Phil silverfish

Phil Silverfish is a silverfish that is deceitful and manipulative. He is voiced by Danny Mann.

Role in the seriesEdit

In the episode I Dream of Silverfish, Mr. Bumpy discovers Phil Silverfish in an old bottle and believes that he is a genie. Phil Silverfish decides to play along with this and scams both Bumpy and Squishington in doing his bidding Bumpy then announces off all the things he wants to wish for, including a banana split, a Pogo stick a jar of toe nail clipping and various over random things. Squishington begins to write down all the demands Bumpy is saying, time passes and Bumpy is becoming exhausted and losing his voice by listing too many things. Squishington comes out from under the long list, Bumpy then tells the Silverfish to start with the wish making, Phil then acts uninterested and says that nothing in the world would please him than granting their wishes, he then ask his pretend masters what do they want first. Bumpy then says that he wants the worlds biggest banana sundae, Squish then adds with a cherry on top, Phil then claims that he would like to grant their wishes but he can't, much to Bumpy's disappointment. The tricky Silverfish begins coughing and claims that he has been in a one room bottle for so many years and that he is weaken and has to regain his strength. Bumpy then says that he hopes he doesn't die, not until they get their wishes, Squish feels sympathy for the false genie and gives him a building block to sit on, Squish then ask if their is anything they can do to help gain his strength back. Phil then says that he would like a giant banana split that they mentioned before, he then says if it's not too much trouble. Bumpy then says no trouble at all and both Bumpy and Squish walk off to make the sundae.

Phil Silverfish also makes an appearance in the Christmas Special T'was the Night Before Bumpy where he performs The The Dreidle song after Molly Coddle becomes the pageant director and none of the toys take her seriously Molly then becomes aggressive, she starts yelling at her toys and they immediately do what she says she then spots Phil Silverfish and she demands him to show her his act. Phil Silverfish then begins to sing about the dreidle and Hanukah, while other Silverfish dance in the background.


He is one of the many Silverfish characters in the series and like most of the Silverfish characters he and the others are all all identical to each other.