Sock it to me
"Sock It To Me"  is an episode of the stop motion animated series, Bump in the Night.

(Aired on October 15, 1994) 

Plot Edit

The episode begins in The Boy's Bedroom, Mr. Bumpy is up late feasting on delicious socks. He leaps onto the stereo, reaches into the drawers and pulls out a blue sock, he gobbles it up and saying it is his favorite. Bumpy then jumps into the drawer, plays with a sock puppet and then gobbles it up.

Bumpy lets out a huge burp and enjoys his feast and says now it's time for dessert. Just then, Bumpy's nose starts twitching, he then faces the viewers and says that his nose is telling him there are treats near by and his nose never lies.

Later, Squishington appears and calls out to Mr. Bumpy, just then a loud gobbling sound is heard and Squishy ask what was that. A loud burp is heard and Squishington instantly knows that it's Mr. Bumpy. Squishy rushes over and finds Bumpy, who is slurping up a sock and has also gained some weight. 

Squishington tells Bumpy that sometimes he worries about him and ask doesn't he feel like he's been eating too many socks. The overweight Mr. Bumpy claims that socks are good for him and they are rich in vitamins and low on calories. Bumpy then sees another sock lying on the ground, he picks it up and says one more couldn't hurt.

Mr Bumpy swallows the sock but then he starts shaking and rumbling, Squishington becomes worried and says that he is going to blow. Bumpy's face begins to swell up, Squishington dashes behind a large trash bin for safety and Bumpy explodes. 

Bumpy's body parts begin flying across the room, his leg lands in an electric pencil sharpener. his nose falls through a basketball hoop, both his arms grab onto a coat rack and his body lands in the trash bin. Squishington looks down into the bin, and Bumpy admits that he has been over doing it a bit. Squishington reaches into the bin and pulls out Mr Bumpy, which is now a stumby body, face, and eye stalks.

Later, Squishington has place Mr Bumpy's body down, Bumpy says that maybe he should lay off the socks for 24 hours but he needs Squish to help him. Squishington jumps onto the shelf and pulls Bumpy's leg out of the pencil sharpener, he tells Bumpy that he will help him put the pieces back together.  

Squishy then picks up Bumpy's nose and mutters that he hopes he has enough glue. Bumpy's arms let go of the coat rack and fall into Squishy's arms, Squish then holds all the body parts in his hands and promises Bumpy that he will help him. Bumpy thanks Squishington, but ask him if they could do it after lunch, saying that he has a sudden craving for a sock while Squish looks disgruntled. 

Later that night, Squishington has created a booby-trap to prevent Mr Bumpy from getting to the sock drawer and to help him with his cravings. Squishington says there is no way he can get a sock now, Bumpy praises Squish for his good work, but then becomes overwhelmed by his powerful urges. Bumpy beings panting and his hands starts shaking, he then says all the sock talk has made him hungry. 

Bumpy starts growling, his eyes rolls back, his pupils dilate and he says he must have a sock. Squishington denies Bumpy and tells his friend that the sock light is out. Bumpy begins walking in a mindless trance, he then walks through the booby-trap and travels through the obstacles without triggering anything. Bumpy reaches into the sock drawer and grabs the sock and leaves. 

Squish is confused and wonders what went wrong, he goes into the trap with his wrench and realizes that the screw was loose. Squish then tightens up the screw and accidentally starts up the booby-trap with him inside it. Squishington is whacked with a ping pong paddle, lands on a conveyor belt, gets hit by a meat cleaver and stomp on by a boot.  

Squish is sucked though a vacuum hose, and comes out though a pasta grinder, he falls onto a mousetrap, gets sprung into the air onto another mouse trap, he looks inside the drawer and gets punched by a boxing glove. Squish lands right next to Bumpy and is dizzy from the painful experience, Bumpy is worried and says that he is a slave to his urges. 

Squish tells Bumpy not to worry and that he will take him to a place where he won't be tempted. Bumpy then ask where can he go without any socks and that socks can be found all over the world. Bumpy then turns and looks out the window, he sees a full moon outside and Squish realizes the solution is to take Bumpy to the moon and he will never find a sock there.

Later that night, Mr Bumpy and Squish are shown sitting in a home made Rocket ship and wearing safety helmets. Bumpy thanks Squish and says he is smart for someone who lives in the bathroom, Squishy begins to count down and prepares to blast off. He pulls down the lever and the rocket starts rumbling and shaking. Squish says that the rocket is carrying too much weight, he opens up the emergency hatch and hundreds of socks come flying out.

Squishy looks over at Bumpy angrily, while Bumpy acts naive and says how did that got there. The Rocket continues shaking, it then overpowers and explodes. Bumpy and Squish then start coughing after the explosion, Bumpy then says that they were wrong and the moon does have socks.

Later, Squishington is seen pushing and shoving the socks inside a safe, Squish tells Bumpy that he locked all the socks away and that you can't eat what you can't get to. Bumpy is anxious and ask Squish if he is sure that it is going to work, Bumpy then acts melodramatic and claims that he has been feeling so weak. 

Squishington remains positive and ask Bumpy if he ever has ever let him down before, Bumpy pauses and thinks through it a long time and finally answers no, Bumpy then says that Squish is the truest bluest friend and that Squish knows him more than he knows himself.

 Squishington then locks the safe with large chains and a metal lock, Squish is holding a key in his hands and says that he is the only one that can open the safe. Bumpy then becomes serious and tells Squish to never give him the key no matter how much he begs, Squish promises to cross his heart and hope to congeal. 

Bumpy thanks Squishington for helping him, but instantly Bumpy then tells Squish to give him the key, Bumpy continues to ask suspicious and claims so Squish can trust him. Squishington denies Bumpy and shakes his head saying that he promised him. 

However Bumpy starts acting crazy and possessed. Bumpy's eyes become bloodshot and he becomes aggressive and vicious, he then tells Squish to give him the key and he shouts out "NOW" in a threatening voice. Squish becomes terrified and clutches the key tight, he then mutters that he promised his friend and a friend never breaks a promise, but then runs away screaming while trying to keep the key away from Bumpy.  

Squishy runs around the bedroom while Bumpy chases after him, Squish retreats into the bathroom, he opens the cupboard under the sink, but Bumpy is already waiting for him and roars at him. Squishy crawls into the bottom drawer and climbs into the top drawer, he jumps out screaming as Bumpy appears growling again. 

Then Squishington is shown hiding inside a picture frame, Squish is inside an old western background and wearing a cowboy hat and a holster. Bumpy finds Squish and jumps into the picture also wearing a cowboy hat, he taps Squish on the shoulder and he screams and leaps out of the picture. 

Squishy tries to find a place to hide, he comes across a vacuum cleaner and climbs inside the hose. Just then the vacuum starts shaking wildly, Bumpy's digressive voice is heard inside the vacuum shouting  "I want socks!" Squishington then breaks a huge hole in the vacuum and escapes while Bumpy peeks out looking crazy. 

Later on the bathroom sink  Squish is hiding inside a toilet paper roll, he peeks his head out to look around, he pushes his head back down and tries to slink away. Bumpy appears right in front of him, he shouts out "I want socks" and pushes the toilet paper roll with Squish inside it.

The roll of toilet paper begins to unravel itself, Squishy comes out in a tube shape, he morphs back into is normal form and comes out dizzy. Squish begins to stumble around while holding the key in his hand.  Bumpy appears behind Squish looking furious while Squish has no where to hide. 

Squishington is worried and tries to act casual and says "long time no see, Mr. Bumpy." Squish tries to hide the key behind his back and under his arm, he tries to change the subject and ask what is his favorite sporting event.

Bumpy's voice becomes deep and evil and he growls "I want that key" while pointing at his hand. Squish then quickly eats the key and gulps it down so Bumpy can't get to it. Squish believes that this will stop Bumpy and then tells him that he will never get to it now. Bumpy continues to act sinister and says "that's what you think" as he is planning a way to get the key out.

Soon, Squishington is shown dangling upside down while Mr. Bumpy is driving a Pickup crane. Squishington tells Bumpy that he is always welcomes a new perspective on things and then begs Bumpy to put him down now. Bumpy continues to act insane, he growls ferociously and says not until he gets the key and Bumpy demands Squish to cough it up. 

Mr. Bumpy starts shaking Squishington with the metal crane claw, Squish begins to cough up various random objects including a party favor, a metal trophy, an eraser, a rubber duck and an armadillo, which dashes away terrified. Squish then coughs up a Christmas present and he finally coughs up the key.

Mr. Bumpy is victorious, he picks the key off the floor and goes off to unlock the safe. Squishington is still dangling upside down and warns Bumpy not to do it, Squishinton then ask Bumpy if socks are more importation than their friendship. 

Bumpy pauses to think for a while, he looks at the key and then says "yep" and walks away. Bumpy puts the key into the lock and unlocks it, he opens up the door to the safe where all the socks are kept. Just then a flash of bright light appears and the safe explodes while Bumpy crashes into the wall. 

Squishington faces the viewers and says that he placed a "portable matter anti matter Thermite device" he brought at the local mini mart inside the safe, because he knew that Mr. Bumpy couldn't help himself. Bumpy is shown with his googly eyes rolling around, Bumpy fixes himself up and starts thumbling his fingers around and smiling awkwardly. Squishington continues to tell the viewers that he did it to Bumpy because "after all he is my best friend."

Eventually, Squishington is shown telling Bumpy that he is so proud of him, Squish then says that Bumpy hasn't eaten a sock in 24 whole hours. Bumpy is then shown tied to a wooden post with his legs and arms held back with chains and a lock.  Bumpy then says that it's nothing he couldn't do "without a little will power", he then faces the viewers and mutters "and a little help from a good friend" ending the episode.

Quotes Edit

Squishington: You know, I worry about you, Mr. Bumpy.  Don’t you think you have been eating a few too many socks lately?

Mr. Bumpy: Nah… Socks are good for me, Squishman. Rich in fiber and Low in calories. Besides one more can’t hurt.

Squishington: Don't worry, Mr Bumpy! I'll keep you away from socks or my name isn't Squishington A. Peabody. Ha! 

Mr. Bumpy: Thanks Squisherino! You're pretty smart for a guy who lives in the bathroom

Squishington: Problem solved.  There’s only one key and I got it.

Mr. Bumpy: Squish, you got to promise me not to give me that key no matter how much I beg.

Squishington: I cross my heart and hope to congeal.

Mr. Bumpy: Thanks for your help tough guy! (mood change) Now give me the key… To show you trust me.

Squishington:  Mmm-mmm. Sorry Mr. Bumpy, no can do.

Mr. Bumpy: (becoming aggressive and crazy) I said…. I want the KEY…. And I want it NOW!!!

Squishington: B-b-b-but, I made a promise to you, and a friend never goes back on his… (gulps and runs away screaming)

Squishington: Don't do it Mr. Bumpy! Are those socks more important than our friendship?

Mr. Bumpy: (Long silent pause and then decides the answer),Yep!

Trivia Edit

  • Molly Coddle doesn't appear in this episode.
  • When Mr. Bumpy is playing with a sock puppet, he says "One is the loneliest number" which is the name of a song written by Harry Nilsson and made famous by Three Dog Night in 1969.
  • In this episode, Squish reveals his full name is "Squishington A. Peabody."
  • Goof: After Bumpy walks through the obstacle course and steals the sock from the sock draw, a wire is shown suspending the puppet as he jumps off the platform.
  • When Mr. Bumpy tells Squishington to give him the key, this scene is a homage to the 1980 horror film "The Shining" when Jack Torrance becomes insane and ask his wife Wendy to give him the bat. The music score in the scene plays a similar chilling violin music to emphasis the character's decent into madness.