly. Little Sister plays with Anti Molly and realizes that it is not the real Molly and takes it apart and tosses it away destroying the evil doll for good and whining for the real Molly, Little Sister then finds the real Molly and puts her arm back on and she's happy to be reunited with her doll and gives Molly a good night kiss and throws her off the bed as Molly comes apart when she hits the wall her head rolls towards the camera and smiles and winks to the audience at the very end of the episode, Molly learnt in the episode after Squishington put her back together and standing up to the Anti Molly that she should be herself and never change and everyone likes her the way she is like for example her best friends Mr.Bumpy and Squishington and her owner Little Sister like at the end when she restores Molly's plush arm all fixed up she tells her favorite doll she loves her just the way she is.

Another example is Molly also feeling guilty about being cruel and mean as the pageant director in T'was the Night Before Bumpy she is touched by Mr. Bumpy singing the reprise of the song It's the night before Christmas and she asks all the toys to forgive her but the toys are still mad at her and they don't accept her apology she is upset, She then runs away in tears and says she will never be pageant director again. The Cute Dolls then stop to reconsider, That she was sorry and that she won't direct the pageant anymore. Destructo looks over to Destructette and smiles. Then they decide to forgive her. The toys then surprise her with a group hug and she is happy cause that what was her Christmas wish was hugs from everyone.

Molly also doesn't mind being thrown around by her owner Little Sister cause she knows she's being love and her owner is a little kid.


  • It's possible that Molly's character design was inspired by Sally from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas and most of the characters in Bump in the night were inspired by Mad Magazine and the comic books of Robert Crumb, Ken Pontac and David Bleiman devised the concept behind Bump in the Night.
  • A little bit of Molly's character design could also be inspired by the famous rag doll "Raggedy Ann" who is is a rag doll with red yarn for hair while Molly's is orange and The character was created in 1915 as a doll, and was introduced to the public in the 1918 book Raggedy Ann Stories.
  • Molly has appeared on every single Bump in the Night Merchandise including figures, Plush toys and Subway figures made of her and her friends Mr. Bumpy and Squishington.