Odiferous J. Stench, also known as Odie is a male stink bug character which appears in the Bump in the Night episode "Love Stinks". He is voiced by comedian Gilbert Gottfried.

Appearance Edit

Odiferous J. Stench is an anthropomorphic talking insect, he has a humanoid face with a long nose and a wide mouth. He also resembles Gilbert Gottfried, as he often closes his eyes and shows his teeth.

He has long antennae on the top of his head with round baubles on the ends. His skin is a light blue turquoise color, he has a light brown striped under belly and has a dark brown shell on his back with a green splatter pattern. Since he is an insect he has multiple limbs, he has four arms and wears white gloves, often seen with classic cartoon characters.

Role in the series Edit

In the season 2 episode "Love Stinks", Molly Coddle falls into the garbage can and attracts the male stink bug. Molly is flattered at first but is put aback by his disgusting stench. Molly tells him she wants to put her comforting career first and tries to run, but Odie follows after her.

He also makes an appearance as a background character in "T'was the Night Before Bumpy".  He also makes a silent cameo in the season 2 episode "Long Long Day", sitting at a table in the Karaoke Café which aired before the episode "Love Stinks".

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