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"Party Poopers"  is an episode of the stop motion animated series, Bump in the Night.

(Aired on October 29, 1994)


Part 1: Edit

The episode starts as Little Sister is sick in bed, coughing and sneezing while Mr. Bumpy and Molly Coddle are sneaking around the room unnoticed. Molly then tells Bumpy she has something he's gonna love and Bumpy gets excited saying he can't wait. He tells Molly that she always knows about the coolest stuff like the week old cauliflower that looks likes brains and the grout under the kitchen sink. Molly is touched by this and tells Bumpy what are friends for and that she is a people pleaser.

Molly then points out the pile of used tissues on the floor and Bumpy gets excited and says his catchphrase "Gotta Have It" and he and Molly run towards it. Then Little Sister sneezes causing Bumpy and Molly to fly backwards, Bumpy tells Molly that The Little Sister is good at sneezing. Molly tells him that she has been sick for a week, running Molly ragged with "Molly this, Molly that, Molly to the rescue".

Molly then says when The Little Sister gets better she's gonna take a vacation, Bumpy then tells Molly that if you cover your ears and sneeze your head blows up and your brains scatter all over the place. Bumpy then observes but it doesn't work and Molly says that she hopes that doesn't happen to the Little Sister or else she'll have to clean it up.

Then Bumpy runs up to the pile of snotty tissues saying "Jackpot" and Molly watches Bumpy as he eats some of the used tissues. Just then Molly hears Little Sister calling for her saying that she needs her then Molly tells Bumpy that duty calls and to pack up the tissues and disappear. Bumpy then packs up the tissues in a hurry as Molly lays on the floor in position as she waits for Little Sister to pick her up.

Then Little Sister picks up Molly and tells her that she's only one and bestest friend and she blows her nose on Molly's dress. Little Sister tells Molly how the mother won't let her go to her friend's party cause she's sick and that she can make up her own party and it'll be fun.

Little Sister then tosses Molly and she lands on the floor. As Little Sister talks about inviting the Cute Dolls to her tea party, Molly gets up and tells Bumpy that she knows she's soft and absorbent and she's wishes she wasn't used like a clump of facial tissue. Bumpy reminds he that he loves facial tissues especially when it's used, then Molly walks away sadly saying "always the snot rag and never the bride"

Meanwhile under the bed Bumpy is humming "Here comes the bride" with a piece of used tissue on his eye-stalks as a wedding veil he then wads up the piece of tissue like a ball and throws it into a basketball goal then hears Little Sister sneezing again. Then Bumpy picks up a shaker of pepper and inhales it and he tries to hold his fingers in his ears and sneezes to sees if his brains will blow up but it doesn't work then he decides to use a feather. Then Molly enters and tells him not to do it cause she says if she hears one more sneeze her head will explode.

Bumpy asks her how come, then Molly tells him how Little Sister can't go to her friend's party and that she wipes her tears on her and that the Little Sister throws a tea party for her Cute Dolls. Bumpy then makes a weird face and gives both a thumbs down and says "Tea Party?" and Molly tells him "Yes" and that everyone else gets an invitation and she gets snotted which Bumpy thinks is cool.

Molly says it bites and why she has to do all the boring things while "The Crummy Cutes" get all the fun, Bumpy asks Molly if that she doesn't really want to go to that boring party and Molly says yes she really does. Bumpy remind her that there really boring, dudsville, flat as a pancake, boring as dishwater, lights out and Molly says she really wants to go (she says this five times) and Bumpy tells her "Five reallys huh?" and then Bumpy turns on the light and tells Molly stay put and he'll fix everything and he really means and that was the sixth time.

Bumpy then goes to The Cute Doll Beach House and tells two of the Cute Dolls he wants an invitation and one of the cute dolls asks him if he wants an invitation and Bumpy says it's not for him it's for "His friend." They think "His friend" wants him to have invitation and they say "His friend" must care about him very much and he says "She" does and "His friend" wants them to come to their party

The Dolls tell him don't just invite anyone especially monsters and that this is an equally opportunity and that their politically correct and Bumpy tries to tell them all he wants is to invite Molly to their party. But they're now convinced that Bumpy wants to come to there party and that inviting a monster will make them trend setters and that they love it and the other toys will melt with envy and their monster will wear a tux.

The Dolls hold up a tuxedo for Bumpy he then freaks out and tells them "Not today". The two Cute Dolls try to get the tuxedo on him but fail. Then in the control room of the beach house the third Cute Doll tells the other two not to worry that he'll be fully accessorize in time for the party and she picks up the phone and tells them Bumpy is headed for their way and to use "The Box."

As Bumpy continues running he bumps right into Squishington's toilet home and he says he is sittin' pretty now. Squishy looks outside the toilet lid singing the phrase from the song "Barnacle Bill the sailor" and sees Bumpy and tells him hi and asks him how's every little thing. Bumpy tells him every little thing is okay and tells him that he's playing tag with every doll in the house and he asks Squishy if he wants to join him for some hi-jinks/wacky misadventures.

Squishy then asks Bumpy that they already playing party games and that there only three and one half minutes and tells him not according to his invitation. Bumpy is shocked and asks Squishy that if he's not gonna go to that party and Squishy jumps out in a tuxedo and tells Bumpy that of course he's going. Squishy asks him if he likes his tux Bumpy then freaks out saying his pal is a "Doll lover" and he thinks the whole world has gone mad and runs out of the bathroom, Squishy then asks him if it means they can't car pool.

In the hallway Bumpy is upset that Squishy is going to "A Doll Party" and that he feels all hot and dizzy. Just then, one of the Cute Dolls appears flying in a pink Airplane, she drops a large box and it lands in front of Mr Bumpy. Bumpy at first says he won't fall for the trick, but is then becomes curious and unlocks the crate. First, it seems like the crate is empty, Bumpy picks the box up over his head and looks inside.

Then a small pink "Kewpie doll" falls out, then another, then a never ending supply of Kewpie Dolls fall out. The whole room is filled with pink dolls and Bumpy is caught in the out of control wave. He then starts surfing on a surfboard and starts talking like a surfer dude, but then says he has to be careful about copyright. Later, it shows the Kewpie dolls disappearing down a drain, Mr Bumpy pulls out the plug and is relieved, Bumpy then says how it was fun and easy.

Just then two of the Cute dolls walk up to Bumpy trying to get the tuxedo on him, he says it's time to do that running and jumps up telling his feet he'll go after the two cute dolls continue try to walk up slowly to Bumpy saying he is trapped like a cheese eating rat.

Then two of the Cute Dolls to spin around to get the tuxedo on Bumpy fast when he is pulled up by something mysterious in the kitchen, causing two of the Cute Dolls to end up getting dizzy wearing each piece of the tuxedo on by accident.

The mysterious person who pulled up inside the kitchen cabinet turns out to be Molly, Bumpy then thanks her for saving him from being guess of honor at boredom bop. Molly then tells him to say it once more in English and Bumpy explains to her that the Cute Dolls want him to go to there boring tea party.

Molly is shocked and disappointed at the same time and tells herself that even Mr Bumpy gets invited and then smells herself. Bumpy then explains that he wasn't trying to get an invitation for himself and he tries to explain it more but he says to himself never mind. Molly tells that he'll have to tell her all about it when he gets back and Bumpy tells Molly to ask Squishy cause he ain't going.

Molly is surprised and more upset that both her friends got invited and tells herself what she did in a previous life to deserve it. She then she tells Mr Bumpy that he and Squishy will have a delightful time and Bumpy just complains about what is so great about dressing like Penguin and drinking boiled twigs and says he rather be boiled alive in a deep fryer.

Meanwhile at the Cute Doll beach house, in the control room the blonde Cute Doll tells the other Cute Dolls to go a 1.0.6 minor and tells them to dress Bumpy up and take him out. Then Mr Bumpy continues to complain about how he rather do other things then go to the tea party, talking about an iron maiden and that he rather have spikes in his shorts then put on a dopey tux or even... Just then two of the Cute Dolls try to catch Bumpy with nets, both Bumpy and Molly jump off the kitchen cabinet and says that he's gotta ditch the dolls forever. Then Molly tells Bumpy it's good to have a hobby and it lowers the risk of heart attack.

Then Bumpy and Molly walk over to a toaster and Bumpy tells Molly to jump in quick, Molly turns to the viewers and tells them not to try this at home and she then jumps into the toaster with Bumpy. Then two of the Cute Dolls look down as the toaster is about to turn on, Bumpy and Molly scream in terror and jump out causing them to go flying.

As they continue flying away Bumpy talks in a french accent to Molly telling her they have to stop meeting like this, Molly then pushes Bumpy away telling him his breath stinks and asks him if he ever brushes his teeth, Bumpy then replies with a head shake and says "Uh-Uh!".

Then the blonde Cute Doll tells all the air units to intersect and cuts to the scene with Bumpy and Molly flying, as Molly points out to the stitches on her left arm saying it was when Little Sister hugged her arm off when her turtle died and it was twenty-seven stitches. Bumpy says there cool and Molly says it's nothing and points to her left eye saying it was the third one this week and the mother starting sewing with steel wire.

Bumpy then tells her they are awesome wounds then asks Molly that if she wants to see one of his appendectomy scars and Molly tells him no thanks. She then says that she considers her mismatch parts a badge of honor that every comfort doll should earn, and that she may need some serious repairs when they hit the ground.

Bumpy then tells Molly not to worry about and he says they'll hitch a ride real soon. Then the pink airplane arrives again only this time it has a suction cup hanging onto and clings on to Bumpy's bottom. He tells Molly they are no longer falling to there doom and he then tells Molly it's exciting and she should watch. Bumpy then tells her if he doesn't do this just right that he might suspend a crippling hang nail which could prevent him from playing professional roller derby for years to come.

Bumpy says he laughs at danger as he pulls out the plug he used earlier to make the pink Kewpie dolls go down the drain and throws it at the end of the pink airplane. The Cute Doll comes flying out of her seat and Bumpy and Molly lands in the plane, Mr Bumpy then wonders what any of the buttons do and he presses it. It turns out to be an ejector seat and causes him and Molly to fly out, as Bumpy grabs on to the chain of the drain. Just then the drain slips off as the plane takes off, Bumpy and Molly scream in horror as there about to fall to there doom. Ending part 1.

Part 2: Edit

As Mr Bumpy and Molly continue falling and screaming, it shows Squishington singing to himself that he is going to a party. As Bumpy screams in horror, Molly tells Bumpy that "there is no one else in the whole wide world that she would rather be smashed into a million useless pieces with" than with him. Molly then smiles saying that she really means it, Bumpy then continues to fall and grabs onto Molly's legs. Molly's dress then pops up like an umbrella and they both slowly drift down like a parachute, then Molly says that she actually doesn't want to be smashed at all.

Meanwhile in the hallway, Squishington is excited about going to the party and starts dancing with himself, he does the moonwalk and does a pelvic thrust, but then stops feeling a little embarrassed. He then says to himself that he hopes that nobody saw him lose his decorum, Squish then looks around and says that the coast is clear.

Bumpy then loses grip on Molly's feet, he slips and falls and lands on to an expecting Squishington. Squish is flatten and Bumpy then brushes himself off. Molly appears, she is a grossed out and ask Bumpy what on earth did he land in. Squish then morphs back into his original form and is hurt, thinking that he was struck by a meteorite. Squishington then says that he should have checked the weather service before he ventured out the day.

Bumpy then ask his friend what is shaking, Squish then responds that the ground is shaking, and that he was on the way to the party. His top hat is broken and he sticks his arm through the large hole and also says his tux was just dry cleaned. Bumpy is shocked that he is still going to the boring party but Squish claims that the party isn't boring at all. Squish then starts saying that the party will be wonderful and swank and all the best people will be there.

Molly is upset and tells Squish that she wasn't invited, Bumpy then tries to tell Molly that she should be happy that she isn't going. Bumpy then starts making up that tea parties are terrible and they are actually "Doll napping rings". According to Bumpy, first they bore you into unconsciousness, then they feed you stewed prunes and discussing stock market trends. Then Bumpy says that they wrap you in cellophane and sell you for slavery to foreign toy mills.

Squishington is horrified by Mr Bumpy's story and ask if it is true, Bumpy then tells Squish that it isn't true and say he's just trying to make Molly feel better. Bumpy then says it would take a hundred Dolls riding "Carnivorous Foam Toads" to make him go to that party, unsuspectingly that the Cute Dolls are behind him with "Carnivorous Foam Toads".

The Cute Dolls then call out to party on, Bumpy sees that he is surrounded and freaks out. He tells the Dolls that they will never take him alive, he then pulls out a pillow and says he's not afraid to use it. Bumpy then takes out a pillow and threatens to blow then up to dinky little pieces, Bumpy then tickles his nose and blocks his ears and his face begins to inflate.

Bumpy's face continues to puff up and the Doll takes his threat seriously, saying that she is too cute to die. Bumpy's face becomes gigantic and the Dolls surrender, saying that he wins and that he doesn't have to go to the party. Bumpy's face then deflates and he is relieved.

The Dolls then are confused thinking that Bumpy wanted to go to their party, Bumpy then says he just wanted an invitation for his pal Molly. He then says that he would rather eat a worm than go to the boring party, then he says that he would rather eat a worm than do most things. Molly is touched that Bumpy would do something nice for her. The Dolls then start whispering to each other and then say that Molly can come to the party, but only if Bumpy can come too.

Bumpy is baffled, but Molly really wants to come, Bumpy then accepts and "says the things you gotta do for like". Bumpy then says that he predicts the party will be the "most slowest dullest boring-est social event since the creation of disco". But says he will go for his pal Molly, he then turns to the viewers and says that this is black mail. Molly is happy and gives Bumpy a cuddle, and he still believes that the party will be boring.

Later at the Cute Doll's house, Bumpy is wearing an uncomfortable tuxedo and says how can you breath in this "monkey suit". Squishington then laughs and tells Bumpy that it isn't a monkey suit and it's a tux, and says it was nice for their host to let him borrow it. Bumpy then starts acting like a monkey, calling it a monkey suit, he then starts waddling like a penguin, calling it a "penguin suit." Then Bumpy rips off his tuxedo and yells out "birthday suit", the Cute dolls scream in horror that Bumpy is dancing around without any clothes.

Squish then offers Bumpy some tea, Bumpy grabs the tea cup and slurps it down, he spits it out in disgust and starts coughing. Squish then tells Bumpy to have his pinkie up when drinking tea, Bumpy doesn't get it and ask if having a pinkie up will make the tea taste better. Bumpy drinks the tea with his pinkie out and spits out the tea again, saying that nothing happened. Bumpy then decides to skip the cup, grabs the tea pot and starts eating it. Bumpy then belches while Squishington is mortified by Bumpy's bad manners.

The Blonde Cute Doll offers Mr Bumpy a bowl of stewed prunes, Bumpy is disgusted and says he will lose his cookies. The Cute Doll then offers Bumpy a plate of cookies, Bumpy grabs the plate and starts gobbling up the cookies. He spits them out realizing that they are toy cookies, the Cute Doll then says that's because they're toys. Bumpy is getting tired of this and walks up to the viewers, saying that he is loosing it.

Meanwhile in the Cute Dolls dressing room, two of the Cute Dolls help Molly get ready for the party. She giggles and says the party is gonna be fun and she tells sorry about the odd shaped limbs and everything . She tells them about the accidents she's been in which is actually a series of accidents and that it was all in the line of duty and that there proud scars of a comfort doll and all that.

Then Molly asks them if they can find a dress that fits her, then one of the Cute Dolls giggles and tells her that they have an whole aisle of dresses at store called "The Toy Hut" just for clothes. The other Cute Doll plays with Molly's hair and says they're gonna have to do something with her hair, and the Cute Doll then giggles.

The scene then cuts to the party, where The Blonde Cute Doll is stirring tea in a cup with a spoon while telling Mr Bumpy about how to stir tea counter clockwise and the history of tea. Bumpy is bored out of his mind and then tells the Cute Doll he'll tell her what the secret plans are and asks The Cute Doll desperately to stop.

Just then two of the Cute Dolls are giggling then enter the party with Molly who is wearing in a purple party dress with a yellow stash in the middle, a pink rose in front and her hair which is actually a wig is up in a beehive style.

Bumpy is shocked and Molly goes to sit at table in between Bumpy and Squishy with the rest of the Dolls sitting at the table. As everyone is just sitting at the table drinking tea, a cricket noise is heard and Molly looks around and asks when the party is starting. Bumpy tells her it started a million years ago and he says this is it, and says he told Molly it would be fossilized. Then Squishy offers Molly some stewed prunes but Molly declines.

Couple minutes later Mr Bumpy, Molly and Squishy are bored out of there minds and one of the Cute Dolls says she knows a good party game, which makes Molly and Bumpy smile and The Blonde Cute Doll suggest they play charades. This causes Bumpy to lose it saying he can't stand it anymore and says he's melting and he's dying of boredom. He then says "Good-bye cruel world" and pretends he's dying.

Molly is upset by this and ask Bumpy to speak to her, Molly then tells Bumpy he was right that the party was the most boring-est thing on the face of the plant and that she realize she had more fun running away from this party then she had being at it.

Molly then says that Bumpy sacrificed his life so that she can be happy and Molly tells Bumpy she'll give anything to have her friend back and tell Bumpy to speak to her. Bumpy sits up says that it was "no problemo" and Molly is relieved and she gives Bumpy a cuddle and tells him there friendship is more important then any boring party.

Molly then stands up and rips off the wig and throws it down, she then removes the dress and throws it down as well, causing two of the Cute Dolls to gasp in horror and one of the other dolls looks like she's about to pass out. Then Molly grabs a piece of cake and tells Bumpy it's what in her heart that counts and she blows the icing off the cake and lands on Bumpy. Molly then tells him it's what's on his face and giggles and she scoops up some icing in her hands and calls out "Let's Party".

Bumpy then calls out "Food Fight" and starts throwing food, he then picks up a bowl of stewed prunes and offers them by throwing them. Then Bumpy, Squishy and Molly start throwing food at each other while the Cute Dolls scream in horror cause the party is ruined.

Later, the food fight ends with food all over the room and on everyone, while one of the Cute Dolls complains that there party was a disaster. While Bumpy says it was a blast and Molly says she hasn't had so much fun in ages. Squishy walks around calling out toga like he's at a toga party, Bumpy then asks The Dolls when their next party is cause he says he's gonna come to every single one they ever throw.

The two Cute Dolls reply in a horrid no because they are never going to invite Mr Bumpy , Squishy or Molly ever again and Bumpy then replies with "What" and the episode ends.

Quotes Edit

Little Sister: Molly where are you, I need you.

Molly Coddle: Well duty calls looks like you better pack up this stuff and disappear.

Mr Bumpy: (with a French accent) We really should stop meeting like zis, my little rag doll.

Molly Coddle: (pushes Bumpy away)Your breath stinks, don't you ever brush your teeth?

Mr.Bumpy: Uh-Uh!

Mr Bumpy: I'd rather eat a worm than go to your boring party! Of course, I'd rather eat a worm than do most things, but that's beside the point.

Mr Bumpy: How do you breath in this monkey suit, Squishy?

Squish: (laughing) It's not a monkey suit, Mr Bumpy. It's a tuxedo, and it was very nice of our host to lend it to you.

Mr Bumpy: (scratching and hooting like a monkey) Monkey suit! (waddling and quacking) Penguin suit. (rips off tuxedo) TA-DA! BIRTHDAY SUIT! (Cute Dolls screaming)

Blonde Cute Doll: Umm would you like some stewed prunes?

Mr Bumpy: Yech, Would you like me to lose my cookies?

Blonde Cute Doll: Uhh cookies (holds out a plate of cookies) Here try one of these!

Mr Bumpy: (Eats the cookies and spits them out and exams one of them and holds it out),Hey these are toy cookies.

Blonde Cute Doll: That's because were toys.

Mr Bumpy: (Walks up to the viewers) I'm losing it, I tell ya, I'm losing it!

Mr Bumpy: (desperately) No! Not anymore, I'll tell you what the secret plans are just STOP!

Blonde Cute Doll: Say, I know a good party game. How's about Charades?

Mr. Bumpy: (screams) AHHH! I CAN'T STAND IT ANYMORE! I'm melting, melting, melting. I'm dying of boredom! Goodbye cruel world. (falls onto the ground, coughing)

Molly Coddle: Oh Bumpy, speak to me. You were right! This is the most boring thing on the face of the planet. I was having more fun running away from this party than I'm having being at it! You sacrificed your very life so I could be happy. (Mr. Bumpy opens his eyes) I'd give anything to have you back... (Molly's eyes tearing up) Speak to me, Bumpy.

Mr. Bumpy: No problemo, toots!

Molly Coddle: Bumpy! (hugs his eyes) Our friendship is more important than any boring party. (Molly takes off her dress and wig while saxophone music plays, the Cute Dolls are shocked and one is about to faint.)

Molly Coddle: It's what's in my heart that counts. (blows a blob of frosting off a cake and hit's Bumpy's face) And what's on your face! (laughing) Let's party!

Mr Bumpy: FOOD FIGHT!! Strewed prunes anyone?

Cute Doll: (after the food fight) Our party...

Mr. Bumpy: Was a BLAST!

Molly Coddle: I haven't have so much fun in ages!

Squishington: TOGA! TOGA!

Mr. Bumpy: (laughing) So when's your next party? 'Cause you better believe I am coming to every one you ever throw!

Cute Dolls: NOOOOOOO!!

Mr. Bumpy: What?

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is the first double length episode.
  • This episode establishes Mr Bumpy and Molly Coddle's relationship, even though Mr Bumpy has a strong dislike for tea parties he will do what ever it takes to make Molly happy.
  • When Squishy sings the phrase "Who's that knocking at my door?" is the exact same tune the phrase is sung in the drinking song "Barnacle Bill The Sailor".
  • When Mr Bumpy is pretending to be a surfer he says "Cowabunga" and then stops because he's worried about copyright, he could be referring to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as "Cowabunga" is one of their popular catchphrase.
  • When Mr. Bumpy and Molly Coddle are falling and Molly's dress pops up, the scene is a homage to the scene in the 1951 Disney film Alice in Wonderland when Alice's  dress catches her fall like a parachute and she floats down the rabbit hole.
  • When Squishington is getting ready for the party, he does the "moon walk" and a "pelvic thrust", which are Michael Jackson's iconic dance moves.
  • When Mr Bumpy is getting bored from the tea party, he says "I'm melting! Melting!" quoting the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz.