Sleemoth and Gloog

Sleemoth and Gloog are aliens that want to take over the world. Gloog is voiced by Jeff Bennett while Sleemoth is voiced by Rob Paulsen.

They first appeared in the episode "Not of This Boy's Room".

Appearances Edit

Gloog is short and fat, he is a little slow and cowardly and speaks with a slow dopey English accent. While Sleemoth is tall and skinny, he is more calm and intelligent than his companion and speaks with a Scottish accent.

They are both aliens, with 4 eyes, 2 pairs of tentacles, no legs and large bulbous brains. Gloog has blue skin and has a pink brain and pink tentacles. Sleemoth has purple skin, a greenish yellow brain and green tentacles.

Role in the Series Edit

In the episode, "Not of This Boy's Room", Mr Bumpy falls out the window trying to catch a ball and realizes he landed on a flying saucer. The Aliens see Mr Bumpy outside their window and guess he must be a disgusting earth creature.

While Gloog is afraid of the mysterious creature and wants to abandon mission, Sleemoth says they will be a laughing stock of their home planet if they let an earthling scare them off. They boast about their supreme intelligence and plot to take over Earth but their plans are foiled by Mr Bumpy.

The aliens appear again in season 2, in the episodes "Comfort Schmumfort" and "It Sang from Beyond the Stars". Both aliens are seen in the Bump in the Night opening and are sometimes seen as background characters at the Karaoke Cafe.


  • Sleemoth is the smart one while Gloog is the cowardly slow one there idea for there character traits came from the idea of other duo characters like Brainy Smurf and Clumsy Smurf from The Smurfs cause Brainy is more intelligent (Or he thinks) then his best friend Clumsy who is a little slow and Clumsy hence his name.
  • Sleemoth and Gloog also make a cameo appearance with other background characters in the Bump in the Night - Theme Song
  • In the episode "It Sang from Beyond the Stars" they have there own song Invaders which is the only song they sung in the series.
  • During the song "Why do you like me" Sleemoth is seen with one of the Cute Dolls hinting that they could be romantically involved.
  • Sleemoth and Gloog appear on very little Bump in the night Merchandise but they both make a appearance on a sticker set and Gloog makes an appearance in the Bump in the night Stick-R-Treats by Hallmark.