The Turkey is a living frozen turkey from the Bump in the Night episode "Cold Turkey." It's animal noises are provided by Jim Cummings.

Mr Bumpy accidentally thaws out the turkey when he was searching the freezer for icecream. At first he thinks its a woolly mammoth and Squish tells him it's a turkey. The headless turkey starts moving and making noises, Bumpy claims that it can't be alive while Squish said he saw a movie where a frozen caveman came to life.

The turkey then escapes and Bumpy and Squish try to catch it. The Turkey is pretty mischievous and drops a large heavy anvil on Bumpy and Squish. The turkey had the ability to fly for a short while until Squish pointed out that Turkeys can't fly. Bumpy then starts riding it like a cowboy and eventually tames the creature. Bumpy then bonds with the turkey and doesn't have the heart to take him back to the freezer, so Bumpy sets him free.