Princess Doll
The Princess is a female character which first appears in the episode "Beauty and the Bump". She is a china doll which was a gift to Little Sister from her Grandmother. She is voiced by voice actress, April Winchell.

Appearance Edit

The Princess is made of porcelane, she has pale skin, dark hair and blue eyes. She wears a pale pink frilly dress. She has a beautify and elegant appearance which is in contrast to her gruff voice and brash personality.

Role in the Series Edit

The episode begins with Molly Coddle taking Mr. Bumpy and Squishington to see the Princess. Molly tells the monsters that the Princess is a gift from Little Sister's Grandma and she is an antique. Squish is in awe by the beautiful doll and says he never met royalty before.

Mr. Bumpy falls in love with the Princess, he tries talking to her but they can't hear her from behind the glass. Bumpy tries to get her out of the bell jar but they both accidentally fall off the shelf. Bumpy then dreams about being a hero rescuing the princess. Eventually, Bumpy wakes up from his dream with the Princess angrily shaking him.

She is revealed to be mean, aggressive and abrasive and she didn't want to be freed from the jar, claiming to be fragile. The Princess is also a hypochondriac and claims she has dust allergies and blames Bumpy for exposing her. Bumpy apologies to the bossy Princess and sees that she is very demanding and bossy. 

Bumpy tries to tip toe away, but the Princess stops him and flicks him on the nose, she then shouts out that he is not going anywhere until she is back in her case. Bumpy then hides inside the bell jar so he doesn't have to listen to her obnoxious complaining. 

The episode ends with the Princess yelling at Bumpy but he can't hear her though the glass and enjoys the peace and quiet. The Princess then starts complaining about dust and drafts while Bumpy ignores her.  

The Princess is an example of looks can be deceiving and how love at first sight doesn't always work. When the characters are first introduced to her they believe she is graceful and Mr. Bumpy has a crush on the beautiful Princess, but at the end when she is revealed to be bossy, crude and abrasive, Bumpy realizes that she is not as perfect as she appears.  

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