Snot gargling drool drinking mucus from alpha centari
The Snot Gargling Drool Drinking Mucus is a character from the Bump in the Night episode "Hide and Go Freak". The Monster is actually a disguise created by Mr. Bumpy as a way to prank Molly Coddle

Role in the Series Edit

Mr Bumpy and Squishington both come up with a trick to play on Molly. Squish then appears screaming in horror, with a large green snot monster chasing him. Squish tells Molly that it's the “Snot Gargling drool drinking Mucus from Alpha Centauri”, and it has already eaten Mr Bumpy and is going to eat him next.  

Molly is terrified and watches the Mucus Monster devour Squishington before her eyes. The Monster comes towards Molly and she tells him to stay back, Molly then screams in horror and is frozen stiff. 

It is revealed that the Mucus Monster is actually a hoax, Mr Bumpy and Squish unzip the costume and start laughing. The two boys think their joke is funny and they really scared Molly. But their scheme backfires when they believed they have scared her permanently stiff, (it is later revealed Molly is pretending to be frozen to get back at the boys.)

Appearance Edit

The Mucus seems to have a green disgusting body, made from a lot of snot according to Mr Bumpy. It has long green tentacles, three eyes which look similar to Bumpy's and has two long pink tongues. When the creature is revealed to be fake, there is a zipper down the middle of it's body.

The Mucus only appears in "Hide and Go Freak", however in the episode "Love Stinks" Molly is grabbed by a long green tentacle and pulled into the garbage bin. The mysterious creature has long green tentacles which could be belong to the Mucus and reused for a different episode.