When the music starts title
"When the Music Starts"  is a musical episode from the second season of Bump in the Night.

(Aired on November 4, 1995) 


The episode begins with Squishington being chased in the hallway, he is panicked and says he has to hide. Mr. Bumpy calls out to his friend, but Squish is terrified believing that he is being prosecuted and cries out for everyone to leave him alone. Molly Coddle also calls out for Squishington, but he continues to run away from them. 

Squish begins freaking out, his eyes dart around and he repeats to himself that that he mustn't let them find him. Bumpy calls out for the "little blue dude" while Squishington screams out "NO". Bumpy then says that Squish has to be around somewhere, Bumpy calls out for Squish again and both he and Molly run off to find him.

Squishington then stops near a door, he is exhausted and panting and repeating that he has to hide. Squish then says "feet don't fail me now", but then looks down reminding himself that he doesn't have feet.  Bumpy appears around the corner and finds Squishy, the little blue monster freaks out and his eyes bulge. Molly also appears asking where and Squishington retreats into the bathroom closing the door behind him. 

Squishington panics believing he is trapped and desperately looks for a safe hiding place.  He then spots his toilet home and a heavenly light shines onto it. Squish is glad, he cheers "hallelujah " and believes he is saved. Squishington rushes to his toilet home, he leaps onto the toilet lid, opens up the tank and jumps inside his santuary. 

Mr Bumpy appears, he listens for Squish and can hear him panting inside the toilet tank. Molly appears and Bumpy says that he knows that panting anywhere. Bumpy leaps onto the toilet lid and starts knocking on the toilet tank, he calls out for Squish but he refuses to answer. 

Bumpy calls out to his friend and says that they know he is in there, Bumpy then tells him to come on out. Squishington replys with a huffy "no" and says he won't come out. Molly shrugs at Bumpy, he then begs "pretty please with a soiled facial tissue on top" but Squishington still refuses.

Bumpy then ask if Squish is upset about the time he put the broccoli in his underwear, while Squish gives Bumpy the silent treatment. Bumpy then tells Squish that he is sorry he grouted his jaw shut last Saturday but Squish still remains quiet. Bumpy then reveals that he wants Squishington to play in their band, and offers him the role as singer. 

Squish then opens up the toilet tank lid and repeats the word "band", Bumpy then nods his eye stalks with excitement, Squish then repeats the word "singer" and Bumpy nods his eyes more. Squish then angrily slams the lid shut and screams out "No Way", the toilet rumbles and Bumpy falls off the toilet lid and lands on his head.

Molly then ask Bumpy if he had no luck, she then wonders what has gotten into Squish. Bumpy then says it is probably just  "that time of the year", Bumpy then ponders and comes up with an idea. Bumpy then runs behind the toilet and picks up the toilet plunger. Bumpy then tells the viewers "don't try this at home" and start whacking and hitting the toilet with the plunger. 

Squishington's voice is heard inside the toilet, he then shouts out what are they doing out there. Bumpy continues whacking the toilet causing it to shake, Squish then shouts out that "people are trying to sleep", Bumpy whacks the toilet a few more times and Squish comes flying out of the toilet tank, lands on the lid and splatters like clay. Squish then pops back into his normal form, he then yells out "can't a monster have a little quality time."

Molly is calm and tells Squish that they just thought that he wanted to rock and roll with them. Squish is then huffy and says that they thought wrong, he then announces that he doesn't rock or roll and that he only oozes. Squish angrily crosses his arms, Bumpy is puzzled and scratches his head realizing Squish ins't in a good mood today.  

Bumpy is disappointed, he then puts the toilet plunger away and tells Squish he can go home. Bumpy then says that they will do an instrumental instead and sadly slinks away. Squish then promptly says thank you and his friends decide to leave him alone. 

Later inside the toilet home, Squishington is lying around being miserable. He feels sorry for himself and feels awful that he let his best friends down. Squish then gets up, he asks himself what can he do and says he is only a humble shy guy. Squish then says he is alright singing in his "porcelain palace and then sings out loud "la-la-la-la". He then wishes he had the courage to sing outside his "glossy white walls". 

Meanwhile on the bathroom sink, Mr Bumpy and Molly have started their band. Bumpy has a guitar and has changed his style into a heavy metal, punk rock star. Molly is playing the drums and is dressed like a retro pop singer (resembling Elton John). Bumpy strums a guitar cord and says that this will work fine, he then ask Molly if she thinks so and she says that it hopes it does work. Mr Bumpy then shouts out "Lets rock and roll" and his eyes roll around. Bumpy strums his guitar and presses the keyboard with his toes.  

Back inside the toilet home, Squishington in talking to his Albino Cave Worms that are keeping him company. Squish tells the worms that they have the easy life since they don't have ears and can't hear or sing. He then gloomily says sometimes he wishes he was born an albino cave worm like them. Bumpy and Molly start rocking out and Squishington overhears the music. 

The Cave worms begin shaking in their bowl from the musical vibrations, Squishington admits it is a catchy beat he says he gives it a 90 and that you can dance to it. The worms are still shaken up from the vibrations and Squishington rushes over to hear the music.  

Squish lifts up the toilet lid and begins to sing that he is mostly shy and quiet but suddenly becomes a different person when the music starts. Squish then leaps out of his toilet house and onto the floor and continues to sing about he is usually introverted and not very interesting but when her hears the music something grows inside him until he explodes.  

Squishington continues to sing "When the Music Starts (song)", while Mr. Bumpy and Molly play their instruments. Squish then leaps onto the sink and joins Bumpy and Molly, he overcomes his shyness and starts rocking out to the song. Squishington's personality has completely shifted from shy and quiet to loud and wild.  

The song ends, Bumpy and Molly are exhausted while Squish is excited and filled with joy and wants to keep rocking. Molly wipes her forehead, Bumpy then mutters to Molly "I wonder if Elvis got his start this way", the trio begin to play again while Squish is involved this time, ending the episode. 

Quotes: Edit

Squishington: (exhausted) Gotta run.... Gotta hide. Feet don't fail me now.... (looks down) Oops. Forgot. I ain't got no feet. 

Squishington: Trapped! Like a Ratchet. 

Squishington: Can't a Monster have a little quality TIME!!

Molly Coddle: Well gee Squish. We just thought you'd wanna rock and roll with us. 

Squishington: Well you'd thought wrong. I don't rock and I don't roll. I just ooze. 

Mr Bumpy: Seems the old Squish-ologist is a bit peaked today. Okay Squish-man, go on home. We will just do an instrumental. 

Squishington: (sigh) Woe is me. For I have let my bossomest of buddies down. But what can I do? I am just a singing shy guy. I sing great in the shelter of my porcelain palace. (sings in a triumphant voice) La-la-la La-la-la-laaaa! If only I had the courage to sing outside these glossy white walls.  

Trivia Edit

  • Mr Bumpy has the same "rock star" design he had in the episode Bump and Roll, including the long Mohawk like spikes, the nose ring and the spike studded wrist bands.
  • Molly's costume design resembles the famous singer Elton John, including the white vest studded in sequence, pink tinted glasses and a brimmed hat. Elton John was iconic for his boisterous eccentric fashion sense.
  • The Albino cave worms from "The Bowl of the Squishy Prince" return.