The bowl of the squishy princes
"The Bowl of the Squishy Prince"  is an episode of the stop motion animated series, Bump in the Night.(Aired on December 3, 1994) 

Plot Edit

The episode begins in The Bathroom with Mr. Bumpy and Squishington climbing on "Mount toiley", with Bumpy climbing to the top of the toilet with rope while Squishy tied to the other end as if climbing Mount Everest.

Squishy says it's so exciting, Bumpy then says to the viewers how long they've been climbing, days and weeks as if they were on one of those wilderness survival shows. Bumpy then says they hope they don't see the abominable snow-monster, Bumpy then makes it to the top, then says he has made it and tries to put a flag, which is really a sock on a stick.

Bumpy then sees himself in the mirror and thinks abominable snow-monster which causes him to fall into the toilet. Then Squishy tries to reach out to Bumpy and holds on to the toilet handle and flushes Bumpy by mistake.

Squishy climbs down and is upset that he accidentally flushed Bumpy and thinks will never see him again. Then a rumble is heard then Bumpy comes out to the sink, Squishy is happy Bumpy is alive and rushes up to hug him. Squish asks him to speak to him and Bumpy says "The Horror" as if he saw something disturbing.

Squishy tells him he's sorry for what he done, Bumpy tells him it's okay and Squishy replies that he flushed him to oblivion and back. Bumpy tells him to relax and that it could happen to anyone, Squishy says not just anyone and lays on his stomach. He tells Bumpy that he is supposed to be his best friend and that he is nothing but a a pile of quivering jelly,Bumpy tells his friend to come on and they'll get him a life or something.

Later, Molly Coddle appears to meet up with the rest of the group, Squishington is still acting miserable and calls himself a super wuss. Molly says hello to the guys, while Squish is still carrying on about being a worthless wuss. Molly ask what is wrong with Squishy and he shouts out he is a wuss, Bumpy tells Molly that Squish is having a bad day.

Just then, Little Sister is heard begging her brother to read her a bed time story, The Boy says alright and begins to read the story of "The Frog Prince". The Boy tells the story of an ugly frog while Molly and Bumpy peek through the door and listen to the story. Squish continues calling himself a wuss, until Bumpy tells him to shush so they can hear the story.

Later, the Boy finishes the story and says a beautiful princess kissed the worthless frog and be transformed into a handsome prince. Little Sister is grossed out by the idea of kissing a frog and says "yuck".

Squishington thinks about this and gets an idea, he then says if he gets a princess to kiss him, he will become a handsome prince and princes aren't wusses.

Molly thinks of the idea of a prince, and says that is so romantic. Bumpy then says if Squish was a prince, they can hang out in a cool castle, with a smelly dungeon, albino cave worms and a moat full of slimy larva.

Molly then begins to ponder of where will they find a prince at this kind of night, the boy's also ponder and then turn to Molly, suggesting that she could kiss Squishy. Molly realizes what the boys are thinking and says no way. Molly then says that she is not a princess, they know it and she knows it and she is aware of her own limitations.

Molly then suggest using the P.A.P's, Squish is confused by what she means, just then the Cute Dolls appear driving in their pink car and Molly says the "Prissy American Princesses". Bumpy agrees with the idea and says the Cute Dolls will kiss anybody. Squishington is nervous and gulps, and ask if they will even kiss him.

Later at the Cute Doll Beach House, Mr Bumpy and Molly take Squishington to see the Cute Dolls. The Cute Dolls have curlers in their hair, sitting by a vanity mirror. Bumpy tries to boost his friend's confidence and tells him to lay out the charm.

Squish modestly says hello to the ladies, while Bumpy is proud of his friend and says they are eating out of the palm of his hand. One Doll is disgusted by the smell and picks up the hair dryer, she then blows the two boys away. Bumpy and Squish roll away, now with their hair in a curly wavy hair style. Molly ask if the Boys where "blown off" and the scene ends.

Meanwhile under the bed, Squishington is feeling worst than ever, he says he can't do anything right and that he is pathetic. Bumpy then picks up a black crayon and draws a small cross over his arm, he "then says he crosses his heart and hope to die" and promises Squish that he will get a kiss.

Bumpy then vows that they will climb every curtain and follow every crack in the plaster until they find his dream. Bumpy then lifts up Squishington's gloomy sad face into a smile, but then turns back into a frown.

The next scene shows Bumpy with Squishy's lips in a suitcase, he walks to the Cute Doll beach house while stretching out Squishy's lips like a hose through out the room. Bumpy rings the door bell and The Blonde Cute Doll answers the door, Bumpy starts sweet talking to her disguised as a door to door salesman.

Bumpy introduces the Doll to the presto lipstick applicator, telling her that her lipstick worries are over and there is no more smudging or smearing. Bumpy also says that the presto lipstick applicator will help put lipstick on perfectly. He applies lipstick to the pretend applicator and kisses Squishy's lip to demonstrated and says Presto and that her lipstick will be on perfect.

The Doll is impressed by the invention and replies with "Super", Bumpy tells her there's more and that there's an offer she can't refuse, with free of purchase. The Doll says that people always say she has luscious lips and it's true, then Bumpy tells her to give it a little kiss.

Bumpy pulls Squishy's lips too hard which causes him to reply with "Ow Bumpy". This causes The Blonde Cute Doll to scream and slam the door in Bumpy's face, which cause him to go flying backwards, he flies through a vase of flowers and crash lands right into Squishy.

Bumpy is dizzy from the impact and has little gold birds circling his head, Bumpy picks up one of the gold birds and eats it. Molly sees that Squishy was hurt from the crash landing, Squishington now with his mouth stretched out reply's "is that you mother? that's a lovely muffler did you knit it yourself." Squish snaps out it, he jumps into the air and his mouth is restored to it's normal form.

Squishy then ask Bumpy if he got a kiss, Bumpy finishes gobbling up the bird shaped gold pieces and tells Squishington "Sorry, No Sale" and a no sale sign appears in his eyes. Squishington is heart broken, he starts tearing up and wipes his eye with one of his head petals. Molly comforts her upset friend and tells him that she has a plan.

Later at the Cute Dolls Beach House, the Dolls are partying and wearing sunglasses. Just then Molly's voice is heard over a speaker which cause the Dolls to stop. Mr Bumpy appears in a pretend cardboard cut out Limo, he opens the door and Squishington comes out dressed as a prince.

The Dolls then start screaming with joy and one doll cries tears of joy with her mascara running telling the so called "handsome prince" she loves him. Bumpy then tells the Dolls that they'll get to kiss the handsome prince today only and he asks if they are any volunteers.

The Dolls then go crazy like fan girls and start ripping up Squishy's prince costume but they then realize he is not a prince and the angrily reject him and run off screaming. Squishy is then shown with his prince costume in shreds and says he now knows how Charles feels and falls over. 

Later under the bed, Bumpy is complaining and looking at the small black cross on his arm pacing that he is doomed. Meanwhile Squishy is talking to the Albino Cave Worms about how he should become one instead of a prince and it would be less of a stretch. Molly comforts her friend by telling him there's a lot of good things about him, Squishy asks her to name one of them and Molly thinks of one telling him he's a lovely shade of blue.

Bumpy is getting upset as well wondering what he'll do, Molly comforts him telling him it'll be alright and Bumpy tells Molly that he crossed his heart and hoped to die showing the small black cross on his arm. Bumpy replies saying he'll do anything for the big lug and he might have to kiss Squishy himself if that will help. Molly then gets the idea and smiles at Bumpy, he sees that look and replies "Now, Now, Now Molly".

The next scene shows Bumpy and Molly at Molly's house and Bumpy is seen in a pink dress with a red ribbon with a white flower on it, blue eye shadow and fake eyelashes on his eyelids, two rings on his fingers and wearing red lipstick. Bumpy tells Molly that the girdle he is wearing underneath is chafing and it stings.

Molly then giggles and tells him that he's beautiful but he needs the tummy control and the girdle stays. She then asks Bumpy how the rest of it feels, Bumpy begins to embrace his feminine side and he says it gives him that wonderful feeling and he that he feels like his life is flashing before his eyes, Bumpy then announces that he is Bumpy and to hear him roar.

Molly then picks up a tiara and puts it on Bumpy, he then asks her how he looks and to be brutal. Molly then starts tearing up with joy telling him he'd never looked prettier and saying that her little bump is all grown up into a beautiful princess. Bumpy asks her "Really" and says she's just saying that, then Molly holds up a mirror so Bumpy can see himself and he sees himself in the mirror saying that "it ain't gospel".

The next scene shows Squishy reading a bed time story to the Albino Cave Worms and Squishy tells them not to get there hopes up with fairy tales. Then Molly runs in and tells Squishy that there a princess named Bumpelina from Modesto and that "she" wants to meet him. Molly grabs Squishy by the hand tells him to come quick, Squishy replies with a princess from where, as the fairy tale book go flying up in the air about to land on the Albino Cave Worms and they scream in terror.

Molly and Squish come rushing up to meet the so called princess and come to a halt. Squishington sees the cross dressing Bumpy and believes he is a real princess, Squishy then introduces himself to the princess and says that he has never seen such a vision of loveliness. Bumpy as Princess Bumpelina giggles and say that's because "she" is innocent and pure at heart.

Squishy gives the Princess a kiss on the ring, Bumpelina then grabs Squishy by the nose and gives him a kiss on the lips, then pushes him away. Squishington falls back onto the floor, he is filled with joy saying the princess kissed him and he is officially a prince, he then ask if that's how it works. Molly then appears holding two champaigne glasses and holds a toast to prince Squishington. Squishington then quickly drinks from the glass and tosses it away.

Squishington now brimming with confidence is shown wearing a thin black mustache and talking in a romantic french accent. He then says to Princess Bumpelina that they are destined to be together, he then says that they will have a lot of babies, dozens of royal fruits and that "she" will bear them for him. Molly finds the situation hilarious and cracks up laughing, muttering "kiss your girlish figure goodbye."

Bumpy is disturbed by this and mutters "not this boy-o", Bumpy pretending to be the princess tells Squishy that he is feeling dizzy. Bumpy then claims that "she" can hear her royal mother calling, giving him an excuse to run away. Squishy follows after the princess and tries to find her, no longer wearing the mustache he then gets an idea where to find his princess.

Squish then dashes to the book shelf, he then announces that the Princess can't hide from him and that their souls are fused as one. Squish picks up the fairy tale book and looks through the index, searching for words that start with "P". Squishy then turns the page to "Princess" and finds Bumpelina pretending to be an illustration, Bumpy then screams in terror, jumps out of the book and closes it shut on Squishy's face.

Squishington's face is squashed from the book, however he remains determined, he fixes up his face and says that there is a fine line between pleasure and permanent damage. Squishy then cries out to the princess that he is all hers and says do with him what she wants. Squishy then continues to chase after Princess Bumpelina, the little green monster is then backed into a corner and hides inside the closet.

Mr. Bumpy is relieved and claims he is safe at last, just then a roar is hear and the Closet Monster viciously attacks Bumpy. Meanwhile, Molly and Squish are outside the closet and hear the chaos and destruction inside, Squishy cries out "NO" and tells his princess that the Closet Monster lives in there. Bumpy's voice is heard inside and says to the Closet Monster that he can't do that to him and that he is a princess.

Squishington starts panicking and says someone must save Princess Bumpelina, Squishy then pauses and remember that he is an bonafied prince now, and it's his duty to save the princess, he then mutters even though she does need a shave.

The heroic Squishington then appears wearing a mug on his head and holding a toilet plunger, he then opens the closet door and prepares to fight the Closet Monster. Squishy is heard inside the Closet battling the Monster while Molly waits outside looking worried. Just then Squishington comes out the door, carrying Bumpy now without his disguise over his shoulder.

Molly cheers for Prince Squishy and gives him a big hug and also gives him a small kiss. Molly is happy for her friend and says that he is a true blue hero. Squishington is proud of himself and says that rescuing princesses is all in a days work for him.

Squishington then puts the princess down, now Bumpy without his costume and only blue eye shadow and false eyelashes. Squishy sees Bumpy and is shocked, he then ask what happened to the princess.Squishy then comes to the realization that there was no princess, just a lump of bump. Squishington then begins to feel upset saying that he was never a princess, but is then confused by how did he rescue Bumpy.

Bumpy then tells his friend that he was a prince from day one, and that he had the confidence and the bravery inside him the whole time. Squishy is amazed by this and that he never would have guessed, he then falls back and faints while little bird shaped gold pieces circle around his head. Bumpy then says "don't mind if I do" then reaches out and grabs one of the gold birds. Bumpy then devours the delicious gold bird and the episode ends.

Quotes  Edit

Squishington: Mr Bumpy! You're Alive! Speak to me, speak to me!

Mr Bumpy: The Horror....

Squishington: Tell me you forgive me for my actions!

Mr Bumpy: No problem Buddy.

Squishington: But I just flushed you to oblivion and back...

Mr Bumpy: Daww, Relax pal. It could happen to anyone.

Squishington: But not "anyone!" I'm suppose to be your best friend. But I am nothing but a worthless pile of quivering jelly....

Mr.Bumpy: Come on guy. Let's go get you a life or something.

Squishington: Good evening ladies.

Mr.Bumpy: Atta boy, they're eating out of the palm of your hand.

Cute Doll 1: EWW, What is that smell (Picks up hair dryer causing Mr.Bumpy and Squishington to blow away.)

Molly: Got blown off huh guys?

Trivia Edit

  • This is the second time Mr Bumpy has dressed in drag. The first time was in Gum Crazy when he dressed as a woman to flirt with his heart, in this episode he pretends to be "Princess Bumpelina" and in season 2 episode Love's Labor Bumped he disguises himself as Molly Coddle.
  • Mr Bumpy's princess persona is called "Princess Bumpelina" referencing the Hans Christian Andersen story Thumbelina, which was also adapted into an animated film by Don Bluth in 1994.
  • This episode is the first appearance of the Albino Cave Worms, the worms appear again in season 2 episode, When the Music Starts.
  • The Boy reads the story of "The Frog Prince" to Little Sister. In 2009, Disney made an animated musical film based on the story called "The Princess and the Frog". Mr. Bumpy's voice actor Jim Cummings was the voice of the character Ray the Firefly in the film.
  • When the Boy reads out the story book, the first page mentions the frog "eating an albino cave worm" establishing the worm's role in the episode.
  • The book also mentions the princess waking up and seeing "gathering dwarfed" but that is the story of Snow White instead of The Frog Prince.
  • Goof: When the Cute Doll slams the door, the red lipstick on Squishington's disembodied mouth disappears. In the next scene when Bumpy is being dragged across the room by Squishy's mouth, the lipstick returns.
  • Goof: In the scene when Bumpy is flying across the room, you can see a rod in the puppet's toe which is holding it sideways.
  • In Little Sister's bedroom there is a plush toy of Peter Rabbit, a fictional character from the Beatrix Potter books. There is also a plush toy dog resembling Nana from Disney's Peter Pan.
  • When Squishy is shown in his prince costume in shreds after being attacked by The Cute Dolls and says he knows how Charles feel, he's referring to Charles, Prince of Wales who was the eldest child of and heir apparent of Queen Elizabeth II. Known alternatively in Scotland as Duke of Rothesay and in South West England as Duke of Cornwall.
  • Mr Bumpy says "I am Bumpy hear me roar", this is referring to the Helen Reddy song "I am Woman."
  • Molly claims that Princess Bumpelina is from Modesto, which is the largest city of Stanislaus County, California.
  • Before battling the Closet Monster, Squishington says "Once more into the breach... whatever that means." This comes from the quote from the William Shakespeare play King Henry the Fifth. King Henry rallies his troops to attack a breach, or gap, in the wall of an enemy city.