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"Socks - I Love Socks" also know as "Gimmie Socks" is a Rock song which is performed by Mr Bumpy at the Karaoke Cafe. He sings about how much he loves his favorite food, socks. 

Lyrics Edit

Bumpy: Socks, I love Socks, any shape, any kind

Socks, Gimmie Socks, because socks blow my mind

Bumpy: Yeah old socks, new socks, yellow brown or blue socks, socks are all I ever need.

Grundgey socks, fuzzy socks, goody rotten scuzzy socks, fill this monster's soul with greed.

Socks can make you feel good, eating socks is real good, socks can make my heart stampede.

Bumpy: Gimmie Socks!

(guitar solo)

Bumpy: Socks, I need Socks, any kind anywhere

I want all your socks and I don't want to share.

Bumpy: Yeah smelly socks, sweet socks, good enough to eat socks, socks are what I truly crave.

Yucky socks, yummy socks, love 'em in my tummy socks, gimmie socks and I behave.

Argyle or polka-dot, socks are what I need a lot, see a monster be your slave.

Bumpy: Gimmie Socks! haha

(guitar solo)

Bumpy: Socks, gimmie Socks, let me roll in a pile,

Socks in my dreams make me wake with a smile!

Bumpy: Yeah tasty socks, smelly socks, put 'em in my belly socks, socks is such a yummy treat

Everywhere I follow them, chew them up and swallow 'em, even wear 'em on my feet.

Holey socks, sweaty socks, eat with spaghetti socks, socks are meal a beat.

Bumpy: Gimmie Socks!... I loves socks... I neeeeed socks... Gimmie Socks! whooo


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