The Snowmen are characters which appear in the Bump in the Night Christmas special "Twas the Night Before Bumpy".

They are muscle bound Snowmen soldiers with army uniforms and candy cane guns which shoot out snowballs. 

They guard the North Pole and protect the toys from intruders. Mr Bumpy and Squish sneak into the North Pole by disguising themselves as a Snowman. Bumpy and Squish get caught and the Snowmen pursude them.

The Snowmen are shown to have low intelligence, in the scene when they are shooting at Bumpy and Squish, they jump out of the way and the snowmen they keep missing them. The Snowmen begin shooting at one another, there are two Snowmen left and they end up shooting each other. Since their guns fire snowballs, they are assumed to be knocked out instead of dead.