Water way to go title card
"Water Way to Go" is a musical episode from the second season of Bump in the Night.

(Aired on November 18, 1995)  


The episode beings in the bathroom, Mr. Bumpy appears wearing swimming flippers on his feet and holding a pair of goggles. He is excited about going swimming in the bathtub. Squishington appears wearing a yellow water ring around his waist, and says that this is the only way he could imagine Bumpy going in a bath.

Squish is excited and says that the last one in is a rotten egg, they both jump into the bathtub but they crash land inside the empty tub. Bumpy points out that there isn’t any water to swim in, Squish then discovers a yellow piece of paper taped inside the bath. He reads the note out loud, saying “excuse the inconvenience, water turned off until tomorrow, signed the plumber”.

Squish then realizes there is no water and becomes anxious, he hopes it’s a cruel nightmare or an imaginary dream sequence. He begins to hyperventilate and becomes flustered. Bumpy jumps out of the tub and lands in the sink, he tells Squish to relax and offers him a drink to calm his nerves. He picks up a cup and tries to turn on the faucet.  Squish becomes super stressed and jittery, his eyes bulge and become blood shot and he starts pulling on his hair petals.

Bumpy sees that the faucet isn’t working and starts banging his fist on it, he looks inside the cup and sees not a drop. Squish anxiety continues to grow and he starts licking his lips around.  Bumpy then starts to imagine a world without water, the world drying out and Squish becoming dried out and then the extinction of life.

It then returns to Bumpy telling this to Squish, while Squishington is completely dehydrated, leathery and cracked. Squish then snaps and goes mad, he starts screaming out in horror and cries out that he needs water and starts panting. Bumpy tries to help out his friend and offers him a swig of his “ favorite thirst quencher, a sweat sock squeezing. Bumpy squeezes the sweaty sock in Squishington’s dry mouth, a big brown drop falls into his mouth. Squish is temporarily relieved but then spits in disgust.

Bumpy sees that the plan didn’t work and then comes up with another idea, he then slurps Squishington all over his body with his long pink tongue.  Squish is covered in saliva and Bumpy turns to the viewers and said that even he “questions the hygienic nature of this solution.”

Squish then becomes insane from lack of water and becomes aggressive telling Bumpy to come here. Bumpy becomes worried about Squish and backs away, saying he has “that look in his eyes.” Squish then starts to hallucinate and imagines Mr Bumpy as a water bottle.  Squish then pounces of the water bottle, he lifts it over his head and tries to drink it. Bumpy then snaps Squish out of his mirage and tells him he is getting feverish. Squish then throws Bumpy down and starts screaming “I’m Squishing here,” then he breaks down and starts crying and morphs into a crackly puddle of ooze.

Bumpy sees that Squish needs water, he then tries to think where to get the water. He first thinks of going to the refrigerator but then guesses that would be too easy. Bumpy then comes up with a better, more outrageous idea, he then dashes off and returns with a musical rain machine and wearing a straw banner hat.

Heavenly Gospel music starts to play and Bumpy burst into song, singing that is he is going to make it rain. The Cute Dolls appear wearing choir clothes and singing back up to the song "H2O, let the water flow." The uplifting song raises Squishington's hopes and he starts singing that if he doesn't have water soon the he will catch on fire and sing in a heavenly choir. Just then, millions of water bottles fall out of the sky, Bumpy is unsure how it's possible but he now has tons of bottles now. Squish thanks Bumpy for saving him and he gives him a hug, they continue to dance and sing and the song ends.

Squish is normal again and his filled with joy that Bumpy's plan worked and he is saved, Bumpy then says that sometimes he even surprises himself. Bumpy then pauses and looks around, he then ask Squishington if he has a bottle opener. Squish then pauses and says no, he then ask Bumpy if he has one, and Bumpy also says no. Squish then screams in horror and makes a freaked out face, ending the episode.

Quotes Edit

Mr Bumpy: Surf’s up at Squishy’s water wonderland!!

Mr Bumpy: There seems to be a lack of the fluidly jibbly in our swimming experience… he said dryly.

Mr Bumpy:  No water… just imagine! A world without water! The merciless sun, beatin’ down upon on our bearing planet, makin’ it dry,  sapping all life... Your parched lips peeling and cracking off your desecrated leathery face… And finally, total dehydration. Evaporation of… everything!

Mr Bumpy: I gotta get some water for my pal, but where? The Refrigerator? Nah that would be too easy.

Trivia Edit

  • The Spanish title of this episode is "Agua Por Favor" which is the Spanish translation for "Water please."
  • When dehydrated Squishington started lashing out, he screams out "I'm Squishing Here!!" This is a reference to the quote "I'm Walkin' here" from the 1969 film "Midnight Cowboy."
  • During the song, Mr. Bumpy is holding a cane and a hat while kicking his legs up. His dancing is similar to the Looney Tune's character, Michigan J. Frog.

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