"Uh...¿Se habla español? Um...p-p-parlez-vous français? Oh, I get it! Subtitles!"
―Squishington breaking the fourth wall in "Made in Japan"

Squishington AKA Squishy is a neat-freak bathroom monster who is the deuteragonist of the Bump in the Night characters. He is voiced by Rob Paulsen.


Squishington is known to be a kind, cautious monster that tends to think things through. While his friend Mr. Bumpy often comes up with nonsensical schemes, Squishington is more likely to be the voice of reason in a situation. He is also very sensitive and can be upset easily.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Squishington has tubular frills on top of his head. His body is gelatinous, so he is able to change shape and return his body to its normal state afterwards. His body is most likely made up of liquids and/or sewage because he lives in a toilet bowl. 

Relationships Edit

Mr. Bumpy and Molly Coddle are Squishington's close friends. He and Mr. Bumpy are particularly close friends, and the two often go on adventures together. Although Mr. Bumpy offends Squishington at times, the two make up when Mr. Bumpy realizes his wrongdoings.

Squishington and Molly are both level-headed and see eye-to-eye on many things. When Mr. Bumpy comes up with crazy ideas, Molly often sides with Squishington and acts as another voice of reason. Additionally, Molly is quick to cheer Squishington up when he is upset.

In Adventures in Microbia, Germ Girl took interest in him, and served as a potential love interest. In order to be spared from being eaten due to committing crimes (disinfecting the microbe land and committing "microbiside"), Squishington was told to marry Germ Girl. Squishington initially did not return her feelings, but after she made an effort to save him and Mr. Bumpy from an amoeba, he warmed up to her. The two are later seen dancing with each other in a Karaoke Café segment.

Squishington is also afraid of Mr. Bumpy enemies Destructo and The Closet Monster Destructo strikes fear in Squishy but is mostly focused on Bumpy as the ring leader, Squishington also fears the Closet Monster, both Squishy and Bumpy are afraid of the monster, however Squish is mostly a coward and Bumpy is slightly braver than his friend. Although Squish is a scaredy-cat, when push comes to shove he can overcome his fear and confront the Closet Monster, Like for example in The Bowl of the Squishy Prince when Mr. Bumpy is in danger, Squishington bravely goes into the closet and battles the Closet Monster to rescue Bumpy. When Squish realizes that he saved the day without being a real prince, he faints after defeating the Closet Monster.

Squishington sometimes gets along with The Cute Dolls and have a neutral relationship. If Squishy is involved with Mr Bumpy’s schemes they dislike him. For example, in the episode “The Bowl of the Squishy Prince”, Bumpy and Molly help Squish pretend to be a prince by driving by in a limo in a prince costume. The Dolls go crazy like fan girls and start ripping up Squishy’s costume, but when they realize he is not a prince, they angrily reject him. In Party Poopers Squish gets invited to the Cute Dolls party, which he is excited to go to a fancy party. In T'was the Night Before Bumpy the Cute Dolls watch Squishy’s tap dance performance and cheer for him.


Squishington is a worrywart, so he often panics. Despite living in a toilet bowl, he is a neat freak, showing an aversion to germs and stressing importance on his appearance. Due to his sensitivity, he is often seen crying when he believes a situation has gone gravely wrong, Also he is very sweet and kind.


  • When Ken Pontac and David Bleiman pitched their idea for the Bump in the night series to ABC The American Broadcasting Company and ABC readily grasped onto the project. Securing a proprietary interest in the show allowed the network to impose some restrictions on the creative process, such as turning Squishington blue instead of brown and ensuring nothing dangerous was depicted that the young target audience could imitate and potentially be hurt and also not having him look like someone did a "Number 2",They decided to make Squishington a blue blob like monster that lived in the toilet tank Despite the restrictions, Pontac and Bleiman were able to bring their vision of Squishington and other Bump in the night characters to screens largely intact.
  • Squishington also resembles blue Nickelodeon Gak The original edition was manufactured by in 1992 by Nickelodeon/Mattel which is possible where another idea for his character came from.
  • Squishington also resembles B.O.B from the 2009 Dreamworks movie "Monsters VS Aliens" and the 2013 TV Series based on it which means the people at DreamWorks got inspired by Squishington's character to create B.O.B.
  • Squishington also kinda resembles James .P Sullivan mostly known as Sulley from the 2001 Disney and Pixar movie "Monsters Inc" with the blue fur instead of slime and without the purple polka dots and tail and horns.
  • Squishington has appeared on every single Bump in the night Merchandise including figures, Plush toys and Subway figures made of him and his friends Mr Bumpy and Molly Coddle.